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University Rankings 2020: Singapore Remains Competitive

Attaining a position in the world’s top university rankings is difficult.

There are 13 performance indicators which are used to carry out this assessment. These indicators are further grouped into these categories which includes:

  1. the overall academic reputation of the university,
  2. the reputation employers have of the university,
  3. the ratio of students to faculty,
  4. how many international faculty members are part of the educational institute,
  5. the number of international students as a proportion of the total
  6. the amount of research citations faculty members have carried out and,
  7. the total transfer of knowledge the university carries out.

These performance indicators are very difficult to manage and maintain as you have to compete with international standards and universities.


Singapore's University Rankings

However, despite these arduous standard to meet, The National University of Singapore (NUS) leaves us all proud and stunned by again achieving the 25th position in the list of the world’s best universities. Apart from this, it also topped the 3rd best university in all of Asia, as per the Times Higher Education Rankings released on 2nd September 2020. The Nanyang Technological University of Singapore also ranked 47th place, increasing one place upwards in ranking.

If compared with the top universities of Asia, the National University of Singapore was very close to rankings with Peking University, which topped Second in all of Asia and Tsinghua University, the top university in all of Asia. The Tsinghua University acted as the first university to reach the global top 20, from all of Asia.

A lesson which can be learnt from Tsinghua University’s rising performance is that, despite the uncertain times put forward by the pandemic and its impact on China, there was no decline in the educational facilities offered by the university.

Apart from this, they only aimed to further increase their educational standards, whilst adopting to newer times. A total of 6 universities of China were part of the top 100 universities of the world, despite everything else.

Another news to be proud of is that 16 universities in all of Asia have made it to the list of the world’s top universities. Out of these 16, 2 were from Singapore. This indicates that the standards universities in all of Asia are following are at a rise.

More international faculty and students are willing to join universities for teaching due to this. The students which complete their degrees from universities within Asia, can easily identify themselves as competitive with the world. Many individuals believe that this trend of betterment followed by universities in Asia is going to rise further which is a great sign for the future.


Covid-19 effects on Global University Education

The negative impact the coronavirus pandemic had on universities globally was also very drastic. Not only were classes suspended and made virtual, deeming the campus and its facilities useless for the time being, but also made a ‘new normal’ appear.

This ‘new normal’ made physical classes seem un-needed and conventional, whereas virtual ones were promoted rigorously.

Apart from this, universities suffered at the hands of losing international students who returned to their home countries, leading to a huge decline in the fees these international students brought with them.

Due to these reasons, several top universities which have had a grounded position at the top of the table since the start, have suffered as well. The pandemic combined with its impact of global recession, can lead to a disbalancing of the global knowledge economy which has been set since the start. Top universities like Oxford, Harvard, etc. have faced issues with the overall funding they had during this time.

Nonetheless, it is great prestige for Singapore to have two of its universities as amongst the leading universities of the world as well as in Asia. The role that universities have in changing the impact of a post-pandemic world is great.

Universities provide the ground for learning and innovation which will help students and industries be ready to face the challenges that are to come with the changed world.


Changing Landscape of Higher Education - NTU

Covid-19 has been a major point of research for the Nanyang Technological University Singapore. They are ongoing vaccine development as well as trying to carry out various diagnostics and research related to the virus.

They have been able to develop a peptide which makes those bacteria which are resistant to drugs, to become sensitive to the impact of antibiotics again.

This is another diagnostic step towards achieving some covid-19 fighting procedures. Apart from this, the university is working towards building a blended learning environment through the multi-modal it is hoping to create through the influences of digitalization and technology.

To achieve proper competitiveness, the standards of both The National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University Singapore were checked thoroughly through the listed performance indicators. After so, over a total of 86 million citations and 13.6 million research publications from faculty were analyzed and studied.

Apart from this 22,000 scholars had filled out survey responses over a global level to make this research possible. All these indicators were checked strictly and proportionated over universities for a ranking to be formulated.

The National University of Singapore has been achieving its top rankings on the list since a while now and is considered as the best university in the Asia-pacific. Several high-profile individuals have attained their degrees and knowledge from NUS and have become renowned individuals globally.

As is the case for Nanyang Technological University Singapore which has contributed to educating thousands of renowned individuals over the years. Nanyang Technological University also achieved the 1st and top ranking of being the young universities in the QS world ranking since 2015, which shows how dedicated this new university is towards progressing itself for the betterment of future students.


NUS Maintaining High Standards

The National University of Singapore is extremely thrilled to maintain its standards with the global world and to be able to make Singapore’s name shine internationally due to this. It has been the aim of the university to provide highly updated and maintained facilities to its students, for the best overall experience since 1905.

Even at present, Tan Eng Chye, The President professor of NUS claimed at the Higher Education World Academic Summit that, the university is continually aiming towards building a more vigorous and robust infrastructure.

Apart from this, the faculty is working towards improving the overall learning outcomes for the students in order to promote lifelong learning.

The university is also allowing for experiential learning online, through various online forums and webinars to allow for international students to gain insights.

Great discussions are being carried out on the impact of technology and its role during the entire pandemic, how it is a necessity and how this has changed the lives of people.

The Nanyang Technological University of Singapore claims that this ranking in the Times Higher Education acts as a further motivator for the university to continue its excellence. Also, it shows how the university has rising progress over the years in terms of its standards. It is definitely a proud and prestigious moment for all the citizens of Singapore.


Financial Aids for Higher Education Students

The Nanyang Technological University of Singapore is trying to support its students at the time of the global pandemic by offering financial aid to students who have been directly impacted financially, due to the virus.

Apart from this, the university’s community is bringing out various precautionary measures in-line with the WHO guidelines to protect the NTU community against the covid-19 virus, when on campus.

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This ranking shows the dedication of the universities to play their role in educating individuals at a top and international standard. It encourages students from other countries to want to be a part of these universities in the future.

It also encourages faculty from around the world to want to be a part of the community. This would further lead to a rise in standards. Students would gain more exposure through the globally apt learning standards they would be experiencing.


Some final words...

The higher education of the world has been greatly disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Things are not the same as they were a few months ago.

The impacts this pandemic has had on the overall world economy and every industry which falls under it is drastic.

Despite these conditions, The National University of Singapore achieving 25th position in the world’s best universities list and top 3rd position in the best universities across Asia is a highly prestigious moment. The Nanyang Technological University also increased its ranks from 48th to 47th.

This shows the overall dedication towards education the country has and how it is willing to compete with all international standards to do so, despite any unforeseen circumstances.

These actions and measures followed by the universities will continue to encourage students from within the country as well as those from abroad to want to be a part of institutes that encourage international level education and innovation.

Not only so, but faculty from abroad will also be willing to be a part of these prestigious institutes, which will further help in raising standards and maintaining them.


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