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Geography Tuition in Singapore

Looking for good Geography tutor to strengthen your foundation and accelerate your learning in Geography subject? Not sure where to find the best and reliable tuition agency in Singapore?
Tutor City is able to assist you! We have a broad database of Geography private tutors with vast experience in teaching Geography and other humanities subjects such as pure Geography, combined Geography and History or Social Studies. Our Geography home tutors are qualified, committed and possess the skills and knowledge in teaching Geography for secondary, O-levels and Junior College (JC) H1/H2 Geography.

The importance of Geography

Geography is introduced to students at secondary one. Many students find the subject dreary as it requires lots of memorisation on vast information. Hence, they do not perform well in this subject. In fact, Geography is an important subject that focus on physical earth and socio-environmental issues  happen in various part of the world. It also involves the study of lands, inhabitants and phenomena occur on earth.

It is crucial to build a strong foundation as early as secondary one to prepare students to identify and understand the concepts well so that they can advance with academic success to higher levels of Geography in upper secondary and in JC.

Why choose Tutor City for Geography Home Tuition  

Tutor City provides Geography private tutors who are competent to equip students with the right geographical knowledge and share with them the exam skills and study techniques to comprehend data and apply appropriate answers to questions. Depending on the learning style of the students, our tutors will use different method in coaching the students to motivate them to grow interest in learning Geography. The Geography private tutor will ensure that students be fully understand the concepts so that they can score well in examination.

As compared to traditional classroom setting, private tuition provides a more interactive environment to the tutor and the student. Geography private tuition will be tailored to cater for students’ requirements. Students will receive undivided attention and focus on the areas they are weaker in. Our tutor are also flexible in accommodating the students’ preferred venue, date and time for the lessons.  

Geography Home Tuition for secondary, O-levels and Junior College (H1/H2 Geography)

In secondary levels, Geography private tuition enables students to receive the knowledge, analytical ability to understand the importance on the differences in physical and human phenomena occurring on earth. This helps in preparing students for O-levels Geography and to strengthen the foundation for attaining a higher level of Geography studies in JC.

Geography is more complex at JC level. Geography private tuition allows students to apprehend geographical theories and interpret intricate materials. Students will learn the analytical skills and proper writing technique to support their arguments.

Tutor City have a range of A-levels Geography private tutors for JC, H1 or H2 Geography. Our tutors are determined to offer quality tutor services for the aim of ensuring that the students are able to deliver excellence results. With the help of our tutor, students are able to carry out research with ease and achieve the ability to pick up the right information to be a critical thinker.

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