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What Makes MOE Teachers A Cut Above The Rest?

Teachers can completely change the way students learn and grasp information. MOE teachers have been trained in the art of teaching so that they can not only impart their knowledge but also ensure students turn into good human beings. This is why MOE teachers are a cut above the rest in Singapore.


If you are thinking of hiring a MOE teacher as a tutor, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about what makes these teachers a cut above the rest.



MOE Teacher Overview

Before we move on to what they can offer, you need to know some basic information about these teachers. MOE teachers are professionals whom the Ministry of Education in Singapore has given the authority to teach in schools. The teachers are trained and have the skills to ensure that students thrive in their academic life.

They have an educational degree, proper training, and enough experience to make learning experiences positive for kids. All of this equips them with the necessary skills to teach students in the best way possible.


What Makes MOE Teachers Different?

The difference between average and MOE teachers is that the latter have been trained to deliver the curriculum to students in public schools. In addition, you will find that most of them have graduated from NIE (National Institute of Education), which is the only teacher education institute in the country.

Graduating from this institute means they have been given the skillset to teach properly. During their training, they learn the different methods that are crucial to teaching and how to teach well. Because of this, when they enter their careers, they know how to create the best environment for kids to thrive and learn.


What Makes MOE Teachers A Cut Above The Rest?

Now that you know who these teachers are and the training they go through, you might wonder what makes them a cut above the rest. Here are all the things that make MOE teachers excellent at what they do:

1. They Create A Positive Learning Environment

MOE teachers understand that students need a positive environment to learn in the best way possible. Because of this, negativity has no place in their classroom. They focus on the positives so students can also focus on their strengths and build them even more.

These teachers use techniques such as positive encouragement, praise, and much more. Doing this motivates and encourages the students to make themselves proud. It also provides them with the drive to learn better.

Anytime you enter the classroom of a MOE teacher, you will notice how positive the learning environment is. Everything from how the classroom looks to the way it is conducted sets a positive tone. This guarantees that the students are eager to learn and come to class.

2. They Set The Standards Of The Class

When you set the standards of the class from early on, students will know what is expected of them and what they should do. MOE teachers uphold what is acceptable and unacceptable in classes and what they expect of the students. Some examples of these standards look like:

  • Homework is to be always done on time
  • If you want to ask a question or say something, always raise your hand
  • Don’t cut someone off while they are talking
  • Everyone’s opinion should be given the same amount of respect

Such standards set the tone of the class and how students will behave. It is crucial to set such standards so that students know what boundaries they can or can’t cross. When you fail to set standards, the classroom turns into a chaotic mess.

MOE teachers know how to use reinforcement and punishment in the correct manner. This is why they set standards and make sure that students understand that their actions have consequences. In the long run, this will help them be on their best behavior in different social and professional settings.

3. They Set Expectations

MOE teachers believe in their students and their own abilities to impart knowledge and create an excellent classroom. Because of this, they set expectations from the beginning. For example, they will constantly communicate that they trust the students and expect them to perform well on different tests or homework.

These teachers know the importance of building trust in the classroom. When they let students know that they completely trust them, it automatically gives them a secure base on which to rest their learning. So, they will behave positively and make sure that the teachers validate their behavior.

MOE teachers will also make sure that students know that they believe in them. After all, such belief and faith can motivate them to do better. So, these teachers will completely trust the students and emphasize this fact from time to time.

4. They Make Sure Respect Is An Important Part Of The Classroom

MOE teachers treat their students with respect because they know that even kids have dignity and integrity. They also teach the students to treat themselves with respect and not let anyone compromise this. A good way to do this is by making sure every student is held responsible for their actions.

You will notice that teachers who have not been trained will tolerate anything from the students, but this only causes everyone to be confused about what is expected of them. MOE teachers make sure that there is no confusion regarding their expectations. This is why they also set rules for respecting everyone in the class.

They never belittle the students or infantilize them to make them feel inferior. Doing this hurts the students and causes them to lose the motivation to come to class. So, MOE teachers ensure that everyone is respectful of themselves and one another in the classroom.

5. They Understand The Classroom

Before MOE teachers begin teaching their classes, they do their homework to understand what kind of students they will be teaching. They will ask previous teachers about the students and how they behave. Doing this provides them with a complete understanding of what they can expect when they begin teaching.

Their task before the year starts is to take information on the students that might need extra attention or motivation, the ones that do exceptionally well, etc. Such an approach makes them effective because they know what a classroom requires. This is why you will notice that MOE teachers are always prepared when teaching new classes.

This quality makes them a cut above the rest because they assess the classroom's needs beforehand. By the year's end, they have helped students do their best.

6. They Create A Safe Space For Children

Many children face family problems and issues at home, and sometimes all they need is a safe space in their lives. MOE teachers understand this, so they focus on creating such a space in their classroom. They never punish students if they don't know anything and don't belittle anyone for asking "stupid" questions.

They make it clear that they will repeat concepts many times till all the students get it, and they shouldn't be afraid to ask the teacher to repeat them. If students want to revisit something, the teachers will happily do it. They understand the patience needed within a classroom, and they have no issues with being patient.

Besides that, the MOE teachers are always nice to students and extend understanding at all times. Such love, patience, and kindness go a long way in building trust and safety. Students know that they can always turn to the teacher, and he or she will help them out.

7. They Follow What They Preach

Kids learn more by imitating other people than by listening to what someone has to say. MOE teachers understand this important fact, which is why they follow what they preach in class. For example, they will never lose their temper and remain patient with each student.

They will also do things with the students that they preach to them. For example, if they want students to understand the importance of a reading habit, then they will read books with students from time to time. This will show the students that even the teacher values this and follows what they say.

In the long run, students will model the same behavior and follow what the teacher is doing. This is why MOE teachers are at their best in the classroom because they know how students learn and respond.

8. They Are Open With Students

Openness is crucial to creating a positive space in the classroom, and this is what MOE teachers do. You will see them laughing with the students, eating with them, talking to them, and sitting with them. Such behavior ensures that the students know they can trust the teacher and be open with them.

Students remain genuine in such classrooms and open up. Such teachers have a fantastic influence on students in the long run. After all, a good teacher can make all the difference in how kids learn in the future.

So, MOE teachers understand the importance of openness and don’t mind extending this quality to students. The students look forward to the class daily and are more receptive to learning because of this.

9. Providing Useful Information And Resources

One of the best things about MOE teachers is that they have a plethora of information and resources at their disposal. They will make sure that students also have access to this information for examinations. For example, these resources can include assessment books, past papers, sample examinations, and much more.

They know what is the right fit for the curriculum, depending on the grade, which is why students will do well on the exam. The teachers will make sure that they use these resources whole teaching to equip students with the knowledge and skills required. This will help them in getting the best scores.

MOE teachers are always ready to impart the knowledge and resources they have to the students. This makes them great teachers, and students respond well to them as well.

10. Consistent Quality

A great thing you will notice in MOE teachers is that they consistently provide a high-quality education to students in the country. That is because they have standards that they need to meet, which motivates them to do well. Because of this, you will notice that your kid’s education quality is never compromised.

They also take training from time to time and update themselves with the best teaching practices to incorporate into their classrooms. As they progress, they have the relevant experience, knowledge, training, and skills to teach effectively. This is why they are excellent teachers that never compromise on the quality of the student's learning.

11. Helping Students Achieve Their Full Potential

Finally, MOE teachers understand that the youth of the country is integral to its progress and development. This is why they are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential. They teach with the mindset of preparing the students for future success and growth.

So, their commitment to teaching is something you will not find anywhere else. In the long run, they have a positive impact on their students, and they take these lessons with them to the professional world. They are integral to sharpening minds and creating fantastic human beings that remain successful in life.


Final Thoughts

MOE teachers are excellent because of all the reasons we just stated, which is why you can hire them as tutors or select a school that has these teachers for your children. They are well-trained, know how to conduct a classroom and create a positive learning environment for the students. Even your children will love studying from these teachers.

So, if you want the children to have a strong base from an early age, you can opt for such teachers. They will ensure that your child excels in academics and other areas of life for a successful future. 

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