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Engage an online tutor to continue learning at the comfort of your own home.

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Online Tuition At Affordable Rates. Safe and Convenient.

Even after the re-opening of schools, centres and other public areas, online tuition has become a norm and many tutors and students find it convenient to have lessons virtually.

Having online tuition via the various modes such as Zoom, google meet and other platforms, also provide a wider pool of tutors for students to choose from, as compared to physical lessons which is constraint by the travel distance of the tutor.

Online Tuition in Singapore
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Why Hire An Online Tutor Now?

  1. It is important that your child continue learning at all times. Circuit Breaker or not!
  2. The year-end national exams are still on! Your child still needs to prepare well for it.
  3. Online tuition is very common with tutors locally and international
  4. Educational tools are easy-to-use and free.
  5. Tutor City will be with you every step of the way to help set up the lesson

How much do online tutors charge?
The average hourly fees for online tuition ranges from $20 per hour to $70 per hour, depending on the tutor's credentials, experience and the level to teach.


Tuition Rates
Per Hour

tutors 1




$20 - $25

$30 - $40

$40 - $50

Primary / PYP

$25 - $30

$35 - $50

$55 - $70

Secondary / MYP

$30 - $40

$45 - $60

$70 - $90


$40 - $60

$60 - $80

$90 - $130

Degree & Diploma

$50 - $60

$60 - $80

$90 - $120

Music / Piano 2

$30 - $40

$50 - $60

$60 - $70

Adult Language 3

$40 - $50

$50 - $60

$70 - $80

1. Includes students in polytechnics, universities and graduates tutoring part-time.
2. Either 45 min or 1 hour lessons. See our music page for details.
3. Language proficiency range from basic to advanced so rates will be quoted upon knowing each learner's needs.
4. For Special Needs education, rates are higher due to specific training and certifications which tutors need to have.


Is online tuition better than home tutoring?

  1. Convenience: Flexible scheduling as both parties can log in anytime. Use the time saved to rest more or prepare for the lesson etc.
  2. Safety: It’s definitely safer since there is no physical contact so no chance of contacting the virus
  3. Cheaper: The hourly rate of online tuition is usually $5 to $10 cheaper than face-to-face tuition as the tutor need not travel. Rates start from $20 per hour
  4. Record Digital Lesson: Free softwares like Zoom, Google Meet and Webex have recording functions so you can replay the lesson for revision at any time.

There are some downsides of online tutoring:

  1. Technical glitches - Families who cannot afford good computers or fast wifi often encounter errors and system failure, software crashes etc
  2. Lack of human touch – Some students find it hard to connect or communicate with their tutors. It’s like talking to a robot.
  3. Distractions at home - Students who stay in small homes or have big families often disrupt the lessons with noise or calls for attention.

What are the types of Online Tutors in Singapore now?

  • Current / Ex School Teachers from MOE schools
  • IB trained international school teachers
  • Full-time tutors, Graduate part-time tutors
  • University students From NUS, NTU, SMU, SUSS, SIT, top foreign universities and polytechnics. 

Online Tutors
See our list of online tutors now!

What Are The Video Platforms Used In Online Tutoring?


i. Zoom allows teachers to synchronise with multiple students over video and share the screen, audio, text chat at the same time.
ii. Students can work in groups or be placed into groups to discuss with their peers.
iii. The ability to create screencasts, such as recording presentations and then share with the whole class.
iv. Teachers can use a table with a stylus to write directly onto documents on the screen and share with multiple students at the same time. This is very useful for showing mathematical equations or writing Chinese words.


i. Skype account can be obtained for free through Skype, which offers video chat and voice chat.
ii. Skype is an option when you need to get together with your students but need to be in different locations at the same time.
iii. Virtual Dictation allows you to dictate notes, exams, or conversation, either on your computer or at home

Google Meet

i. Google Meet allows up to 16 participants on a tiled layout
ii. Mobile-friendly and can be used on many types of devices
iii. High quality video and audio


i. Webex has Virtual Classrooms and excellent video conferencing quality
ii. Compatible on many devices
iii. It's free (you can pay for more advanced features)


i. Whatsapp is free of charge!
ii. Compatible with almost all mobile phones and can be synchronised on computers
iii. Can use video calls, voice calls and messages

Popular Online Tuition Subjects:

  • Online English Tuition
  • Online Maths Tuition
  • Online Chinese Tuition
  • Online Science Tuition
  • Online Physics Tuition
  • Online Chemistry Tuition
  • Online Biology Tuition
  • Online Accounting Tuition
  • Online Economics Tuition
  • Online GP Tuition
  • Online Literature Tuition
  • Online History Tuition
  • Online Geography Tuition

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Google Verified Reviews From Our Clients

Yen Lin Low a week ago

Benson, thanks for your tip top services to show your professionalism and prompt response to share tutor profiles that matched my requirements within 24 hours. I have found a suitable 1-1 private home tutor to teach my boy to prepare for his next year O Level HCL exam. Definitely I will find you again if needed in future. Trusted & highly recommended tutor city home tuition agency.

Read more
Angie Goh a month ago

Benson is very patient and answer promptly to every question being asked. Gave a few choices of tutors to choose that base on your requirement. Math Tutor has been with us for a month. So far so good! Will recommend Benson to anyone who needs to find a good tutor and service! 😊

Read more
Queen Witchy a month ago

I was looking for a Maths tutor in May this year for my daughter who was in Sec 2. She has been failing her Maths since Sec 1 and is really in need of help. My preference is someone who stays in the same neighbourhood for ease of travel and of course, good in Maths. Davis is quick to respond and recommended Ms Celine. Thank you Davis for connecting us. Ms Celine has done a great job with her teaching methods. My daughter scored an A2 for the final year exam which is a vast improvement. Ms Celine, you are a gem! Here’s a review from the tutee for her tutor: She went through all the chapters in the textbooks and taught me whatever concepts I did not understand. She also focused more on my weaker topics until she felt that I mastered them. When she finished all the chapters and I had mastered them, we only did practice papers until exams came. She also provided extra tuition near the exam days. Overall, she has really helped me improved and she is not strict and working with her was fun :)

Read more
Shazia Qadari a month ago

Tutor city a great platform to find the right tutor for your child as they help to provide the one that fits your child’s schedule and your budget. I truly appreciate benson’s quick responses to all the queries and arranging the right tutor for my son. Thank you Benson! You are doing a great job!!

Read more
Roy Tan a month ago

I reached out to Tutor City for a tutor which has experience with teaching English to dyslexic kids. A few promising profiles of tutors were sent and I choose one. The outcome was a good one. The tutor was experienced and knew how to handle the challenges. Within a month I could see marked improvements in certain areas. I am impressed with the snappy service and profiles sent over. And the eventual positive outcome of the tutor I choose for my kid.

Read more
Irina Akhmanova 2 weeks ago

Great support with the search for the tutors for A Level exams. Daughter enjoys her lessons and we started to see the results from the first week.

Read more


Visit our Search Tutors or Request a Tutor page, or call 90672547. You can also send an email to info@tutorcity.sg.
Go to our Search Tutor page and shortlist the tutors you want to hire. Our form filter allows you to specify the tutor attributes so you can choose the most suitable ones. Once you are ready, click on 'Submit Shortlist' and complete the form. We will contact the shortlisted tutors and advise you on which ones are available.
We encourage tutors to upload scanned copies of their certificates in their online profile or email to us. For those who do not upload their certificates, we will instruct tutors to bring their certificates during the 1st lesson for verification. We will then verify their certificates against the information they provided.
No. You may terminate the tuition at any time if you are dissatisfied with the tutor’s services. You only need to pay for the lessons taught. If you decide to terminate the tuition, please inform us as we gather feedback on our tutors regularly to provide you with the best service.
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