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Is your child well-prepared for the O level examinations?

Many students in Singapore aren't, is yours?
We all know that achieving good results for the O-level examinations will have a great impact on any Singaporean's future. The tutor you have really plays a huge part in your child's O-level results. 

O-Levels in Singapore
Singapore’s education system is highly competitive. The GCE “O” level examination is a junction which determines the path that your child is going to take. The results of this examination will decide whether your child proceeds to a Junior College, a Polytechnic or an Institute of Technical Education. Admission to a good college will increase the chance of going to a better university.
The highly demanding academic system calls for more and more parents to seek help from private tutors to better prepare the child for more challenges ahead. In order to excel and to gain a competitive edge over the peers, it is essential to hire a O level private tutor to provide your child the guidance required for success. This is where the foundation for the future lies.

Choose Tutor City for O-Level Home Tuition
Tutor City is able to solve your concern!
Tutor City is a reliable and reputable Singapore tuition agency. We have a broad database of experienced O level home tutors who offer guidance in various secondary subjects and are determined to build a strong academic foundation for your child. Our tutors are highly experienced and familiar with the O Level syllabus. 
Depending on your requirements, parents have the flexibility to opt for engaging one tutor for all subjects, or different tutors for individual subjects. Our aim is to offer a suitable O level home tutor to provide quality O level home tuition for your child.
We have specialist tutors for every subject at affordable rates and at the comfort of your own home, no travelling needed thus saving time for your child.

Subjects our tutors cover:

  • English
  • Mother Tongue – Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi
  • Lower Secondary Maths and Science
  • Elementary and Additional Maths (E maths, A Maths)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Combined Science
  • Combined Humanities
  • Geography
  • History
  • Literature
  • Social Studies
  • Principle of Accounts

In school, teacher might not have sufficient time to attend to the needs of every students. Some students might not even fully comprehend what was being taught before they have to move on to the next chapter. They will have difficulty following up with the syllabus and catching up to their peers. O level home tuition is able to help your child overcome these difficulties.
O level home tuition has more benefits than group tutoring at tuition centre. Home tutor provides 1-to-1 attention to your child. Your child will feel at ease to raise questions in a conducive environment. Our tutors are experienced and well trained to coach using illustrations to ensure that your child’s learning is not only solely on theories but also on the application of concepts.
Home tuition allows tutor to access and measure your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and the tutor will tailor a teaching method to apt your child’s learning capability, so as to improve weakness and maximize strengths.
Your child will be taught the techniques to decipher tough questions and skills to answer questions in examination. It gives added advantage over the peers as our tutors will impart in-depth knowledge to your child which will be useful for his/her academic learning journey in future.
Tutor City aims to offer quality O level home tuition to suit the learning needs of every child. We believe that through proper guidance to boost your child’s learning capability, he/she will definitely excel and remain ahead in the competition.

Tuition fees - How do tutors charge?
Rates vary according to the tutor category and the level of the students, and it is usually counted at an hourly rate.

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