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Tutor City is the leading home tuition agency in Singapore since 2010, helping more than 40,000 parents find their ideal home tutor. Have you been to several tuition service providers and still cannot find a good home tutor?

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Why Tutor City Is Singapore’s #1 Home Tuition Agency

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Since 2010

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Helping 40,000 parents find their ideal tutor

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Top 10 Benefits of Home Tuition


1. Full Attention On Your Child

The most important benefit of home tuition is that your child will get a focused and full attention from the tutor. All the tutor's focus will be on your child, and they will try to correct your child's academic shortcomings. Interaction will also become easier as the student will not hesitate to ask questions as they are in a safe environment. When your child is studying 1-to 1, they will not feel shy about opening up to the tutor, which creates a healthy learning relationship. Because of this, your child will learn better and do much better in school.

2. Parental Participation

The best part about having home tuition is that you get to participate in your child's academic life. The tutor will help you understand the progress of your child and what they require to do well in school. You can communicate to the home tutor whenever you like, and both of you can work together to create the best learning environment for the child. Of course, the key is to create a learning space that will encourage the child and tutor to study in that space.

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Visit our Search Tutors or Request a Tutor page, or call 90672547. You can also send an email to info@tutorcity.sg.
Go to our Search Tutor page and shortlist the tutors you want to hire. Our form filter allows you to specify the tutor attributes so you can choose the most suitable ones. Once you are ready, click on 'Submit Shortlist' and complete the form. We will contact the shortlisted tutors and advise you on which ones are available.
We encourage tutors to upload scanned copies of their certificates in their online profile or email to us. For those who do not upload their certificates, we will instruct tutors to bring their certificates during the 1st lesson for verification. We will then verify their certificates against the information they provided.
No. You may terminate the tuition at any time if you are dissatisfied with the tutor’s services. You only need to pay for the lessons taught. If you decide to terminate the tuition, please inform us as we gather feedback on our tutors regularly to provide you with the best service.
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