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6 Reasons Why Tuition Is Necessary In Singapore

Is Tuition Necessary In Singapore?

In a study conducted by the National University of Singapore - Tuition has ballooned to an S$1.4b industry in Singapore. Should we be concerned?tuition spending increased to S$1.4 billion dollars in 2017/18.

Yes, its a BILLION dollars folks, not millions!

This amount consist of fees paid to tuition centres, private tutors and enrichment centres. Why are we spending so much? And is tuition really needed?

Is A Tutor Necessary? Yes

Here are 6 reasons why tuition is necessary in Singapore

1. A tutor can share certain knowledge or techniques that may not be taught in sufficient details during normal school hours. The tutor can also answer questions which your child may be too embarrassed to ask in school.

2. A tutor can identify the weak areas of each student and focus on teaching these specific areas which a school teacher is unable to do due to the high student-teacher ratio.

3. A tutor can impart street smart methodologies to tackle exam questions, identify topics to focus on and tips on how to remember certain formulas.

4. The main advantage of home tuition is the one-to-one attention. With one-to-one tutor to student ratio, the tutor will pay specific attention on your child’s weak areas and apply the appropriate teaching methods or solutions.

5 Getting a home tutor would mean less travelling time as the tuition is conducted at the student’s home. The time spent travelling could be better invested in studying a bit longer, preparing for lessons or resting after a long day at school.

6. Home tuition schedule is also more flexible and easier to customise as compared to a tuition centre which have fixed timetables.

How can tuition improve my child's grades?

In order for the tuition to be most effective, it is important to set goals that are realistic which the child is willing and able to achieve. Do not expect your child to achieve As when he or she is currently failing the subject. Set a target, for example, improve the grades from a D to a B or C.

Do not expect miracles to happen overnight. Give the tutor and student 1-2 months before expecting to see any significant results.
With constant monitoring of your child’s progress and setting of realistic targets, the return on investment in your child’s tuition can be maximised to the fullest.

This decision ultimately affects your child's future educational path and prospects to a better career. Home tutors can bring many kinds of benefits that are not obvious enough.

How can I find a good tutor?

Seeking the help of tuition agencies is one way to find a good tutor. This is where Tutor City can assist you to find the most suitable tutor for your child.

The commission of the tutor matching is taken from the tutor's first month tuition fees, therefore this tutor matching service comes at virtually no cost to the you at all.

Here’s what we do: take down the child education requirements needs, share with you the tuition rates based on your budget, provide advice on the number of sessions and length of session required, which in turn depends on the number of subjects to be tutored upon.

Generally, a 2 hrs weekly session is necessary if your child requires tutoring in one or two subjects (toggle 2 subjects for each session). Any increase in subjects will probably a tutoring schedule of 2 sessions a week at either 1.5 or 2 hours per session.

Once we have your requirements, we will then contact the short-listed tutors in our database list to see whether the tutor is interested in taking up your tutoring assignment. It can take up to an hour to a few days to confirm on your assignment, depending on the complexity of your requirements. A primary school English tutor is much easier to find compared to a JC level Mathematics tutor.

We do encourage our tutors to upload their certificates when they register for tuition assignments for parents to view and tutors would have to bring their original certificates on the first day of lesson. This is to verify their credentials and educational background before they provide the tuition.

Are you ready to get a private tutor for your child? Fill in the online form now!

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