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Singapore is a multiracial and multicultural country with many different ethnic groups. Tamil is the mother tongue language used by the Indian population. In school, it is compulsory to learn a second language in order for students to embrace and appreciate the cultural background in their mother tongue. Most of the Indian students will choose to learn Tamil as the second language.

In Singapore, Tamil classes are usually held by combining Indian students from various schools as most of the schools do not have their own Tamil classes. Hence, there is limited time allocated for learning Tamil language in schools. Given the short span of time, students might not even fully comprehend what was taught in class before the school teacher move on to the next topic. As there are many students with different paces of learning, the school teacher will not be able to focus and accommodate to the needs of each of the students. By hiring a private Tamil language tutor, the student will be given 1-to-1 attention and proper guidance to ensure that they can completely understand, clear all doubts and excel in the language.

Unlike Mathematics and Science where is is often linked to formulae, concepts and understanding, language, on the other hand requires constant practice for one to master and excel in it. As Indian population is much smaller compared to the Chinese or Malay community, English being the common language for communication is more widely used. As a result, Tamil is seldom use and become the least practiced language in schools. By getting Tamil home tuition, your child will have more opportunities to practice speaking and gain fluency in the language.

Why do you choose Tutor City for Tamil Home Tuition

Tutor City is a reputable and reliable tuition agency that provides highly experienced and dedicated Tamil language home tutors to effectively motivate and inspire the students. Students will be able to master the Tamil language in areas of reading, writing and speaking in a very short period of time. As every student learns at different pace, our Tamil language home tutors will use different approach and teaching methods to adapt to the students’ style of learning.

Engaging our Tamil language home tutor give you the benefits of having the flexibility to choose your preferred venue, date and time for the tuition lessons. Our dedicated Tamil language tutor will spend quality time to focus on teaching the students patiently to ensure that the students can become proficient in Tamil language. Soon, the students will improve in their writing and reading skills, they will be capable to tackle and answer questions in examinations, and they will gain fluency in Tamil language.

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