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3 Ways to Improve Your Child's Grammar

Improving your child's grammar with these 3 quick fixes!

Grammar is an integral part of any language. Many parents strive to ensure that their children learn grammar quite well so that they can communicate well as they grow up. Furthermore, your child needs to be able to understand simple instructions and without proper grammar, he may end up doing almost the opposite of what you tell him or her. There is an even higher chance that he will have problems making friends because other children are bound to laugh at him if his or her English is full of grammatical errors.

However, if your child has difficulties with this part of the language, there is a lot of hope for you. Below are effective ways that you can help your child improve his or her grammar:

1. Invest in More Grammar Books
To improve your child’s grammar, you also need to buy him or her enough grammar books. Remember, it is not just buying but ensure that he or she reads these books. You can even come up with a reading timetable for the kid so that he or she knows what to read at what time. These books with the help of a tutor in Singapore can help you child master not only grammar but other aspects of the English language.

2. Play Word Games
Word games introduce your child to new vocabulary that is essential in his mastery of the language. However, as much as you want the child to learn from these games, make them fun and interesting rather than laborious. Otherwise, he or she may not be able to learn much. Grammar quizzes not only make some of the best games for your child to learn grammar but they also teach what skills word games can develop.

3. Hire an English Tutor
You can help your child by getting an English tutor to help him or her catch up. Tutors have been known to turn around even the most difficult of students. A home tutor will help your child learn a lot more than what a classroom teacher offers. These professionals are trained to guide the child master the language right from the basics. Furthermore, English tuition is very effective at this since the child is getting private lessons and will certainly ask the tutor anything he or she may have been afraid to ask in a normal classroom setting. When he/she reaches JC, GP tuition might be a necessity if there is no strong foundation in English langauge.


Getting your child to work on grammar is not that difficult. As long as you have provided a favourable learning atmosphere at home and also enlist the services of a home tutor, then you should expect to see a lot of changes quite soon. Doing this for your child is one of the greatest gifts you can give him or her. This is because, he or she will grow up full of confidence because he can speak before anyone without fear of being ridiculed or laughed at because of poor grammar

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