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Best 30 International (IB) Schools in Singapore

It’s no secret that Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world. Regardless of which school you send your child to, you know that they will be receiving a well-rounded and high-quality education.

However, you also face the conundrum of having too many options. For one thing, do you send your child to a local or international school?

Although local students require permission to enrol in an international school, this is usually not a problem for returning Singaporeans. You may wish to take a look at these private education resources to help you come to a decision.

Even if you have decided that international school is the way to go, you still have a myriad of options to choose from. Some of the factors you may wish to take into consideration include:

  • Location: Early mornings can be difficult for everyone. By choosing a school near your place of residence, you can save a lot of valuable time in the morning.
  • Curriculum: What qualification do you want your child to walk away with at the end of their formal education journey? Whether that is an IB Diploma or something else, you will have to look closely into what the school offers.
  • Rankings and performance: Of course, you will want reassurance that you are sending your child to a school that consistently does and ranks well. Luckily, you can easily find this information online as rankings are released annually.
  • School fees: Another important consideration is the school fees, especially if you have more than one child. The good news is that sibling discounts are offered at some international schools, so be sure to check what your children are eligible for and make the most out of these savings!

Now that you have an idea of what to look out for and are ready to start the search for the perfect school, let us help you out with this list of top 30 international schools in Singapore!

  1. Tanglin Trust School

tanglin trust school

Level: Infant, Junior, Middle, Upper, Sixth Form

Curriculum: IB, A Levels
Price: Starts from $30,192/year
Location: one-north
If you need one good reason to enrol your child in Tanglin Trust School, how about the fact that they boast an average IB score of 41.3? And if that’s not a good enough reason, Tanglin Trust School holds the reputation of being the oldest international school to use the English National Curriculum in Southeast Asia. The school strongly believes in the uniqueness of each child and helping them reach their full potential as they grow through their academic journey. This creative yet purposeful approach ensures that students are well placed to grow into well-rounded individuals while building friendships that will last for life!

  1. Anglo-Chinese School Independent (ACSI)


Level: Secondary Express, Integrated Programme, Junior College

Curriculum: IB, A Levels
Price: Starts from $365/month
Location: Dover

ACS(I) is one of the better-known international schools in Singapore, especially since local students are free to enrol without restriction. Only boys are admitted at the primary level, although this is set to change in coming years. From the secondary level onwards, students have the option of enrolling in the Secondary Express programme that leads to O Levels, the Integrated Programme that leads to A Levels or the IB Diploma Programme. The school has a high track record of excellence, with students achieving an average IB score of 42.7 in 2021.

In addition, the school’s talent development programme means that students get to hone their skills in a variety of areas that suit their strengths and interests.

  1. United World College (UWC) Southeast Asia


Level: Preschool, Primary, Secondary
Curriculum: IGSCE, IB, UWCSEA concept-based curriculum
Price: Starts at $43,620/year
Location: Dover and Tampines

UWC has a total student population of approximately 5,600 across its two campuses. Both are welcoming communities that serve grades K-12, and with a diverse range of activities students can take part in, you can be sure your child will be celebrated for more than just their academic achievements. That said, UWC students scored an average of 38.5 in the IBDP in 2021. Students will receive the well-rounded education they need to contribute towards a peaceful and sustainable future, under the premise that education can make a positive change in the world.

  1. St. Joseph's Institution (SJI)


Level: Elementary, High School
Curriculum: O Level, IB
Price: Starts at $340/month
Location: Toa Payoh

SJI is the third oldest secondary school in Singapore and is a part of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. This exclusively boys’ school offers both a Secondary Express programme leading to O Levels as well as an IP track that culminates in the IB Diploma. With this in mind, parents will want to take note that SJI students managed to attain an average IB score of 42.1 in 2021! As a Catholic school, students are nurtured based on three main values: faith, service and community. A strong emphasis is placed on leadership development and character formation, ensuring that students turn out to be well-rounded individuals after their time at SJI.

  1.  Stamford American International School


Level: Preschool, Elementary, Secondary
Curriculum: IB, MYP, PYP
Price: Starts at $17,372/year
Location: Lorong Chuan

With programmes running from infant care all the way to high school, let SAIS be your child’s partner in education from the very start. With a balanced emphasis on academics and holistic development, students can benefit from a variety of programmes that include service learning, performing arts, music, digital learning and more.

Boarding is available for students who require it, and an onsite school café ensures that your child will always be well-fed and -nourished. Throughout 1st to 5th grades, parents have the flexibility to preorder meals for their children on the days it is required. If you wish to get more involved, you can always sign up to join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and help with organising events and activities!

  1. EtonHouse International School

eton house

Level: Preschool, Primary, Secondary
Curriculum: IGSCE, IB PYP, IB DP, ITL
Price: Starts at $14,106 per semester
Location: Islandwide

EtonHouse has a long history in Singapore as well as a strong presence around the world, with 120 international schools situated across 11 countries. The school approaches education on the premise that when students are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning, this leads to the better acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking skills as well as a higher level of engagement. In 2021, EtonHouse students achieved an average IB score of 32.0. Parents will also be pleased to know that the school runs an excellent bilingual programme, starting with the youngest students.

  1. Dulwich College (Singapore)


Level: Early Years, Junior School, Senior School
Curriculum: IBDP IGCSE
Price: Starts at $17,780/year
Location: Bukit Batok

At Dulwich College Singapore, it’s all about the students as they strive to acquire the skills they will need to succeed in an ever-changing world. With more than 400 years of heritage and excellence that can be traced back to the original Dulwich College, the school is proud to promote the value and ethos of British Independent schools, and students are given plenty of leadership opportunities throughout their academic journey. With school facilities that include rooftop gardens, three pools, two theatres, a sports science lab and more, students will be well placed to enjoy all that campus life has to offer.

Following their long tradition of excellence, Dulwich students managed to attain an average IB score of 38.9 in 2021.

  1.  Dover Court International School

dover court

Level: Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form
Curriculum: EYFS, IB, BTEC
Price: Starts at $23,601/year
Location: Dover

The strong track record of Dover Court International School speaks for itself, with 56% of its IB students scoring a minimum of 40 points in the past academic year, with a total average of 39.0. On top of that, all IB and BTEC students managed to secure a pass. Besides academics, the focus is on nurturing students in aspects that will make them successful global citizens, and this includes a Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme that will allow your child to take full advantage of the opportunities available to them.

  1.  Australian International School


Level: Infant Care, Early Years, Elementary, Secondary
Curriculum: Australian NSW, IBDP, PYP, Reggio Emilia
Price: Starts at $1,846  including GST/month
Location: Lorong Chuan

With an average IB score of 36.24, Australian International School is an attractive choice for many parents and students in Singapore. With more than 50 nationalities represented in its student body, students are able to thrive in the multicultural environment which is guided by the Australian values the school holds on to. As an accredited and internationally recognised school, students can choose between matriculating for the IB DP or the Australian NSW Higher School Certificate when they start with their Senior Curriculum at Year 11.

  1.  Canadian International School (CIS)


Level: Nursery, Preschool, Primary, Secondary
Curriculum: IBDP, IBMYP, IBPYP
Price: Starts at $18,370/year
Location: Lakeside, Tanjong Katong

As an authorised IB world school, CIS students start with the IB PYP from pre-kindergarten before moving on to the MYP, where they will start preparing to take on the Diploma Programme eventually. With state-of-the-art classrooms and a range of other learning spaces that include an outdoor discovery centre, science labs and community spaces, you can expect your child’s learning to be enhanced in all aspects. The school also offers two bilingual programmes: French-English and Chinese-English. In 2021, CIS students attained an average IB score of 37.0.

  1.  Chatsworth International School


Level: Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary
Curriculum: IBDP, IBMYP, IBPYP
Price: Starts at $25,298.30/year
Location: Bukit Timah

With an average IB score of 38.0 in 2021, Chatsworth International School is another great option to consider. A number of languages are offered at the school, including French, Chinese and Japanese. Beyond academics, students can choose from more than 40 CCAs to take part in, ranging from performing arts to recreational sports. Secondary school students will benefit from a Curriculum Enhancement Week each year, where they will get to take part in camps and residential trips to rural areas, hostels or hotels.

  1.  One World International School


Level: Preschool, Primary, Secondary

Curriculum: IB DP, IB PYP, Cambridge GCSE
Price: Starts at $19,881/year
Location: Nanyang and Suntec

In 2021, IBDP students from One World International School (OWIS) attained an average of 34.0. With two campuses across the island, a third campus is set to be opened in August 2023, which will take students from kindergarten to Grade 8. OWIS believes that kindness is the most important value it can inculcate in its students amidst all the academic skills they will acquire, and cultural diversity is always respected in the classroom. The benefits include exposing students to different backgrounds from a young age, which will mold them into responsible global citizens as adults.

  1.  German European School Singapore


Level: Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, High School

Curriculum: German, English IB
Price: Starts at $25,400/year
Location: Bukit Timah

One unique aspect of GESS is that they offer the Junior Engineer Academy programme for students in Grades 8 and 9. Students who wish to gain exposure to the engineering sector can benefit through collaboration with industry experts and universities. In addition, the school is focused on providing students with a holistic education, and students can take part in a range of holiday camps and after-school programmes. This includes language enrichment as well as a variety of sports and non-sports CCAs! IB students from GESS achieved an average score of 35.3 in 2021.

  1.  ISS International School (Singapore)


Level: Preschool, Primary School, High School
Curriculum: IBDP, IBMYP, IBPYP
Price: Starts at $27,029/year
Location: Alexandra

The International School of Singapore was founded in 1981 and has a student population representing more than 40 nationalities today. All students can find reassurance in the fact that they will be included and valued, as the school operates on the premise of diversity and the uniqueness of each individual. ISS Discovery School offers a variety of camps students can take part in to enhance and enrich their lives, including programmes for mindful journaling, inline skating and more. In 2021, ISS IB students attained an average score of 35.0.

  1.  XCL American Academy (XAA)


Level: Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School
Curriculum: AP, US High School Diploma, IBMYP, IBDP
Price: Starts at $10,357 per semester
Location: Yishun and Seletar

At XCL American Academy (XAA), students can benefit from a variety of programmes, including the Enhanced Mandarin Programme and the Pioneer Spirit Programme. After Middle School, students from XAA can transition to XCL World Academy for high school, with no entrance fees required. Depending on each student’s individual goals, they can then choose from one of numerous pathways, be it the IBDP or to continue with the American curriculum to eventually attain a High School Diploma. With an average IB score of 36.0 in July 2021, XAA students have a record of doing well.

  1. Singapore American School


Level: Nursery, Preschool, Elementary School, High School, Middle School
Curriculum: American AP
Price: Starts at $35,120/year
Location: Woodlands

Recognised as a world leader in education, SAS offers American AP programmes that will provide students with opportunities to further their studies after graduation. Besides that, High School students also get the chance to go on learning trips during Interim Semesters, whether that is within Singapore or to other nations. With a requirement to complete at least one Interim course in service learning to graduate, parents can be sure that their children will get a chance to see the world and develop compassion and understanding.

  1.  International French School Singapore


Level: Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School

Curriculum: IB DP, IB CP
Price: Starts at $10,960/year

Location: Serangoon

All students are welcome at IFS, including non-native French speakers. English speakers will have the opportunity to continue with their linguistic progression while taking part in programmes to support the learning of French. The focus is on a multilingual education, with after-hours support provided as necessary. Beyond academics, students get to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities to suit their interests, whether that is in modern dance, basketball, karate, engineering or more.

  1. The GUILD International College


Level: Middle School and High School
Curriculum: Australian Victorian F-10 Curriculum, Non-Academic Certificate
Price: Starts at $23,760
Location: Tanglin

At GUILD International College, the emphasis is on preparing students for independent living by equipping them with a variety of skills they will need. Hands-on programmes students can take part in include hospitality and service, design and technology, and many more. Class sizes are kept small to enhance learning, ensuring that each student can receive individualised attention. Life coaching services are also provided for students who are struggling with mental health conditions, ensuring that they are well positioned to reach their fullest potential.

  1.  Overseas Family School


Level: Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School
Price: Starts at $16,250/semester for elementary school
Location: Pasir Ris

IB students from Overseas Family School attained a pass rate of 97.91% in 2022, with an average score of 36.82. Besides its strong academic record, there are many other reasons you should consider enrolling your child here. Students get to participate in talent development programmes that include math coding, chess and Model United Nations. On top of that, a variety of enrichment programmes ensure that school life is never boring: from aerospace workshops to classes in jazz and hiphop, students will get plenty of opportunities to discover new interests and develop new skills!

  1.  International Community School


Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School
Curriculum: High School Diploma
Price: Starts at $25,492.50/year
Location: West Coast

International Community School follows the American curriculum, with many students offering Honors and AP subjects. At the end of their academic journeys, students will graduate with a High School Diploma. A comprehensive range of amenities and activities ensures that student life never gets boring – this includes a well-stocked library and research lab, various ECAs to choose from and an athletics programme.

  1. Invictus International School


Level: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary
Curriculum: IPC, IMYC, IGCSE, Cambridge A-Levels
Price: Starts at $20,682/year
Location: Dempsey Hill and Farrer Park

At Invictus International School, the focus is on providing each student with a quality education that will nurture them into lifelong learners. Their campus on Dempsey Hill situates students within tranquil natural surroundings, allowing them to relax and focus fully on their learning. Outdoor facilities include an onsite playground and playing fields, where students can engage in physical activity and build meaningful bonds with their peers.

  1.  Global Indian International School

global indian

Level: Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School, High School
Price: Starts at $4,561.92/year
Location: Punggol and East Coast

Global Indian International School accepts students from Kindergarten all the way to Grade 12, and students have the flexibility to choose an academic path that suits them as they progress over the years. The school fuses Western and Eastern approaches in their 9GEMS holistic education model, which aims to help students achieve aspects in nine key aspects: academic, personality, skills, universal values and ethics, sports, innovation and creativity, entrepreneurship & leadership, visual and performing arts as well as community and care.

  1.  Nexus International School (Singapore)


Level: Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary
Curriculum: IB PYP, MYP, IGCSE, IB DP
Price: Starts at $22,003/year
Location: Aljunied

Nexus International School works on the guiding principles of inclusion, innovation, mindsets and relationships. Students are taught and encouraged to see things from a global perspective, which will prepare them to take up the positions in society they will need to occupy in later life. A range of onsite facilities, from an Olympic-sized pool to a design and technology room, means that students can easily be supported to develop their interests in a variety of areas. 

  1.  Brighton College (Singapore)


Level: Pre-Nursery, Preschool, Primary
Curriculum: EYFS, UK
Price: Starts at $22,600/year
Location: Lorong Chuan

Brighton College utilises the British school curriculum up till primary school. The focus is on nurturing a culture of kindness, where children can grow up confident in their abilities to navigate the world around them. The school aims to provide children with an exceptional foundation for learning, which will put them in a good position to change the world in the future. When students graduate from Brighton College, they would have received the best preparation to move on to Secondary School and beyond.

  1. The Winstedt School


Level: Early Years, Junior School, Middle School, Senior School
Curriculum: IPC, IMYC, IGCSE
Price: Starts at $36,448/year
Location: Boon Keng

Parents who are looking for a bespoke and inclusive education for their child will find The Winstedt School a perfect choice. Multi-sensory learning is incorporated in the classroom, with multi-age groupings to ensure that each student is able to learn and the style and pace that suits their needs. In addition, integrated therapy sessions allow the individual needs of each student to be met, with teachers customising strategies that will work to support learning. Students are accessed through a combination of summative and formative assessments, allowing them to receive regular feedback throughout their academic journey.

  1.  The Grange Institution


Level: Primary
Curriculum: IPC
Price: Starts at $20,700/year
Location: Yio Chu Kang

From their Yio Chu Kang campus, students at The Grange Institution can take full advantage of the outdoor environment to enhance their learning experiences. Teachers are experienced and knowledgeable in fostering a dynamic environment where students can thrive and develop the confidence they will need to grow into productive members of society. By the end of their time at The Grange Institution, students will walk away with the following eight core competencies: active citizenship, construction & design, original ideas, service leadership, recognising issues, entrepreneurial spirit, respecting the environment as well as teamwork & partnerships.

  1.  HWA International School


Type: Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, High School
Curriculum: IBPYP, IBMYP, IBDP
Price: Starts at $20,400/year
Location: Marina Bay

HWA International School combines the traditions of Chinese culture with the shared values and ideals that come with having a diverse student body. First established in 2006 as a Chinese international school, today HWA has an emphasis on bilingual education which starts from kindergarten. As students progress through the years, their linguistic skills are increasingly nurtured to help them become confident communicators in both English and Chinese. As all teachers at HWA are trained and qualified in the IB programme, parents can rest assured that their children will be receiving the highest quality education at all times.

  1.  The Perse School Singapore


Level: Primary, Secondary
Curriculum: Cambridge Secondary Programme
Price: Starts at $25,000/year
Location: Bukit Timah

The Perse School aims to provide a well-rounded education that’s rich in perspective for its students. Year 7 to 9 students will follow the Cambridge Secondary Programme, where they will develop their interest in specific subjects while taking part in a range of extra-curricular activities. The subject combinations students can choose from are diverse, allowing them to customise an academic pathway they are happy with and can see a future in. Beyond the classroom, students will have plenty of opportunities to engage in outdoor education, including 16 swimming lessons per year at nearby Temasek Club.

  1.  North London Collegiate School

north london collegiate

Level: Junior School, Senior School, Sixth Form
Curriculum: IBDP
Price: Starts at $32,476/year
Location: Telok Blangah

Belonging to the NLCS Family of Schools, North London Collegiate School (Singapore) aims to provide a top-notch education for its students. With campuses in the UK, Dubai and Jeju, close links are maintained between the campuses through student and staff exchanges. When students enter the final phase of their education in Sixth Form, they will be prepared to take on the IBDP. Throughout this journey, each student will be seen and treated as an individual, with the freedom to forge an academic pathway they are interested in. The teaching ratio for Grades 11 and 12 (Sixth Form) stands at 1:14, ensuring that students will be able to receive more individualised attention.

  1.  Sir Manasseh Meyer International School

sir manasseh meyer

Type: Preschool, Primary, Secondary
Curriculum: IPC, IMYC, ISA, Cambridge IGCSE
Price: Starts at $16,685 per year
Location: Sembawang

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS) is a Modern Orthodox Jewish Day school that welcomes students of any faith. Throughout the year, many formal and informal activities are organised around important dates in the Jewish calendar, including Matza Bakery, Pesach Seder and Channukah. Students can attend Jewish Education lessons in either Hebrew or English, with the option to take on Hebrew as a modern foreign language. Students will also get the chance to develop their interests in multiple areas, including music & drama, art, engineering, digital & design, and more.

Choosing the Right International School is Only the First Step

Now, you have taken the first step and chosen an international school you would like to enroll your child in. Whether your child is starting from kindergarten or enrolling straight into secondary school, you can be sure that this is only the first step of their academic journey. With that said, there are many benefits to be reaped from an international school education, including:

  • A multilingual education: Many international schools offer the option to take up a second language, whether that is Mandarin, French, German or Hebrew.
  • Accredited curriculum: At the end of their academic journey, students will work away with an internationally recognised qualification. This will put them in great stead to apply to universities and colleges across a wide range of countries.
  • Opportunities that go beyond the classroom: As a parent, you will recognise that your child’s development extends far beyond academics. International schools provide many opportunities for students to take part in community outreach programmes, outdoor activities and even residential trips over the years. Throughout the year, students can develop their interests by participating in CCAs of their choice.
  • Global perspective and international connection: As students prepare to enter the real world and become responsible global citizens, they will find the many perspectives they have glimpsed in international school become highly relevant. As most international schools have a diverse student body represented by a range of nationalities, students will get the chance to forge friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.

Despite the many benefits offered by international school, it’s inevitable that students may encounter some roadblocks along the way, especially when they start preparing to take on the IB examinations. Here is where IB tuition will come in highly useful. Regardless of whether your child requires help with Maths, English or even French, finding a suitable tutor has never been easier with Tutor City.

Engaging Tuition to Achieve Dreams of Higher Education

No matter which international school you send your child to, your goal would be for them to continue with higher education upon graduation. Whether they choose to do that in a local university or apply to some of the top ones in Australia, the UK, USA or any other country, doing well at the final hurdle is a must. They may even have a university or course in mind that they are working towards, but they will need to obtain the corresponding grades in order to be admitted.

A qualified and experienced tutor can help to prepare students for their final examination, ensuring that students stay on track while having all their questions and doubts answered. Tutor City can help to match you with a tutor that ticks all your child’s boxes, regardless of the grade they are in and their subject(s) of weakness.

If you are unsure how it works, be sure to check out our FAQ and get in touch with any questions you may have – we are happy to answer and put you in touch with a qualified tutor within a short turnaround time!

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