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Tamil is one of the 4 main languages in Singapore

Tamil is widely used in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and now in Singapore. There is a large indian etchnic group here and this makes Tamil one of the commonly spoken language in our society. As English is the main language in Singapore's context, mother tongue like Chinese, Malay, Tamil is usually more difficult to master by students from a young age.

Local students therefore struggle to learn speaking and writing Tamil language in Singapore. Finding the right fit of tutor can prove equally difficult as the quantity of certified Tamil teachers is also low.

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Private Tamil home tutoring can work wonders for your child in mastering Tamil!

1. Flexibility in timings : A Tamil home tutor can adjust their time slots to match your child's timetable and teach when your child is back from school. 

2. 1-to-1 focus : Good Tamil tutors Singapore can zero in on your child's weak components (e.g. writing, vocabulary, grammar, composition), breaking down barriers towards learning Tamil.

3. No fear of ridicule : In a 1-to-1 Tamil home tuition, your child is able to ask anything without the fear of being laughed at for being slow, thus building up his confidence and liking for the subject.

4. Intensive lessons : Private Tamil tutors can do intensive lessons before a test or exam so as to help your child prepare better for it. 

5. Results-based teaching : The best Tamil home tutors have tips and resources which they can provide to your child exclusively, helping him or her to achieve the success in the Tamil examinations.

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How much do Tamil tutors charge?
The average hourly fees for Tamil tuition ranges from $20 per hour to $90 per hour, depending on the tutor's credentials, experience and the level to teach.

Tuition Rates
Per Hour

tutors 1




$20 - $25

$30 - $40

$40 - $50

Primary / PYP

$25 - $30

$35 - $50

$55 - $70

Secondary / MYP

$30 - $40

$45 - $60

$70 - $90


$40 - $60

$60 - $80

$90 - $130

Degree & Diploma

$50 - $60

$60 - $80

$90 - $120

Music / Piano 2

$30 - $40

$50 - $60

$60 - $70

Adult Language 3

$40 - $50

$50 - $60

$70 - $80

1. Includes students in polytechnics, universities and graduates tutoring part-time.
2. Either 45 min or 1 hour lessons. See our music page for details.
3. Language proficiency range from basic to advanced so rates will be quoted upon knowing each learner's needs.
4. For Special Needs education, rates are higher due to specific training and certifications which tutors need to have.

Challenges Faced by Students

For most students, learning the Tamil language does not come easily. Even if you have been living in Singapore for a while now, learning to become proficient with an unfamiliar language is still a difficult task. Especially for speaking and writing, Tamil is fairly difficult to learn which is why many students tend to struggle with the language.

Even if students are able to learn the Tamil language at school, they still struggle with vocabulary and grammar. Many at times, students find it difficult to think of the right word to use in Tamil due to their limited set of vocabulary. Sentence formation is also difficult in an unfamiliar language because the use of grammar in Tamil can be complicated.

If you learn to write Tamil in school, you could still struggle with pronunciation and articulation of individual Tamil words. This means that learning how to write your exams in Tamil is not sufficient. You will have to learn to communicate in Tamil effectively if you truly want to benefit from learning the language. Since oral communication is one of the most important aspects of learning a language, students are expected to know how to verbalize their thoughts proficiently.

In case you are only focused on Tamil examinations, then many students struggle with understanding the questions in the exam. If you do not understand what the question is asking for, then giving the right answer becomes almost impossible. This leads to students not scoring very well in Tamil exams, even if they know how to read and write the words.

What to Expect from Tamil Tuition

We provide home tutors for the various levels:

  • Preschool Tamil Tuition
  • Primary Tamil Tuition
  • PSLE Tamil Tuition
  • O Level Tamil Tuition
  • N Level Tamil Tuition
  • A Level Tamil Tuition
  • Secondary Tamil Tuition
  • JC / A-level Tamil Tuition
  • IB Tamil SL/HL Tuition
  • International / IGCSE Tamil Tuition

Tamil proficiency in Singapore is required at all educational levels. For preschoolers, topics such as Tamil script and phonics are taught in order to develop a strong foundation.

In primary school, Tamil examinations include essay writing, oral communication, grammar, and learning comprehension. These topics are the primary focus of Tamil tuitions at the primary school level. For secondary school students, the same topics of essays, use of language, vocabulary, and grammar are further expanded and taught in more detail to ensure a thorough understanding of the subject.

Read our post on 6 tried and tested ways to ace the PSLE Tamil.

In junior college, Tamil tuition expands to more complex skills such as summary writing and oral communication which ensures that the students are ready to step into levels of higher education in the near future. For IGCSE Tamil, the official Cambridge syllabus is followed which includes structured writing, speaking skills, grammar, and an extensive vocabulary.

In IBDP Tamil examinations, more focus is on listening, reading, and writing Tamil proficiently. Watch a youtube video on what the IB Tamil curriculum requirements are like.

Why do you need Tamil Tuition

Do you need help to improve and enrich your child’s learning of the Tamil language?

Singapore is a multiracial and multicultural country with many different ethnic groups. Tamil is the mother tongue language used by the Indian population. In school, it is compulsory to learn a second language in order for students to embrace and appreciate the cultural background in their mother tongue. Most of the Indian students will choose to learn Tamil as the second language.

In Singapore, Tamil classes are usually held by combining Indian students from various schools as most of the schools do not have their own Tamil classes. Hence, there is limited time allocated for learning Tamil language in schools. Given the short span of time, students might not even fully comprehend what was taught in class before the school teacher move on to the next topic.

As there are many students with different paces of learning, the school teacher will not be able to focus and accommodate to the needs of each of the students. By hiring a private Tamil language tutor, the student will be given 1-to-1 attention and proper guidance to ensure that they can completely understand, clear all doubts and excel in the language.

Unlike Mathematics and Science where is is often linked to formulae, concepts and understanding, language, on the other hand requires constant practice for one to master and excel in it. As Indian population is much smaller compared to the Chinese or Malay community, English being the common language for communication is more widely used. As a result, Tamil is seldom use and become the least practiced language in schools. By getting Tamil home tuition, your child will have more opportunities to practice speaking and gain fluency in the language.

Hesitate no more! Seek help now!

Important Qualities to Look for in a Tamil Teacher

As you select a Tamil tuition for yourself, here are a few important qualities to look out for:

1. Dedication Towards Subject

If you really wish to learn Tamil as a language, then you need a teacher who shares the same passion as you. A dedicated teacher will be able to track your progress more effectively and always create lesson plans that are designed to make learning easier for you.

2. Ability to Build a Strong Foundation

Before you move on to complex essay writing, it is necessary to learn basic skills such as the vocabulary or grammar of any language. All good teachers will be able to invest time in ensuring that their student has a good foundational base before teaching them complex course material for examinations.

3. Language Proficiency

In Singapore, MOE and NIE teaching certifications are important for professional teachers. When searching for a Tamil tutor, it is important to consider their proficiency in the language according to their qualifications. Tutors who have multiple years of teaching experience and have impressive grades in Tamil themselves are likely to be more efficient teachers.

4. Prior Teaching Experience

Before you can engage with a Tamil tutor, it is important to consider if they have taught students of similar educational levels in the past. Since each syllabus is unique and requires a thorough understanding of course content, it is important for Tamil tutors who be familiar with the syllabus content and learning requirements by the students. Having prior teaching experience also means that the tutor will be able to address all common issues faced by students at a certain educational level, such as JC or IGCSE.

Tutor City: #1 Tamil Tuition Agency

Tutor City is a reputable and reliable tuition agency that provides highly experienced and dedicated Tamil language home tutors to effectively motivate and inspire the students.

Students will be able to master the Tamil language in areas of reading, writing and speaking in a very short period of time. As every student learns at different pace, our Tamil language home tutors will use different approach and teaching methods to adapt to the students’ style of learning.

Engaging our Tamil language home tutor give you the benefits of having the flexibility to choose your preferred venue, date and time for the tuition lessons. Our dedicated Tamil language tutor will spend quality time to focus on teaching the students patiently to ensure that the students can become proficient in Tamil language.

Soon, the students will improve in their writing and reading skills, they will be capable to tackle and answer questions in examinations, and they will gain fluency in Tamil language.

Other useful resources:
Watch youtube video on O level Tamil Oral Practice
Books on O level Tamil Examination practice



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Karthik Krishnan 2 months ago

Ben was extremely helpful in finding me a Tamil tutor for my kids. He was very prompt and sourced an excellent tutor at short notice for both my kids. Would highly recommend Ben if anyone is looking for tutors/ teachers to import specialised attention for any subject.

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jolly j a month ago

First time using them. They are very responsive and able to find a suitable tutor for my child. I am so glad to come across this agency that has the source for special needs tutor. Hope my child can progress well into his future. 🥰

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Suresh Naidu 2 weeks ago

Ben was very good and helped us with all our questions, teacher pay neg, timing and arrangement of trial lessons. This helped us to select a good teacher for my son. You shld give him a try. Thks.

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Karen Karen 4 months ago

Benson allowed my child to try out 1 paid trial lesson with tutor. I must say the tutor is knowledgeable and dedicated. Thank you for your good service! I managed to get a tutor within a day.

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Benson has provided prompt service once he received my request. Good advice was given at the verge of choosing the tutor. Good job, Benson!

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Adeline Lum 2 months ago

I am very pleased with the service provided by Benson. He is very prompt in answering my enquiries and asked very detailed questions in order to better connect with the right tutor. I was able to find a maths tutor for my daughter relatively quickly. Highly recommended.

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