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Maintaining a healthy relationship with your tutor

Maintaining a good and healthy relationship with your tutor goes a long way!

Many kids hates tuition in Singapore and the moment their tutor appears at their doors, they get that dreaded feeling that another 2 hours of torture is about to begin. This feeling will dampen his spirit and it is a de-motivating factor towards his studies, invariably leading to poorer grades. Thus, a healthy tutor-student relationship is critical to a fruitful and productive tuition lesson.

The question is – How?

1. Good communication is the first step. Both parties have to listen to each other and share their views openly about how to conduct the tuition, especially if its University tuition or JC tuition where the student is mature enough. E.g. if the lesson is too slow or fast, the student has to tell the tutor to moderate the pace of tuition. By communicating honestly, they will develop mutual respect to each other and hence this will allow the tutor to transfer his knowledge more effectively to the student.

Attentiveness – it is easy for the student to be distracted if the tuition is conducted after school and fatigue sets in. It is important to be attentive and listen to the tutor when he is explaining. The tutor has to understand and give a short break whenever he finds that the student appears to be dozing off. There is no point in persisting when the student is unable to absorb anymore.

Special requirements or topics – the student should inform the tutor if there are any particular topics or focus on during the lesson. This will avoid the tutor teaching something that the student already is familiar or outside the required texts. The tutor can also prepare adequately before the lesson and make the learning process more effective for the student.

If the student don’t understand, just say so! Some students are plain shy when it comes to saying that they don’t understand something for fear of reprisal or the tutor may comment “This is so simple how can you still not understand?! This should be prevented as it will not help the student at all if they don’t understand the solutions provided by the tutor. This is especially so in POA tuition or Physics tuition where there are many complex solutions and formulas.

5. Likewise, the tutor should be
cooperative and not say disparaging remarks when the student makes mistakes. The home tutor singapore should explain in different ways patiently to make the student understand. This will make the student more confident and encourage him to ask more questions and clear his doubts in a more effective manner.

Praises should always be given to the student whenever he performs well or answers a difficult question correctly.  This will definitely boost his self- confidence and motivates him to learn more challenging concepts.

In conclusion, building a healthy relationship with the tutor is important in making each lesson productive and enjoyable for the student. It is a two-way process: when the student likes the way the tuition is conducted, the relationship will be improved. With a good tutor relationship, the lesson is interesting and learning will always be highly effective.

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