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Engaging a Principles of Accounts Tutor? We definitely have one for you!

While there are subjects that are simply a walk in the park, there are some academic subjects that are extremely challenging for students such as Principles of Accounts (POA).

If you’re one of those burdened by POA, then you have come to the right place! Tutor City provides specialist POA tutors for all levels from Secondary (O level) and JC (A level), to diploma and degree level Accounting-related modules.

Engaging a professional tutor revolves around the concept of enhancing the student’s knowledge of Principles of Accounts. Under the mentorship of accounts specialists and experts, every student will be taught to understand the basic fundamentals of POA. He/She will be exposed to the practical aspect of POA and will be able to appreciate POA as being part and parcel of our environment.

POA tuition is therefore, one of the most highly demanded tuition in Singapore due to its importance in the educational pathway to a good future. Many parents have found it a necessity to engage a POA tutor for their child, and Tutor City is here to assist you if you need one.

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Rates vary according to the tutor category and the level of the students, and it is usually counted at an hourly rate. 

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