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Best Polytechnic Tuition In Singapore

Polytechnics in Singapore are becoming fairly popular amongst the youth. These poly institutions often serve as alternatives to JC education, which is another form of learning in Singapore.

Polytechnic education currently extends over 3 years’ time where the students take on hands-on learning experiences. When students reach the third year, they are appointed at established companies for an internship that allows them to practically implement everything they have learnt during their time at the polytechnic institute.

After the internship, students are well-equipped to work in organizations that are related to their area of expertise. This means that polytechnic education in Singapore is a great way to engage in practical learning experience and to step into the workforce earlier on.

Levels of Polytechnic Education

After students complete their Nitec Diplomas, they can enroll into any course at polytechnic institutes. Since there are 3 years available to complete their course of study, the amount of free time provided to students for leisure or extra-curricular activities is more than enough.

At the moment, there are 5 well-established polytechnic institutes in Singapore. Each one has a unique facility and course outline, so it is important for students to make their decision wisely.

How much do Polytechnic Diploma tutors charge?

The average hourly fees for Polytechnic Diploma tuition ranges from $50 per hour to $100 per hour, depending on the tutor's credentials, experience and the level to teach. Lecturers include associate or full professors in local universities and teachers in private institutions.


Tuition Rates
Per Hour

tutors 1



Diploma Modules

$50 - $60

$70 - $80

$90 - $100

1. Includes students in universities and graduates tutoring part-time.
2. For degree and diploma, teachers refer to lecturers in private and government universities.

Polytechnic Tuition
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Why Students Need Polytechnic Tuition In Singapore

While a majority of Singapore students wish to enroll in polytechnic institutes, they are unsure what they should expect to learn. This is a normal concern, especially since students are expected to invest 3 years of their lives into practical learning instead of formal education at a university.

However, once they do enroll into polytechnic institutes, students often find themselves overwhelmed by the workload. This is where polytechnic tuitions can aid students in getting through the entire process.

If you are wondering what you can expect from a polytechnic tuition in Singapore, then the learning outcomes are fairly simple to understand. Instead of teaching an entire classroom full of students at once, polytechnic tuition Singapore focuses on one-to-one learning that is personalized according to the requirements of the student. This means that the tuition will only focus on the areas which need improvement in the student’s academic life, such as a certain subject or course that they need extra help with.

To help students with their learning, polytechnic tuition in Singapore focuses on providing comprehensive and easy explanations of the concepts discussed in their modules. Even if students find the content at their institute to be difficult to grasp in the classroom, polytechnic tuitions can help them understand advanced concepts in better ways.

Polytechnic tuition in Singapore also aims to help students achieve their goals. Through constant guidance and tips to work through their assignments and final exams, students can benefit from polytechnic tuitions by overcoming any difficulties they face at school.

Since polytechnic tuitions are given at home, there is a greater focus on devoted learning. Apart from simply relying on the classroom environment to learn difficult concepts, students can gain thorough understanding of the practical concepts taught in polytechnic learning.

If your priority as a student is to score well in your exams, then polytechnic tutoring can help with that part too. All tutors are experienced and have a strong grasp over polytechnic concepts themselves which allows the students to learn new and effective answering techniques which can help them in their exams. As per most students who turn towards polytechnic tutoring, there is a significant improvement in their grades after just a few sessions with a private tutor.

Common Challenges Faced by Polytechnic Students

Whenever you talk to a polytechnic student, the biggest challenge they tend to face is the burden of assignments. In polytechnic education, assignments are fairly common, and students are expected to adhere to strict deadlines as well. For students who could not understand the concepts taught in class clearly, such assignments contribute towards their high stress levels as they face immense difficulty in completing their work on time.

Apart from assignments, a majority of polytechnic students also remain confused regarding their path in life. While students come into polytechnic education to learn practical skills that would aid them in their career, many tend to lose their sense of direction in between of completing the degree and are left feeling hopeless.

Students also feel that polytechnic modules can be too complex for them to understand. This means that even if they remain active in class, they still find it difficult to fully grasp the information presented to them on a daily basis. Over time, this confusion can accumulate, and students may feel that polytechnic education is just not for them. They typically find it impossible to overcome their areas of weaknesses themselves, especially since their classmates seem to be doing far better than they are.

When students aim to enter universities for formal education after their polytechnic education, they tend to remain more stressed throughout their time at the institute. This is mainly because they are aware of the high academic requirements in Singapore, and their current academic performance does not seem to be up to par.

4 Reasons Why Polytechnic Tuition Is Needed

If you are still wondering whether you need polytechnic tuitions as a supplement to your education, then here a few things that can help you make the right decision:

Polytechnic tuition will help you understand module content in a more comprehensive way. This helps you complete practical assignments and projects effectively.

2. If you aim to go to university for formal education in the future, understanding polytechnic modules will help you gain a great advantage once you enter university.

3. Polytechnic tuition can ensure that you score well on every assignment. This can contribute towards a better GPA at the end of the school year.

4. Since universities in Singapore are highly competitive, having a good GPA in polytechnic institutes can increase your chances of being accepted into your dream university.


Benefits of Getting Polytechnic Diploma Tuition

If you are a student who is facing any of the challenges outlined above, then polytechnic tuitions can be a great way to clear all of your confusions. Here are a few benefits of opting for polytechnic tuition in Singapore:

1. Added Confidence

As students begin to take classes with their polytechnic tutor, they start understanding their complex modules in a better way. This helps them gain back the confidence they had lost prior to the tutoring, especially since their level of understanding of polytechnic concepts improves significantly. Over time, students see their grades and performance in school improve which further contributes to their confidence levels regarding polytechnic education.

If you are becoming victim of the stereotypical mindset that polytechnic students are unable to keep up with high academic expectations, then dedicated polytechnic tutoring can help you break free.

2. Clarification of Concepts

If you find it difficult to understand all the polytechnic modules in school, then a polytechnic tutor in Singapore can help you revise each one comprehensively. Every tutor is well-versed in their area of expertise, meaning that they can help students clarify their understanding. Apart from textbook learning, polytechnic tutors also enable students to understand how the concepts from their modules can be applied to real-world applications that can help them in the future.

3. Achieving Academic and Career Goals

Since many students tend to lose their sense of direction if they struggle with polytechnic education, experienced tutors can help them set achievable goals for the future. By having a clear plan in mind regarding what the student wants to achieve, the tutors can guide the student effectively through helpful tips and advice. This means that polytechnic tutoring can help students create a roadmap towards success.

4. Increased Leisure Time

Even though students think that tutoring would take up most of their free time, that is not true at all. Polytechnic tutoring makes it easier for students to understand concepts from the modules and complete their assignments on time. Instead of spending all day and night trying to understand a complex concept and then completing the assigned work, students can complete their work effectively and have more time to themselves later.

If you are interested in participating in extra-curricular activities during your polytechnic education, then opting for a polytechnic tutor can be a great way to plan for your day effectively.

Topics Covered In Polytechnic Tutoring

Polytechnic education is considerable diverse. There are many courses that one can specialize in, and a range of skills that they can learn through the process. As far as polytechnic tutoring is concerned, then it is always ensured that there are available tutors for each area of expertise.

1. Applied Sciences

For polytechnic applied sciences, students are free to take tutoring for biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, chemistry, and mathematics. If there is a specific course that the student is struggling with, then this can be discussed with the tutor and they would cater to the students’ needs right away.

2. Business and Management

For business and management modules in polytechnic education, the most common topics that require tutoring are accounting and finance, business statistics, economics, and financial accounting. Some students tend to struggle with application-based topics such as business communication, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior. The tutor would be able to customize a tutoring plan for the student according to his or her own preference.

3. Engineering and Science

In terms of polytechnic engineering, students tend to look towards tutors to help them with the most complex of modules. This includes engineering mathematics, inorganic and physical chemistry, physics, and thermodynamics. Students can also receive tutoring for skills such as computer programming, problem solving, and electronic devices and circuits.

4. Humanities

For polytechnic humanities, topics for polytechnic tutoring tend to include developmental psychology, social psychology, written communication in Chinese, and fundamentals of translation.

5. Information Technology and Digital Communication

For polytechnic study of IT, students can opt for tutoring in topics such as mathematics, analytical thinking, programming, and web development. For digital communication, topics include data visualization, data bases, and statistics.

Apart from all of the topics stated, students can opt for tuitions for any other topic or skill that they may need extra help with during their course of study.

What Qualities To Look For In A Polytechnic Tutor

When you opt for polytechnic tuitions in Singapore, it is important to find the right tutor for yourself. Here are a few qualities that you can look for in a tutor:

1. Understanding of Polytechnic Modules

The first thing that you would need your polytechnic tutor to have is thorough understand of all the modules. The good news is that a majority of trained teachers are already well-versed in the content present in your polytechnic modules, meaning that they would be able to teach you effectively.

If you want to know more about the understanding of your tutor, feel free to ask them about their own scores during school years as well as the performance statistics of their other students. When teachers have a thorough understanding of modules themselves, their students tend to score better than average too.

2. Being Aware of the Syllabus

Polytechnic tuition is fairly uncommon in Singapore, which is why it is difficult for students to find the right tutors for themselves. Even if you cannot find a tutor that has done polytechnic education themselves, then a close alternative could be tutors who have a formal degree or prior experience in a related field.

This means that if you want polytechnic tuitions for web development, then a tutor who has a degree in computer programming may be a suitable fit for you. Remember that they key here is for your tutor to be fully aware of the content in your polytechnic modules.

3. Patience with the Student

Tutors need to be dedicated to helping their students understand properly, even if it requires them to explain one concept a hundred times over. When you are looking for a suitable polytechnic tutor, then make sure to look out for tutors who are known to be patient and dedicated towards their students. This also means that your tutor should be able to create a suitable schedule for tutoring you that is already decided before your sessions begin.

The biggest benefit of having a patient tutor is that they are likely to remain with you throughout the academic year. Since you would not have to continuously change your polytechnic tutor, you would be able to perform better in your assignments and exams.

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