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Are you a parent who gives primary school tuition to your own kid after work no matter how tired you are? Is your child disinterested in what you say and simply can't sit still? If these are the problems you face, then our experienced home tutors may just be the solutions for you.

Tutor City is a registered tuition agency in Singapore. We provide professional PSLE private tutors who  have a good knowledge of the primary school syllabus and are specialised in teaching PSLE academic subjects. They are highly experienced in giving PSLE English tuition, PSLE Chinese tuition, PSLE Malay tuition, PSLE Tamil tuition, PSLE Maths tuition and PSLE Science tuition.  

Our qualified and dedicated PSLE home tutors can provide 1-to-1 tuition at the comfort of your house and at your preferred time. No problem is too difficult to resolve with our home tutors at your child’s side.

Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)

The school leaving examination at Primary 6, also known as the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is conducted in Singapore annually. It is an examination that every student have to go through before being assigned to different streams in Secondary School. The subjects to be tested include English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics and Science. Students have to attain certain score so that they can choose and advance to their desired Secondary School. 

In fact, the PSLE is a very important examination in Primary School which determines the educational route that your child will be taking in the future. The learning environment plays a significant role in contributing to your child’s educational journey. A good learning environment is able to augment your child’s learning capability and can boost his/her self esteem. Down the road, your child will be more confident to take up more challenges in his/her academic journey.

Why choosing Tutor City for PSLE home tuition?

A good PSLE score is crucial to enrol into a good Secondary School. In order to achieve academic excellence, it is important to provide proper guidance from the expert. 

In school, the teacher might not be able to provide individual attention to each of the students. Some of the students might have problem catching up with the syllabus and others might have difficulty coping leading to lagging behind their peers. Moreover, parents are too busy with their works and do not have enough time to coach their children. All these lead to tremendous stress to the parents and the child. 

Not to worry! Tutor City is able to help you! Tutor City has a pool of dedicated PSLE home tutors who are familiar with the PSLE syllabus and are experienced in providing PSLE tuition. We aim to help your child to build a good understanding of his/her subjects and to excel in the PSLE, and not forgetting to make his/her academic learning journey an enjoyable one. 

The benefits of home tuition is far more than you can imagined! PSLE home tuition allows tutor to pay 1-to-1 individual attention to your child. Your child will feel more comfortable interacting with the tutor and will not feel shy to express questions and doubts during lessons. This enables your child to learn at his/her own pace without being influence by classmates. 

PSLE home tuition serves to expose the child to more content, collaborative illustrations, work examples and practice questions. Our committed tutors will access your child and will tailored their teaching methods based on individual unique learning style, so as to maximize his/her potentials. Our tutors will cater their teachings to target and improve the child’s weak areas, and will rectify mistakes  instantly with quality solutions. Our tutors will also assist your child to learn ahead of his/her lessons so that your child will have more time to prepare for PSLE. Parents will be provided feedback from our tutors so that parents can better understand and monitor their child’s progress.

In order to achieve academic excellence and to gain a competitive edge over other children, it is important to provide your child with proper guidance through quality home tuition. 

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