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Need Geography Tuition in Singapore?

Tutor City's impressive pool of geography tutors are well-trained in teaching O Level, A Level (H1, H2), IGCSE and IB Geography tuition in Singapore.

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Best Geography Tutors To Ace The O/A level / IB / IGCSE Exams!

The place of Geography in MOE's education roadmap

Geography is introduced to students at secondary one. Many students find the subject dreary as it requires lots of memorisation on vast information. Hence, they do not perform well in this subject. In fact, Geography is an important subject that focus on physical earth and socio-environmental issues  happen in various part of the world. It also involves the study of lands, inhabitants and phenomena occur on earth.

It is crucial to build a strong foundation as early as secondary one to prepare students to identify and understand the concepts well so that they can advance with academic success to higher levels of Geography in upper secondary and in JC.

Geography Tuition by Tutor City
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Benefits of Getting Geography Tuition To Help Your Child

1.  Attention: Local Singaporean parents would prefer private geography home tuition over tuition centres as private tutors are able to focus their full attention on their child and customize the lesson plan in order to help him remember key geographical events and write better essays.

2. Convenience: Fretting over the question 'where to get geography tuition near me?' Private geography tutor singapore can provide one-to-one tuition or small group tuition in your house at your preferred time, saving you the commuting time and transport fees.

3. Customised resources: Good geography tutors can make question banks, answer sheets, use online resources to help boost your child’s understanding of geography. The tutor can also provide and go through past year geography exam papers to better prepare for the O-level geography, A level geography or IB geography examination.

4. Study at own pace: In home tuition, your child can focus on learning geography at his own pace in the comfort of his own home.

5. Overcoming shyness: Your child can ask questions freely and do not need to fear being ridiculed by his or her classmates, thus learning more in each geography tuition class.

6. Making a dull subject livelier: A good geography tutor share personal life experiences and stories to make lesson fun and interesting.

How much do Geography tutors charge?

The average hourly fees for Geography tuition ranges from $35 per hour to $130 per hour, depending on the tutor's credentials, experience and the level to teach.


Tuition Rates
Per Hour

tutors 1



Lower Secondary

$35 - $50

$55 - $65

$70 - $100

Upper Secondary

$40 - $50

$60 - $70

$75 - $100


$50 - $60

$70 - $90

$100 - $150

Junior College

$50 - $60

$70 - $90

$100 - $150

Degree & Diploma

$60 - $80

$90 - $120

$120 - $150


1. Includes students in polytechnics, universities and graduates tutoring part-time.
If your child has special needs, go to our SPED page to understand the certifications and fees that SPED teachers are quoting.

Why Engage Geography Tuition from Tutor City

1. Top notch pool of Geography tutors
Geography can be at times, a dry subject with thick textbooks to memorise and 'vomit' out onto long dreary essays. JC Geography is on a higher plane where students are expected to digest large volumes of data and apply geographical theories on case studies.
Tutor City has assembled a panel of the best Geography tuition teachers who are eager to help your child.
Our Geography private tutors are competent to equip students with the right geographical knowledge and share with them the exam skills and study techniques to comprehend data and apply appropriate answers to questions.

2. Customised learning approach

Tutor City is determined to help your child find the best geography tutor so they will not lose interest in the subject. Depending on the learning style of the students, our tutors will use different method in coaching the students to motivate them to grow interest in learning Geography. The Geography private tutor will ensure that students be fully understand the concepts by providing O level Geography questions and answers so that they can score well in examination.

There is no need to wait further. Get your child the help they need to ace the Geography exam now!

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Reasons Why Students Learn Geography

Tectonic plate movements, cloud shapes, soil erosion are some of the common topics in Geography O-level and A-level curriculum. Understanding these can be useful in weather forecasting or predicting when the next earthquake or tsunami is approaching so we can prepare for it. Doing well in Geography opens up more career paths for your child in later years too.

Tackling Geography requires more than rote memorization and regurgitating of facts and figures. Your child must devise ways to interpret and analyse lots of data and apply them to various scenarios and case studies.

With Tutor City's Geography tutors, you can be assured that we can properly guide your child on how to interpret graphs and take a critical view of the world's events. This will set your child for better grades and result in a shining career.

Jobs for Geography Graduates
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Levels in Geography and Curriculum

In secondary levels, Geography private tuition enables students to receive the knowledge, analytical ability to understand the importance on the differences in physical and human phenomena occurring on earth. This helps in preparing students for O-level Geography and to strengthen the foundation for attaining a higher level of Geography studies in JC where a good A level geography tutor will help immensely.

Starting from the 2024 Secondary 1 cohort, there will be some changes to the Secondary syllabus. At the lower secondary level, the G1 Humanities subject will comprise Social Studies and Humanities Exposure Modules (Geography, History and Literature in English). At the upper secondary level, students taking G1 Humanities will take Social Studies, and choose one of three exposure modules (i.e. Geography, History and Literature in English).

This is part of the changes towards Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB) to provide students with greater flexibility to customise their secondary education. The changes under Full SBB will also allow students to have a more enriching secondary school experience by creating more chances for them to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds. Read the full details at MOE's press release here.

Geography is more complex at JC level. Finding the best Geography private tutors allow students to apprehend geographical theories and interpret intricate materials at A-level standard. Students will learn the analytical skills and proper writing technique to support their arguments. We recommend that you read up on the full syllabus of A-level Geography to understand more on what is being assessed. 

If you have been offered H3 Geography, check out its exam format and prepare well for it.

Tutor City's best Geography tutors Singapore are ready and waiting to help them perform well. They have the latest resources such as Geography O level notes, H2 Geography notes, to improve your child's interest in the subject and excel in their exams.

frustrated student
No Geography question can be too daunting with our top-notch Geography tutor

Tutor City is Singapore's #1 Geography Tuition Agency

Our tutors are determined to offer quality tutor services for the aim of ensuring that the students are able to deliver excellence results. With the help of our tutor, students are able to carry out research with ease and achieve the ability to pick up the right information to be a critical thinker.

We have a broad database of Geography private tutors with vast experience in teaching Geography and other humanities subjects such as pure Geography, combined Geography and History or Social Studies. Our Geography home tutors are qualified, committed and possess the skills and knowledge in teaching Geography for secondary, O-levels and Junior College (JC) H1/H2 Geography.

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Google Verified Reviews From Our Clients

Yen Lin Low a week ago

Benson, thanks for your tip top services to show your professionalism and prompt response to share tutor profiles that matched my requirements within 24 hours. I have found a suitable 1-1 private home tutor to teach my boy to prepare for his next year O Level HCL exam. Definitely I will find you again if needed in future. Trusted & highly recommended tutor city home tuition agency.

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Angie Goh a month ago

Benson is very patient and answer promptly to every question being asked. Gave a few choices of tutors to choose that base on your requirement. Math Tutor has been with us for a month. So far so good! Will recommend Benson to anyone who needs to find a good tutor and service! 😊

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Queen Witchy a month ago

I was looking for a Maths tutor in May this year for my daughter who was in Sec 2. She has been failing her Maths since Sec 1 and is really in need of help. My preference is someone who stays in the same neighbourhood for ease of travel and of course, good in Maths. Davis is quick to respond and recommended Ms Celine. Thank you Davis for connecting us. Ms Celine has done a great job with her teaching methods. My daughter scored an A2 for the final year exam which is a vast improvement. Ms Celine, you are a gem! Here’s a review from the tutee for her tutor: She went through all the chapters in the textbooks and taught me whatever concepts I did not understand. She also focused more on my weaker topics until she felt that I mastered them. When she finished all the chapters and I had mastered them, we only did practice papers until exams came. She also provided extra tuition near the exam days. Overall, she has really helped me improved and she is not strict and working with her was fun :)

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Shazia Qadari a month ago

Tutor city a great platform to find the right tutor for your child as they help to provide the one that fits your child’s schedule and your budget. I truly appreciate benson’s quick responses to all the queries and arranging the right tutor for my son. Thank you Benson! You are doing a great job!!

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Roy Tan a month ago

I reached out to Tutor City for a tutor which has experience with teaching English to dyslexic kids. A few promising profiles of tutors were sent and I choose one. The outcome was a good one. The tutor was experienced and knew how to handle the challenges. Within a month I could see marked improvements in certain areas. I am impressed with the snappy service and profiles sent over. And the eventual positive outcome of the tutor I choose for my kid.

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Hwan Jing Koh a month ago

Davis was very quick to respond to my requests for 3 different tutors for my daughters and managed to find a good match within a week. The experience with the new tutors has been good.

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