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Why is CCA (co-curricular activities) important in Singapore schools?

Why is CCA (co-curricular activities) important in Singapore schools?

In Singapore, co-curricular activities are offered at every stage of every student’s schooling life, from primary school up to university. These activities vary widely although there are som...

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The Truth About University Life Unveiled

There are some simple truths about university life that every student knows and wishes they had known before they stepped foot in the university. ...

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What Every Secondary School Student Will Reminisce From Days Go

They say you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. When I look back at my secondary school days, I’m surprised to find...

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Best Books To Read

We explore the best books to read at least once before you die! Looking for something interesting to read? We’ve compiled a list of more ...

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Tuition Scene in Singapore

The tuition scene in Singapore has changed greatly since the 90s In Singapore, having tuition is part and parcel of almost every student’s ...

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