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The GCE A-Level examination is a pre-university national examination taken by students studying in Junior Colleges, and is opened to private candidates or students from integrated progammes. It is an important examination which determines the university and subject that you are going to study in future. Therefore, It is vital to build a strong foundation right from the beginning.
Tutor City specialise in providing undergraduates, graduates, full-time tutors and school teachers to Singaporean and International students taking the A-Level examinations.
Our qualified and dedicated tutors provide 1-to-1 tuition in your residence and at your preferred time. We have experienced tutors and teachers from top JCs and universities - no problem is too difficult to resolve with our home tutors at your child’s side.

Subjects our tutors cover:

  • General Paper (GP)
  • Chinese, Malay, Tamil
  • H1/H2/H3 Maths
  • H1/H2/H3 Physics
  • H1/H2/H3 Chemistry
  • H1/H2/H3 Biology
  • H1/H2/H3 Economics
  • Accounting
  • History
  • Geography
  • Literature
  • Chinese Studies
  • Malay Studies
  • Tamil Studies

Why A-level home tuition?
The transition from Secondary School to Junior College can be a big challenge for many students. They have to deal with in-depth syllabus, tight study schedules and immense pressure from the competitive environment. Teacher at school might not be able to focus on the learning needs for every students.
In order to get into a good university, students have to do well in their” A” Levels. It is definitely easier for students to catch up with the curriculum and be on competitive edge over their peers if they begin with a good foundation. Hence, it is essential to hire a A-level private tutor to boost your learning capability so as to score well in GCE A-Levels and get into your desired university.
As compared to traditional classroom setting at tuition centre, a A-level private tutor is able to provide you with 100% focus attention and can tailored the lessons based on the learning needs of individual students. Students will be more comfortable to raise any problems they faced and the tutor will clear their doubts and correct mistakes on the spot.

Tutor City is your best choice in searching for A-level home tuition!

Why choose Tutor City for A-level home tuition?
Tutor City is a reliable tuition agency in Singapore. We offer specialised A-level home tutors who are highly dedicated and experienced in tutoring. Our tutors are familiar with the A-level syllabus and are proficient in teaching A-level students. Our tutors are determined to boost the learning capabilities of each student so that they can score well in their A-Level examination. All in all, we provide the most affordable and quality A-level home tuition that fit into your requirements.
Our A-level home tutors will access the students’ learning capability and will customize the tuition lessons according to their style of learning. In this way, strengths will be enhanced and weaknesses will be improved. Students will also be taught the techniques to tackle difficult questions and the study skills for exam success.
At the comfort of your home, our committed tutors are flexible to accommodate to your preferred date, time and venue of the lessons.
We are confident that through Tutor City, you will be able to get a suitable tutor who will motivate and guide you through to achieve your desired grade. Our tutors will change your learning journey to the university from an arduous to a smooth and enjoyable one.

Tuition fees - How do tutors charge?
Rates vary according to the tutor category and the level of the students, and it is usually counted at an hourly rate.

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