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Improve your English writing and oral skills with our qualified home tutors.

The main language in Singapore is English. It is important to uphold Standard English as it is the most commonly used language among different nationalities and races. Hence almost all academic subjects are taught in English.

To excel in our education system, it goes without saying that students with a strong command of the language have an extra edge above their peers. A good knowledge of English enable students to better understand all the other subjects whether it is Science, Math, Geography, History, Economics or Literature. It also helps in extensive writing during examination. Students who did well in GCE “A” Level General Paper will gain a higher chance to enter into their desired local university. We believe that building a strong foundation of English should start young so that students will be able to cope with the growing demands of all the subjects which are also based on English language. Being well-versed in English and an excellence communicator will be beneficial in boosting future career prospects. 

Is your child having difficulties mastering English language? Why not hire a private English tutor to help your child? Our qualified and dedicated home tutors can maximise the potential of your child and achieve better grades for the next test or exam.
Tutor City is a reputable and reliable tuition agency in Singapore. We have a pool of specialised English home tutors who are highly experienced in providing English tuition for different levels. Our tutors are determined to help students in achieving academic excellence. Many of our tutors came from reputable schools as well as attaining distinctions in English for their own exam scores. Our agency strive to provide quality home tuition and the most suitable tutor to meet your tutoring requirements. 

Our tutors specialise in teaching English at various levels:

  • Kindergarten / Pre-school English
  • Primary & PSLE English
  • Secondary, 'O' level, IGCSE English & Literature
  • IB English, Language Arts, English Literature
  • General Paper (GP) at ‘A’ levels
  • Conversational and Business English

Why need an English home tutor?

As technology advanced, social media has become part of our daily lives. In Singapore, students are highly exposed and influenced to the use of Singlish through internet. Singlish is widely used by many people to communicate in emails or mobile devices. Thus, the use of informal English would lead to great confusion to the younger generation. 

In order to excel and score well in English language, Standard English is best learned by regular writing and speaking. Hence it is important to rectify the improper use of English and enhance the use of Standard English. This can be done by engaging a English home tutor to provide proper guidance in speaking, pronunciation and writing, as well as in grammar, comprehension, vocabulary and spelling. In addition, our tutor will aid the students to improve in their communication skills through speaking of proper English.

English home tuition serves to provide 100% focus attention to the student’s weaknesses and tailored the lessons to strengthen his/her weaker component. Students will be taught the proper expression of language, appropriate grammar usage, widening of vocabulary, spelling exercise, right writing habit and improve on comprehension and communication skills.

Being proficient in Standard English will have an advantage over others not only in personal life but to get ahead in the globalised world.

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Rates vary according to the tutor category and the level of the students, and it is usually counted at an hourly rate.

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