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Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Chemistry is a common subject taken by Secondary students and later on at the Junior College level especially for those who plan to major in medical, bio-science, life sciences and chemical engineering courses in university. It is a relatively difficult subject considering that in school, there are a wide variety of testing mechanisms such as School-Based Practical Assessment (SPA) and chemistry theory exam papers. Especially if it is a brand new subject at Secondary 3, students at this early stage will find it difficult to manage themselves.

If your or your child finds Chemistry to be too difficult to master, then a chemistry tutor will be able to make it seem much less daunting of a task. Giving your child qualified chemistry tuition lessons is crucial in achieving good chemistry scores in the O-level or A-level examinations. Our agency, Tutor City, is the best online service provider of private chemistry tuition in Singapore. Having more than 20,000 active tutors, our experienced chemistry tutors can cover any topics such as organic chemistry, formulas, periodic table, practical lab tests, bio-chemistry.

We are able to provide chemistry tutors starting from Secondary school, International Baccalaureate, Integrated Programme to Junior College and university levels. Focus on 1-to-1 tuition instead of sending your child to a chemistry tuition centre to ensure your child gets the individual attention he needs.

A Level Chemistry Tuition

More than half of the students that go through the Singapore education system has taken chemistry in secondary school. It is not an easy subject, with Ministry of Education (MOE) testing chemistry students on a wide array of skills using chemistry theory examination papers and School-Based Science Practical Assessment (SPA).

Hence, finding reliable chemistry tuition to teach your child can be a crucial step to achieving good chemistry grades. Our tuition agency is considered one of the best online providers of private chemistry tuition in Singapore. For chemistry, our experienced chemistry tutors in Singapore can teach your child any chemistry topic – periodic table, chemistry formulas, organic chemistry – or any branch of chemistry. Furthermore, our diverse team of science tutors are able to provide tuition for not just chemistry but also physics and biology.

Our well-equipped chemistry tutors will help your child to do well in chemistry from the most basic levels starting from secondary school, IB, and IP to junior colleges (JC), polytechnics, and tertiary levels. Instead of relying on chemistry tuition centres which do not offer 1-to-1 guidance, request a chemistry home tutor from us!

Pure/Combined O-Level Chemistry Tuition

Based on the revised O-level syllabus, secondary school topics will include social and environmental issues relating to the use of chemicals, energy and chemical industries, the world’s finite resources and the use of chemistry in daily life. By acquiring knowledge in chemistry, your child will be more informed about the technological world and improve his social knowledge in the use of chemistry.

Getting a Singapore chemistry tutor will therefore help your child improve his chemistry grades in the O level examinations and at the same time, appreciate the applications of scientific knowledge in his daily life. He will understand the positive and negative aspects of scientific models, obtain a wider view of scientific discoveries and be better-equipped to tackle the more difficult A-level and University chemistry modules.

If you notice that your child is struggling with topics in atomic structure or covalent bonding, then it is time to get reliable O level, IP, IB chemistry tuition and give your child a boost in learning this science subject.

JC A-Level Chemistry Tuition H1/H2/H3

The level of difficulty in JC chemistry is much higher compared to secondary level, especially for the H2 chemistry tuition topics which include optical isomers, reaction kinetics, halogen derivatives and many more. The amount of content that students have to digest, plus demanding practical assessments in laboratory, tough promotional exams in JC1 ending with an even tougher A-level examinations, the number of tuition requests for A-level Chemistry has steadily climbed over the years.

If your child is one of these students facing difficulties in JC chemistry, why not get a qualified JC chemistry tutor to help him clear the obstacles? Tutor City has the best Singapore’s chemistry tutors who has helped many A-level students maneuver the tricky exam questions and score a distinction, or at least, improved 2-3 grades from their initial scores.

Is it necessary to get Chemistry Tuition in Singapore?

One tell-tale sign that your child hates Chemistry is when he leaves the chemistry book to the last or simply refuses to do the homework. If this behaviour is displayed, then he is definitely having a problem in that subject and could benefit from a chemistry tutor. Should his Chemistry teacher give you a call about his problems in the subject, you will need to take immediate action. Quickly appoint a chemistry tutor for your child as per his teacher's advice.

Tutor City provides specialist Chemistry tutors for all levels from Secondary (O level) and JC (A level) Chemistry, IB Chemistry and undergraduate level Chemistry.

Chemistry is taught and tested at various levels listed below:

  • Secondary Chemistry (Pure/Combined)
  • IGCSE Chemistry 'A' Level Chemistry (H1 Chemistry, H2 Chemistry, H3 Chemistry)
  • International Baccalaurate (IB) SL / HL Chemistry
  • Tertiary level Chemistry (Polytechnic, University)

Chemistry tuition is therefore, one of the most highly demanded tuition in Singapore due to its importance in the educational pathway to a good future. Many parents have found it a necessity to engage a Chemistry tutor for their child, and Tutor City is here to assist you if you need one.

What makes a good Chemistry tutor?

1) A good Chemistry tutor definitely has to have sound knowledge of the subject, preferably with a Bachelor's or Masters degree majoring in Chemistry.
2) Ideally, the Chemistry tutor would also be experienced in teaching Chemistry at O or A levels. The tutor would have known how to transfer the already considerable knowledge of chemistry to the student. A person with a teaching certificate, or a Bachelor of Education from NIE would be ideal.
3) Lastly, a tutor with good natural communication skills and patience, without losing his/her temper at the student, would be very much in demand.

Whether you need O-Level, A-Level, JC, H1/H2, IB or IP Chemistry Tuition, Tutor City home tuition agency can provide the most suitable home tutors to match every request. Make a free tutor request and our coordinators will contact you to obtain your private tuition requirements.

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