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How To Improve Your Chemistry Grades With Our 5 Tried & Tested Methods

Chemistry, much like math, can be a real hit-or-miss subject when it comes to students who can easily get the better of it or those who, simply put, cannot. If you belong in the latter, this can definitely be a problem, considering the fact that most science subjects like chemistry require extra dedication.

More often than not, students can’t just settle on the aid the teacher can provide. Without additional assistance, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that it can be impossible to improve your grades. And if you’re already struggling, you probably couldn’t agree more. This is why you have to be willing to look at all the tools at your disposal nowadays, hence, this multi-pronged approach. We hope that this will allow you to lock on to what you should be focusing on more.

Ways to Boost Your Chemistry Grades

A multi-pronged approach is very effective because it lets you gain fall-backs and other additional options to greatly improve your grades. It lets you take better control of your studies, in short, without having to rely on your teacher alone. Almost all major science subjects undoubtedly require nothing less. Of course, that is not to say that we will not be sharing tips to help you hone your study habits better. 

1. Be More Proactive in Pinpointing the Flaws in Your Study Habits

If you are getting less-than-desirable grades, it goes without saying that you need to start paying attention to your study habits. Regardless of whether you like chemistry or not, it is no excuse for you to be half-hearted when it comes to studying it. This only readily translates to poor school performance. Reflect on these questions to know what the flaws are so you’ll know what to improve on:

- How dedicated are you in improving your chemistry grades?
- Are you taking the time to do a quick review of the assigned materials before going to your classes?
- Are you listening to the teacher every lesson and taking down notes of all important topics? Do you re-read them after class?
- Do you ask her questions about the topics you are finding hard to grasp?
- Are you using the latest periodic table of elements?
- Do you use flashcards to help you memorize symbols and formulas?
- Do you take the time to solve problems in a step-by-step manner?
- Do you ask for coursework help if you are experiencing great difficulties in writing it?

Having solid, positive answers to these questions will affirm just how effective your current study habits are. Otherwise, you should pinpoint the areas you’re weak at or are aware that you are doing falling short on then proceed to proactively address them. Even if the questions asked won’t be exactly similar, you will, at least, gain an inkling of how exam questions are asked and answered.

2. Gain Access to Past Exams and Practice on Them

If you have no problem grasping the main concepts and formulas, but still have trouble with exam questions (which is a fairly common occurrence), then make the effort to acquire past exam papers, use them as a reference, and practice on the questions asked there.

It is not uncommon for lab questions to require a more detailed explanation, for instance, of why a certain element behaves in a specific way or has unique characteristics that affect their reaction to various stimuli. Knowing how you should answer. 

Also, since these questions also demonstrate or reveal the answer in detail, they also serve as a great way for you to grasp practically any topic. Many students can attest to how effective this is in boosting grades directly.

3. Join a Chemistry Study Group

Study groups abound for practically every major science subject so it won’t be a surprise if there is one in your school as well. Participating in a well-organized study group that is dedicated to helping every member succeed is very invaluable for any student, to say the least. After all, it is a concentrated effort by a group, and as far as any endeavour is concerned, this always leads to favourable results.

Of course, that is assuming the group is that dedicated. If not, then you should really make the effort to make it as such. Encourage everyone to share their notes, what they’re struggling with, explain concepts clearly and more in-depth, and schedule times to study before an exam. As long as you can impart discipline in your group, you’ll be reaping the fruits in no time. 

4. There are Great Chemistry Apps Out There, Use Them

Technology should never be exempt from the equation if you are trying to improve your grades. WIth apps dedicated to learning chemistry, you can do just that and discover more insights into how you can enhance your study habits better. 

Those that stand out manage to give you the full arsenal, so to speak. From tutorials and flashcards to unique quizzes you can do for self-assessments. A couple also serves as a comprehensive collection of tools that you will find to be indispensable before long. For example, wouldn’t it great to have a dictionary of chemical symbols on hand that will provide you with the definitions of each one in seconds? How about topping it off with a molecular mass calculator that you can use anytime? Wouldn’t it be fascinating to have an interactive view of each element at an atomic level?

These are apps are bound to make your student life easier, that much is certain, and entertain, educate, and inform you in the process. The following are but some of the great apps we are more than happy to recommend for their outstanding content:

Chemistry Master
Learn Organic Chemistry
NOVA Elements

5. Hire a Good Agency that Can Provide Excellent Chemistry Tuition

Singapore is well known for having one of the best education systems in the region. But strict adherence to higher education standards almost always means more demands and burdens being placed on students. Chemistry Tuition is just one viable and effective tool you can that will only serve as the icing on the cake in this approach. 

In fact, it’s not for nothing why hiring a chemistry tutor is almost always the go-to option by most students struggling with chemistry or those who want to get better marks. Tutors give you the much-needed motivation you need, for one. They can also manage to give you their full attention, which most teachers can’t give to every individual student. With their help, you will be able to understand your weaknesses and turn them into strengths with just a bit of time and patience.


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