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Literature Tuition in Singapore

Literature is one of the humanities subjects in secondary school and every student is required to study literature at lower secondary level. As they advance to upper secondary level or Junior College, they have a choice to choose from one of the three humanities subjects: History, Geography and Literature. In order to excel in English Literature study, it is essential to have good analytical and comprehension skills, as well as good command of English. Therefore, it is important to build a strong foundation so as to score well in Literature study.

O-levels Literature 

Literature is the art of written work revolving around essays and poetry. Many students are afraid of studying William Shakespeare’s poet by reason of how the sentences are being structured. Indeed, it is even more challenging for those who does not have a good grip over the language and a strong foundation in Literature. 

Due to the large class size and the short allocated time given for each Literature lessons in school, teacher might not always be able to explain everything in details. Students who do not have good grasp of English might struggle in catching up with the lessons. This will eventually lead to a loss of interest resulting in poor grade in Literature study. By engaging a Literature home tutor, students will be able to over this difficulty as the tutor will focus and solve all the problems the student faced. They will guide the students on the techniques to construct sentences, explain the meanings behind the poetry, and methods to tackle questions. Students will also be taught on the tactic to improve their analytical and comprehension skills.

A-Levels H1/H2 Literature

A-Levels H1/H2 Literature is much tougher than O-levels Literature. Different Junior Colleges may use different texts, adopt different styles of answers and text options. A good Literature private tutor aid in teaching the right techniques to interpret texts, impart useful skills on reading and the effective method to construct substantial essays. Students who possess close reading skill have the benefits of analyzing text and focus on significant details and develop a precise understanding of the meaning behind the texts.   

Why choose Tutor City for Literature Home Tuition

Tutor City have a wide range of experienced, qualified and committed Literature home tutors who have been through the education system in Singapore and have high qualification in English Literature. Our tutors will explain the symbolic meaning and poetic nature of the chapter, help students to comprehend complex literary texts, poetry, themes and other aspects of literature study. Besides that, our tutor will assist students in their assignments and exam preparation. 

At the comfort of your home, our dedicated Literature home tutors are flexible to accommodate to your desired date, time and venue of the tuition lessons. We believed that the 1-to-1 attention given to the students will help them to improve and obtain high score in Literature study.

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