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We have N Level tutors familiar with Sec 4 NA and Sec 5 NT N Level examinations.

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Best N-Level Tuition In Singapore

The N Levels is a challenging time for many students. They have various subjects they need to excel in, but ineffective time management and other obstacles can hinder their progress. That is why students need to enroll in an N Level tuition to work on their weak subjects.

Tutor City has a pool of the best N Level tutors in Singapore. Here is everything you need to know about our service.

How much do N level tutors charge?

The average hourly fees for N level tuition ranges from $35 per hour to $100 per hour, depending on the tutor's credentials, experience and the level to teach.

Tuition Rates
Per Hour

tutors 1



Secondary 1

$35 - $50

$55 - $65

$70 - $100

Secondary 2

$35 - $50

$55 - $65

$70 - $100

Secondary 3

$35 - $50

$60 - $70

$75 - $100

Secondary 4/5

$35 - $50

$60 - $70

$75 - $100

1. Includes students in polytechnics, universities and graduates tutoring part-time.
2. If your child has special needs, go to our SPED page to understand the certifications and fees that SPED teachers are quoting.

N Level education in Singapore

After the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), students are place in different streams and secondary schools depending on their PSLE results. They could be in Normal (Academic), Normal (Technical), Express or Integrated Programme.

The General Certificate of Education (GCE) ‘N’ Level Examinations are conducted annually in Singapore. It is an examination taken after attaining four years of secondary education in the normal academic or normal technical stream.

N level Tuition Singapore
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The ‘N’ Level Examinations is crucial in determining the student’s path in continuing into secondary 5. Students who perform well in N Levels will be promoted to Secondary 5 and the GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations. Thus, the GCE ‘N’ Level Examinations is significantly important in carving out the student’s future as it will have a great impact in the student’s post-secondary education.

How Tutor City Can Help Find The Best N Level Tuition

It is essential to set some expectations from the start. Expectations allow us to understand what we need to excel. Tutor City aims to fulfill all the expectations of students and parents.

That is why we have highlighted everything you can expect from our qualified tutors. It will allow you to make an informed decision to opt for our N Level tuition service. Here is everything we offer to students:

- Custom-tailored tuition to suit the pace of the student
- One on one private tuition service that suits the students learning style
- Simple illustrations and explanations to clarify complex concepts
- Examination tactics to excel
- Methods and tips for memorizing content for all N Level subjects
- Comprehensive guidance to understand the content in-depth
- Additional resources such as past papers, notes, and much more
- Preparation for examinations
- Assistance with homework and other school work
- An interactive and engaging lesson to promote interest in the particular N Level subjects
- Significant improvement in N Level grades
- You can pick the best N Level tutor from our pool of 20,000+ tutors

Tutor City offers all of this and much more in their N Level tuition service. You can expect to have a positive environment that promotes learning and fun. After consistent practice, you will notice a significant improvement in the results of your N Level subjects.

Students can set their own pace and schedule so that their time can be utilized efficiently. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing a full range of N Level tuition services. That is because we want our students to excel.


Which Subjects Can N Level Tutors Help My Child In?

Tutor City offers tutoring for various N Level subjects, so students have a full range of solutions through our service. We aim to provide everything you need, so you don't have to go anywhere else. Our highly qualified tutors provide N Level tuition services for the following subjects:

- N Level Math
- N Level English
- N Level Science
- N Level Mother Tongue
- N Level Humanities

Any student enrolled in the above N Level subjects can benefit from our tuition service. Our team of expert tutors offers a fantastic tuition service for all these N Level subjects.

Common Challenges Faced By Students Of N Level In Singapore

Every level of education has its set of challenges and problems. However, students can easily overcome these problems if they focus on working on these challenges. Over time, our tutors have gained insight into the challenges that almost all students face at N Level.

That is why teachers at Tutor City devise their curriculum so that it emphasizes helping students overcome these challenges. Here are some of the most common challenges faced by all N Level students:

- Difficulty in following the rigorous and fast pace in school
- Students can get easily distracted and struggle with a lack of focus
- Challenges with memorizing the vast content for all N Level subjects
- Problems with understanding the concepts and content taught in school
- Inefficient time management during the examinations
- Confusions from previous lessons
- Problems with understanding which concepts to apply in answering questions
- Struggling with finding techniques to improve in a certain subject

Almost all students in Singapore face these challenges during their N Level. That is why our N Level tuition service aims to help students overcome these challenges so that they are prepared to handle their examinations. Our tutors will first identify the areas of weakness and then help students work on them.

By the end of the year, students will notice significant improvements in their subjects. Their results will be fantastic, and they will move onto a higher level of education with flying colors.

Benefits Of N Level Tuition By Tutor City

Here are the top advantages of hiring our N Level tuition service:

1. Helping Students Focus

We have noticed that many N Level students have problems with focusing on their studies. That is because they have many distractions around them that hinder their focus. So, students need to have a few scheduled hours every day to focus on their school work.

Having such a schedule allows them to focus and work on their N Level subjects. With our N Level tuition service's help, students will have a schedule that will allow them to focus. Our tutors can help students with realizing their potential and focusing on their studies.

By the end, students will reach their potential and focus on their studies in a much better way. They will learn to keep their studies separate and other aspects of their life separate, so they are not distracted.

2. Guidance With School Work

Not all students can keep up with the pace of the classroom. That is because teachers don't take into account all the students' needs when creating their lessons. As a result, some students can feel left behind.

That is where our N Level Tuition service comes in. We make sure that students understand everything going on in the class. Our tutors guide with homework and other school work so students can be caught up with everything.

Tutors will help students during their work so their concepts are much clearer and they can understand everything. Helping students will allow them to understand all concepts much more clearly.

3. Custom-Tailored To Cater To Students Needs

Every student learns differently. Some students are visual learners, some are auditory learners, and so on. Our tutors first try to understand the learning style of the student they are teaching.

Once they understand this, they will tailor their teaching style to suit the student's learning style. Doing this will allow the student to retain more information. They will also learn more effectively and quickly.

Tutors of Tutor City will devise their lessons so that the student will be comfortable with the pace. They will also absorb the information better as everything will be suited to their learning needs.

4. Increased Confidence

Students at every level of education struggle with confidence. They doubt their ability to do well in a subject, leading them to score lower marks. That is because too many doubts can lead to mistakes.

Teachers at Tutor City excel at helping students enhance their confidence when it comes to studying. They will help students excel, and once the students see the significant improvement in their results, they will be much more confident while taking the exam. Low grades can discourage students from working hard.

That is why our N Level tuition service focuses on helping students score high to ace their examinations with confidence. When it is time for their exams, they will be much more confident in their abilities, and they will excel in no time.

5. Mentoring Students

Tutor City understands how important it is for students to receive mentoring. They might not receive such guidance in school, but they should receive it from some aspect of their life. That is where our expert teachers come in.

They can help students in achieving their goals and dreams by providing them with expert advice. After all, students need help with academic and non-academic aspects of their life. Our teachers are well-versed with the academic landscape of Singapore.

That is why they are in a position to provide the best advice to students. So, you can always count on our tutors to help you out on your journey to achieve all your goals.

Topics Covered By Tutor City’s N Level Tuition

Here are some of the N Level English/Mother Tongue topics we cover:

- Grammar
- Situational writing
- Editing
- Continuous writing
- Functional writing
- Summary writing
- Guided writing
- Form filling
- Comprehension
- Reading
- Oral communication
- Critical thinking
- And much more

Here are some of the N Level Mathematics topics we cover:

- Ratio and proportion
- Numbers and their operations
- Percentages
- Algebraic expressions and formulae
- Rate and speed
- Functions and graphs
- Triangles and polygons
- Equations and inequalities
- Properties of circles
- Mensuration
- Coordinate geometry
- Probability
- Data analysis
- And much more

Here are some of the N Level Additional Mathematics topics we cover:

- Surds
- Quadric functions
- Polynomials and partial functions
- Equations and inequalities
- Identities and equations
- Trigonometric functions
- And much more

Here are some of the N Level Science topics we cover:

- Combined Physics: Units and measurement, dynamics, kinematics, mass, weight, and density, energy, and much more
- Combined Chemistry: Acids, bases, and salts, experimental chemistry, the periodic table, the particulate nature of matter, and much more
- Combined Biology: Movement of substances, cell structure and organization, biological molecules, nutrition in humans, and much more

Here are some of the N Level Humanities topics we cover:

- Social studies: Living in a diverse society, exploring citizenship and governance, being part of a globalized world, and much more
- Geography: Geographical skills and investigations, global tourism, coasts, food resources, living with tectonic hazards, and much more
- Literature: Drama, prose, unseen poetry, and much more
- History: World War II in Europe and Asia-Pacific, European dominance and expansion in the late 19th century, bi-polarity and the cold war, the bi-polar world order, the world in crisis, and much more

Here are some of the N Level Principle of Accounting topics we cover:

- Measurement and presentation of business activities
- Accounting and its role in the stakeholder's decision-making process
- Correction errors
- Businesses
- Accounting information system
- Accounting cycle

Accounting assumptions and principles
- And much more

Skills Taught By N Level Tutors At Tutor City

We make sure all our students are well-equipped with the skills to excel. Here are some that we focus on:

- Application of scientific and mathematical concepts
- Structured arguments and ideals in the essay
- Accurate use of formulas
- Effective time management
- Accurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation
- Varied and appropriate use of vocabulary
- In-depth understanding of all N Level subjects
- Interpreting questions and answering accurately
- Tried and tested answering techniques

With these skills, the students will ace their examinations in no time.

What Makes A Good N Level Tutor?

Here are some of the essential qualities you should look for in an N level tutor:

1. Patience And Dedication

Many N Level students don't have enough confidence to excel in their examinations. That is why teachers need to show patience and help students work hard to do well in their examinations. Our tutors are patient and dedicated because they want only the best for all the students.

2. Skills In Interacting Students

Students struggle with being interested in subjects. That is why teachers need to make lessons interactive and engaging. Tutors of Tutor City have all resources to make lessons engaging. This will enhance the interest of students in the subjects so they can excel.

3. Reviews and Testimonials

You must always check the reviews of teachers before you decide to hire them. It will give you an idea of what the tutor is like and how they will teach. At Tutor City, we always post feedback from our clients to guarantee the quality teaching of the tutor.

Importance Of Getting N Level Tuition

The education system in Singapore is incredibly competitive. Many N Level students doubt their ability to do well, and this hinders their results. That is why the right N Level tuition service can help students realize their potential.

Scoring well in these subjects will open up more opportunities and options for the students. They will be able to take whatever future path they want to achieve all their dreams and goals. Our tutors can help students to realize all their dreams.

They will assist the students in their academic journey and mentor them to believe in themselves and perform well in the examinations. For more information about our N Level tuition service, contact us now.

We are here to help! 

At Tutor City, we have a pool of highly experienced N Level tutors who are specialized in subjects such as English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Mathematics (Additional Maths and Elementary Maths) and Science (Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology), History, Geography, Combine Humanities, Social Studies, Literature, Principle of Accounts and design and technology etc.

Our home N level tutors are also proficient in SEAB N Level syllabus who will be able to tailor lessons according to the student’s objectives, learning pace and style of learning. 

Our flexible home N Level tutors are able to arrange 1-to-1 private tuition at your convenience, comfort and preferred schedule. They are dedicated to go extra mile to help students to be well-prepared and to obtain distinctions in their ‘N’ Level Examinations.

Tutor City believed that the key to success is to start N Level tuition early by getting an experienced, dedicated and qualified N Level tutor to assist you! Taking the right path today will lead to you to bright future.


Tutor City: #1 N level Tuition Agency Singapore

Tutor City is a reputable Singapore tuition agency that has a big network of experienced N Level tutors familiar with SEAB N Level syllabus. Whether it is the full syllabus or just the normal technical subjects, our highly-experienced tutors are able to help you!

Having thousands of qualified tutors in our database, Tutor City is able to cater to everyone’s budget based on your timings, tutor’s race, experience and qualifications. Our N level tuition rates are very reasonable and we have new tutors joining our tuition agency on a daily basis. 

We believe that our students’ success depends on the quality of tuition provided by our N level tutors, helping them to achieve good grades and progress to the next stage of their academic careers.

Rest assured that Tutor City will strive to our best ability to get you the best N level tutors in Singapore.


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