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Tuition Assistance for taking the Admissions Exercise for International Students

Does your child need assistance to pass the AEIS exam? Why not get a home tutor to help your child? Tutor City is a reputable registered tuition agency in Singapore. We have a pool of experienced tutors specialising in teaching international students and helping in the transition phase into a local school. Our dedicated AEIS home tutors not only experienced in coaching but they are also familiar with the AEIS syllabus. We are determined to provide quality AEIS home tuition for your child so that he/she are well prepared for the AEIS examination.

Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS)

AEIS stands for Admissions Exercise for International Students. It is a centralised admissions exercise conducted by Ministry of Education (MOE) around Sep/Oct annually for new international students who wish to join our mainstream public primary and secondary schools in January of the following year. AEIS involves a centralised test on English and Mathematics, and applicants who pass the test will be offered a place in a suitable school.

The exercise is for new international students seeking admission into Primary 2–5 and Secondary 1–3. Primary 6 and Secondary 4 are critical levels where students sit for major examinations held towards the end of the year. Parents should be mindful that it would not be in the students’ interest to be admitted to these critical levels of Primary 6 and Secondary 4.

International students seeking school admission to Primary 1 (P1) in the current academic year can approach schools directly to apply for admission, subject to the availability of vacancies and schools’ admission criteria.

International students who are of age 6+ and below 7 as of 1st January in the year of admission can apply to the school of choice during Phase 3 of the P1 Registration Exercise for admission to P1 in the following year.

AEIS Home Tuition

Singapore’s education system is highly competitive and among the most highly regarded in the world. Many international students find it stressful to take the AEIS exam as the academic structure can be very difference from their hometown. 

Not to worry! Tutor City is able to help you.  

Our AEIS home tutors are familiar with the AEIS exam structure and they are proficient in tutoring international students of different competency, teaching your child the right techniques in answering questions during the AEIS exam. We are confident that under the guidance of our AEIS private tutor, your child will be fully prepared and do extremely well in the AEIS exam. The skills and knowledge they learned from our tutors will stay with your child throughout his/her academic journey in the future.

Tutor City provides quality AEIS home tuition within your budget. Our dedicated AEIS tutors will travel to your preferred location, and are flexible in accommodating to your desired date and time for the tuition lessons. 

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