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A Level Math Singapore – The Full Guide To H1/H2 Math

Math is perhaps one of the most challenging subjects for people around the world. Many people have limiting beliefs regarding this subject because they believe that they won’t be able to score well in the exam. However, before you start studying or enter A Level, you need to equip yourself with knowledge about this subject to remain confident.

The two streams of A Level Math include H1 and H2. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the A-level syllabus, exam, and overall curriculum before you enroll. So, here is a complete guide to A Level math in Singapore.


A Brief Glimpse Into The A Level Math Curriculum In Singapore

The A Level math curriculum has two levels, which include H1 and H2. The H1 curriculum comes first, and it is much lighter than what you will experience in H2. That is because it includes topics such as vectors, calculus, and functions.

On the other hand, H2 mathematics takes an in-depth dive into mathematical concepts. Because of this, you will cover topics that include differential equations, complex numbers, and much more. The primary aim of the curriculum is to help you develop problem-solving and mathematical skills.

Here are some things that the syllabus focuses on:

Use Of Technology

A Level maths in Singapore is unique because it focuses on using technology while learning. For example, students will be taught to use various learning tools, such as Desmos and Geogebra, to visualize the concepts and learn better. Technology has been integrated to ensure that students can have the best tools available at their disposal for learning concepts through visualization.


Another key area of A Level mathematics is problem-solving, as the curriculum focuses on helping students solve complex problems. As they become more familiar with the syllabus, they will hone their problem-solving skills through real-life application and modeling. So, students need to work on these skills to excel in the subject.


All About The A Level H1 Math Exam

The H1 math exam in A Levels has two sections that you need to ace. These include Sections A and B. The first section focuses on topics related to Pure Math, while the second section emphasizes topics such as statistics and probability.

Each section will include between five and eight questions, and each will have unique marks. Keep in mind that these questions will also have scenarios where you will have to showcase the application of these problems in the real world. Such questions will be around twelve marks.

The entire paper will be of 100 marks, with Section A comprising forty marks and Section B comprising sixty marks. Make sure that you answer all questions and know what to expect to score well in both sections.


How You Can Score Well In H1 A Level Math

Here are some ways you can score well in H1 A Level math for a good grade:

Focus On Your Foundation

If you want to score well in H1 A Level Math, then you need to have a strong foundation of math concepts. That is because if your basic concepts are not strong, then you will not be able to apply and solve the problems. For example, you need to have a solid foundation in trigonometry, geometry, and algebra to score well in the A Level H1 math exam.

Keep Practicing

Regardless of what level of mathematics you are studying, practice is key to scoring well. Therefore, we recommend that you set some time aside each day to practice the H1 exam format and take time to do past papers and summary sheets. This will help you build a habit that you can stick to ace the exam without any issues.

Familiarize Yourself With The H1 Exam Format

It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the H1 exam format so that you know what to expect when you enter the examination room. Besides that, familiarization will also help you manage your time and boost your confidence. The more you know about the exam and understand it, the better it will be for you to ace it without any issues.

Get Help When Needed

Finally, if you think math is not your strong suit, then you can always opt for A Level Math tutor in Singapore. They can come to your home during your schedule and provide you with the help you need to ace your exam. It will also provide you structure so that you are organized when it comes to studying for the math exam.


All About The A Level H2 Math Exam

The A Level H2 math exam is much lengthier and more comprehensive than the H1 exam. It consists of the following:

  • Paper 1: The paper lasts three hours and is of a hundred marks
  • Paper 2: The paper lasts three hours and is of a hundred marks divided into two sections. Section A is pure math and comprises forty marks, while Section B is probability and statistics and comprises sixty marks

Both of these papers will include problems and the application of math problems in the real world. You will have to integrate your knowledge and skills to solve the problem and come to the correct answer. So, make sure that you not only learn the concepts but also learn how to apply them in the context of the real world.


How You Can Score Well In H2 A Level Math

Here are some top tips that will help you score well in the H2 A Level math exam:

Learn To Apply The Key Mathematical Concepts

An integral part of the H2 exam is to apply mathematical concepts in the real world. This is why you must practice how to do this if you want to score well. You can practice past papers and see how you can apply the different concepts in the context of the real world.

These include the world of economics, engineering, physics, and much more. Besides that, such an application can only happen once you deeply understand the concepts. This is why it is important to spend time learning and understanding the concepts before you apply them.

Learn From Your Peers

If you are someone that lacks mathematical skills, then you can always learn from your peers that do better. You can create a study group and exchange different notes and key ideas. When you do this, it might give you insight into what the concepts are all about.

So, you will get a new perspective, and it will help you score well in the H2 A Level math exam. Make sure that you learn from students that do better than you in class.

Get H2 Resources

H2 A Level math is complicated, and most students require extra help apart from their school curriculum. This is why it is best that you get some resources to aid you. For example, you can invest in guidebooks, resources that give you tips, and more.

You can also check various online resources, such as tutorials and informative videos. When you combine all these resources, you will have extensive knowledge of the various aspects of H2 A Level math.


Why Do You Need A Level Math?

By now, you might be wondering if A Level math is important to future success. Well, if you plan on pursuing a career in Statistics, Economics, Medicine, and Dentistry, then you will have to have math and pass the H1 and H2 exams with flying colors. If you don’t do well in these exams, you might have a difficult time when you pursue these subjects for your career.

That is because the course outlines provide you with a lot of knowledge on statistical analysis and how you can deal with data. On the other hand, when you take H2 math, you will also understand how to solve complex problems within a set time. Both these skills are important to have to survive in the world of data, analysis, and technology.

Make sure that you check the university requirements of the career you want to pursue. It will give you a better idea of the subjects you need to pursue the career of your dreams. Once you do, you can decide whether taking A Level math will be helpful for your future or not.


Tools And Resources To Help You Excel In A Level Math

It is not just about doing well in school because you need some practice at home to do well in A Level math. Because of this, it is best that you know about some tools and resources that will help you get there. These include the following:

1. Photomath

Photomath is an application on Google Play Store and Apple Store that will help you with all the complex math questions you can’t answer. All you need to do is scan a picture of the problem or question you are stuck on. Then, upload it on the application and remain patient till you get your answer.

The best part about this application is that you will receive a step-by-step guide on how you can solve the math problem. It will enable you to understand the logic behind the answer so that you can learn from it. There are also many other things that this application offers to users.

You can find this out once you start using it yourself. It will prove to be helpful for homework or problem questions you are stuck on and don’t know what to do.

2. Succeeding In JC H2 Level Best Mathematics

If you are looking for an assessment book to help you excel in H2 math, then it doesn’t get better than this one. That is because it will contain more than 250 questions that will help you prepare for the examination. The key is to keep practicing the questions this book offers till you understand the concepts.

In the long run, it will help you develop and strengthen your math skills so that you can excel in the paper without any issues. It is a great book you can invest in for your math preparation. So, make sure you decide whether this resource will suit your needs or not.

3. A Level Math Revision Application

A Level Mathematics is an application for revision that you can easily download from the Google Play store. The best part about this application is that it offers review notes, tutorial videos, diagnostic tests, questions, and much more to help you progress. There is also a calendar within the application so that you can create a math studying schedule.

So, download the application, see if it suits your needs, and then begin using it for your A Level math needs. Once you do, you will wonder why you didn’t use this resource before.

4. Get A Private Tutor

Finally, if all else has failed, then we suggest that you get a math tutor. Private tutors can come to your home to teach you according to your day and time. You will have the flexibility you need to study on your own time and schedule.

Besides that, the teacher will make sure you work on your strengths and weaknesses in A Level math so that you can get a good grade. If you think you need some extra help, then it is best to opt for the help of a Math tutor to get the best results. You can also check our top 20 reviews of the best maths tuition providers in Singapore.


Final Thoughts

That was your complete guide to A Level H1 and H2 math in Singapore that you need to know about. It is an important subject if you want to pursue a career in various fields, from science to data analysis and much more. Because of this, if your future goals involve math, then opting for this subject is crucial.

As long as you have a solid foundation of concepts and you keep practicing, you will end up getting incredible grades. So, follow this guide and make sure you are prepared for your exam.

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