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How to summarize articles without spending much time| best techniques to use

In today’s world, when everyone is in hurry to do his work in the given time frame while maintaining the quality of work, how someone can risk his job or client by submitting the article or work after the deadline passed?

In today’s world, it becomes unexpectable and can’t be tolerated by the company and client to his employee or worker showing laziness and unseriousness in his wok.

To meet the requirements, one can adopt the advancement in technology and start grooming his skills. So that he can’t get replaced by someone else.

Authors, writers, and bloggers are the most affected by this. As their field requires deep research and understanding of the topic.

After developing an understanding of the topic-related articles and summarizing these articles, they can write on their topic.

Summarizing research papers and article is not an easy task as it quires an amazing skill set and takes most of your time from the day.

Then how someone can write a summary of an article without spending so much time on it and what are the best techniques to follow to write a summary?

This article will provide the answers to these questions of yours.

Is writing an article summary an easy task to do?

No, it’s not an easy task to write an article summary without spending a lot of time on that.

Basic Learning of how to summarize an article in a correct way is a skill that a writer probably going to need to develop at one point during his education or at the workplace.

Writing a Summary plays an essential part in the learning process of how to understand the concept of what the author has written in the paper, and by summarizing the paper, you know what he said in the paper.

Writing a summary of an article means that a writer taking someone else’s written article and summarizing it in your own words.

It may be sound like an easy task to do but as said earlier it’s not.

Because when times come to sit and write a summary, it gets very hard to find a start or know what should you can do and from where you can start writing.

Creating a summary offer a lot more than just restating some arguments.

What is an article summary?

Before learning how to summarize an article, it is important to understand why you want to summarize it. Sometimes you need to highlight important information that will be used in your research later.

By the time you write this article later, you will already have the supporting arguments you can use and how to deal with the topic.

The ultimate goal of the article abstract is to condense the information read and improve the understanding of the material. This is an explanatory version of someone's work.

This type of homework has many different subjects and courses to complete, because it is a good way introduction on specific topics or seek expert opinions in the field.

Your supporting arguments can help you understand why you are dealing with this issue from the start. The article summary shows that you can read and interpret the information.

How well do you understand the author's point of view? If necessary, can you summarize your argument in a few sentences?

This is an important skill that you will carry with you throughout your college or university career and your future career.

Depending on your industry or position, you may need to know how to summarize an article later in your career.

For example, your company may ask you to read and summarize a case study or an article to show information in the meeting or shorten the article and extract important information from the project.

Best techniques to use write an article summary

To write an article summary without spending much time, here is the list of techniques you can use:

  • Use auto-summary generator tools
  • Write manually
  • Write abstract and read the article
  • Make helpful notes
  • Examine the sources

Summarizing tools

Online Summarizing tools summarize the article in no time. A writer can save his time by simply uploading the file in the box or copy-paste the URL.

The rest of the work will be done by these summary generator tools. These summarizing tools developed with an advanced algorithm that can understand the article’s core idea and write the summary according to the article’s theme.

They find the best lines and sentences use in the articles and then perform research through its database to find the articles related to this one.

After writing the summary, these tools will also highlight the key points and key lines.

Some of the summarizing tool allow the user to decide what percentage he wants to summarize and have features to make the final result in bullets which is easier to understand and a writer can save his time without going through the summary.

These tools mark the best lines for your understanding of the topic.


An effective summary must not only convey the source of the information but also briefly explain the relationship between these ideas and their meaning. 

To save time, you can use summarizing tools which are both effective and accurate to create a unique summary of the article.

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