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Tutor Categories

What are the different Tutor Categories?

Generally, there are 4 categories of home tutors in the Singapore market today:

1. Polytechnic/JC/Undergraduate student tutors

As they are termed, student tutors are students who are still pursuing their education and therefore are able to relate to the academic stress and conditions your child is facing now since they are undergoing or had undergone the latest curriculum in their respective schools.

Student tutors are most cost effective due to their lower charging rates and their schedule is very flexible as it depends on their own study timetable.

Typically, most are comfortable in giving primary school tution or secondary school tuition as they would have completed their education not too long ago.

2. Part-time Tutors

Part-time tutors have full-time jobs during normal working hours, hence they are mostly available for tuition on evening and weekends.
Part-time tutors are generally mature in age and will be able to share real-life working experience with the child. As part-time tutors have graduated and possess a certain level of tutoring experience, they command a slightly higher rate depending on the number of years they have been tutoring and the type of qualification.

3. Full-Time Tutors

Full-time tutors provide tuition as their main bread-and-butter job, thus full-time tutors are able to teach during office hours which part-timers normally can’t. The benefits which full-time tutors bring is the ability to identify weak areas faced by most children and provide the appropriate solutions.

Full-time tutors are normally very familiar with the current syllabus as they tutor the same topics multiple times to different students. Due to their unique characteristics, full-time tutors charge a slightly higher premium over student and part-time tutors.

Some are able to teach at higher levels such as A-level tuition and covering complex subjects such as GP tuition and Economics tuition.

4. Ex-Teacher/Current Teacher

Teachers or ex-teachers are the most sought-after tutors in the local market.

They have in-depth information about the changing trends of education in Singapore and some good teachers may even be able to spot potential questions that may appear in the exams.

Ex-teachers and current teachers have been trained by the National Institute of Education (NIE), therefore they have superior teaching and communication skills. Ex-teachers or current teachers command the highest rates (often over $50/per hour or higher), thus they may not be in the affordable budget range of most parents.

In summary, choosing the right category of tutor for child depends on your specific needs and of course, the budget which you are able to spend on home tuition.

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