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Ace the English language by using the right techniques

In Singapore, English is the most widely spoken language. It is one of the official languages here but people here have incorporated some Chinese and Malay words to make the language their own which is popularly known as Singlish. Also, today’s generation is widely exposed to the slangs being used all across the world thanks to the internet and social media.

Using these slangs becomes a necessity to look cool in front of friends and eventually, it becomes a part of their day to day conversation. While sending text messages as well there are a lot of shortcuts used to spell a word like for ‘you’ only ‘u’ is used. Using Singlish, slangs as well as incorrect spellings become a habit and easily integrate in the way we communicate in English. So when it comes to school or university exams we use the same version of English that we use on a day to day basis which results in our grades dropping. Not only in school, but we also need to master the English language to communicate well with the world outside Singapore.

Why is it important to master English?

English is a Global language. It is also the business language in a large number of countries as well as the language of education. To make yourself ready for the future and create many opportunities in the global market you need to ace the language so that you understand others as well as make sure you are heard. Be it any field science, computers, aviation, tourism or government jobs all require you to be proficient in English. It's best to focus and master the language while you are in school as research shows that learning a language in your early years can help you master it faster as well as you already have all the learning aids available with you while in school.  

As English is the language of education, in case you want to go overseas for higher education it is a must to have a good command over the English language. This will not only help you do better at your studies but also help you settle in faster in the new country. Every country has a local lingo with different words having different means in each region. It’s always better to use standard English to avoid confusion or disrespecting anyone.  

On the lighter side, mastering English would also give you access to a vast wealth of entertainment as most of the popular movies, TV shows, songs and books are in English. This would also help you understand different cultures better. Also, as half the content available on the internet is in English you would be able to access these pages of information easily. Sometimes a lot of key information is lost in translation so why rely on Google translation or subtitles anymore.

Why engaging an English tuition teacher a necessity?

Even though English is the sole medium of teaching in Singapore, a lot of students are struggling to get good grades in English. Both the students and parents don’t give it too much importance assuming it is an easy subject. In reality, English is a very peculiar language with a lot of grammatical rules and also hundreds of exceptions to those rules. One needs to practice to get a good command over the language. It's equally important to get the right guidance for English as well like we get for other subjects like mathematics and science.

Here are some of the reasons why you should engage a good English tutor

  1. English is also all about practice. An English tutor would help you practice what you have learned in school. A good tutor would also help you learn the general rules of the language to enhance your overall communication skills. To get a good command over the language one needs to practice speaking, reading, and writing which a tutor will make sure you do.
  2. To excel in other subjects as well one needs to have a good understanding of English. If you are unable to comprehend you won’t be able to do well in any of the other subjects be it mathematics, science or geography.
  3. If you have a good command over the English language, you could also participate in extracurricular activities like debates and quizzes. An English tuition teacher can help in this aspect as well as the tutors not only help students prepare for school exams but give them overall coaching of the language.

Techniques to Ace the language

We have listed some tried and tested techniques that are sure to help you ace the English language not only in school but also make you future-ready. 

Read books & magazines: One of the best ways to improve your vocabulary and grammar is to read as many books as possible outside of your course. Magazines are also a great way to improve your comprehension of the language and also keep yourself updated with the current affairs and opinions of different people.

Play word games: Playing word games is a fun way to learn new words and spellings. It could be both board games or on the internet or mobile. There are a plethora of games available these days in the market or on App stores that can help improve your English speaking, spelling, writing, comprehension, and grammar skills.

Think in English: Thinking in English will help you in your sentence formation and minimize grammatical errors. If you think in your native language and just translate it while speaking you are bound to make mistakes. If you adopt this practice you are sure to become fluent in English as you learn to think and speak at the same speed.

Improve your speaking skills: Make sure you speak in English more often with your peers, friends, and family. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes rather focus on correcting your mistakes.    

Being in Singapore which is vastly an English speaking country, we take English for granted and don’t make any extra efforts to master it as we are raised speaking the language. We don’t realize how important it is to improve our English language skills and avoid using the colloquial version of it. But it’s never too late; do follow our simple techniques to ace this wonderful language.

Getting help from experts is also a very good way to get a command over the language. They would give you individual attention, focus on your weaker areas at your pace and time. We have a team of experienced English tutors for primary school, secondary school, junior college for both local and international board and even for business level. Contact Tutor City today to discuss your requirements and know more about what we offer.


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