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Social Studies Tuition in Singapore

Are you searching for home tuition on Social Studies? Feeling loss and unsure of where to find a good and suitable humanities tutor in Singapore? You’ve come to the right portal! Tell us your requirement and Tutor City is able to assist you!

Tutor City has a vast database of Social Studies private tutors who are highly experienced and dedicated in teaching humanities subjects such as Social Studies, History and Geography. Be it IP, IB or O-levels and A-levels tuition for Social Studies and other humanities subjects, our tutors will make the subject interesting and help students to excel in all areas of study.

The importance of Social Studies

Social Studies is a mandatory subject in secondary levels. It is an important subject as it promotes civic competence. It includes the learning of the past and current events which allow us to establish better global understanding and be mindful of the world around us.

Social Studies allows students to have a strong understanding of social issues both in Singapore and on a global scale. Students are able to understand our culture and their rights as a citizen at a young age. It also imparts knowledge and instills interest to the students for them to do more to contribute back to the society.

Many of us have the wrong perception that Social Studies is less important than History or Geography. In fact, Social Studies carries the same weightage as the other humanities subjects. For O-level students, it is compulsory to take up other humanities subject such as Geography or History when taking O-levels examinations. Hence, it is essential to take all humanities subjects into consideration as this will affect the overall total score. As many of us disregard the importance of Social Studies, hence, it is crucial that students should pay equal attention to Social Studies.

Why choose Tutor City for Social Studies Home Tuition  

In order to obtain high score in Social Studies, students have to understand and be able to relate complicated concepts into day to day life’s examples. Tutor City has well qualified Social Studies private tutors who can impart knowledge and empower the students to become independent learners.

As compared to traditional classroom setting, our Social Studies private tutor will cover all key areas of social study, while bringing out key points, elaborate the details for student to understand better. The Social Studies private tutor will coach students with techniques to structure answers for long essay questions. This 1-to-1 teaching environment allows tutor to focus on students and be able to update students on important issues that are not found in textbooks. These supplementary lessons are highly relevant to the curriculum in school. All these advantages of having Social Studies private tuition broaden the students’ knowledge and will effectively improve their grades.

At Tutor City, our Social Studies tutors are able to accommodate to students’ preferred venue, date and time for the lessons. We are confident that students are more receptive and learn better in a stress-free and comfortable environment.

All in all, our Social Studies private tutor will instill good values in the students in order for them to gain more knowledge on leadership and cultural diversities.

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