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The Best 10 Educational Toys For Primary Students

While childhood is a magical time for all the kids, it also the time when your kids start learning about the new things in their lives. They learn about the world and their surroundings. This is why you should try to help them in this learning phase as much as possible. But, while trying to help your child in learning new things, you should not cram their little heads with too much information.

They are too young for it and hence will not be able to process all this information. You need to make this process as much fun as you can. There is no better way to do it than indulging them in playful activities. These playful activities will help them in learning new things as well.


Did you know that learning through play is an extremely important part of your child’s development?

This is why you should make sure that your child spends as much time playing as doing other activities. It will help them in learning new things which otherwise they would have learned at a much later stage in their life.

So, how to incorporate learning in the playtime of your child?

One of the easiest ways that you can do it by introducing your child to the educational toys that are available out there. The use of these educational toys will help your child learn many different skills that they will be needing later in their life.

It will develop their problem-solving skills and can also teach them about conflict resolution. Besides, when they will play with these toys, they will also learn about sharing and helping others. This is why you need to get your child some of the educational toys available out there.

Looking for ideas on which educational toys to get your child? Well, look no further.

We have listed the best 10 educational toys for primary level students below. Let’s check them out.

  1. Robot Kit

Want to keep your child engrossed in something challenging? Well, a robot kit is one of the best options that you have got. A robot kit is much more advance than a regular electronic kit. If your child is interested in science, a robot kit is the best toy that you can get them. It is an extremely unique toy that you can get your child which will keep him busy for hours.

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They will end up assembling microbots and vehicles with this robot kit which is a good way for them to spend their time. A robot kit can have many complexities that will challenge the mind of your child and develop their interest in robotics as well.

  1. Puzzles

Puzzles play an extremely important role in the early development of your child. This is why getting some sets of puzzles for your child is always a good idea. You can start with simple puzzles that are outlines of shapes and then move to some complex real-world objects which require more consideration and attention in solving them.

Once your child has mastered these two kinds of puzzles, then you can move to jigsaw puzzles that have different levels of complexity. These jigsaw puzzles would require more attention from your child. Thus, playing with puzzles would improve the attention level of your child and help them in solving complex problems in a shorter time span. You can buy puzzle toys at ToyTag online shop.

  1. Science Kit

If you notice your kid getting absorbed in science-related cartoons and TV programs, then there is a possibility that your child is interested in this field and would want to pursue a career in science later. So, to help them decide, you need to get them a science kit to play with.

There are many toys in a basic science kit that you cannot get from anywhere else. These toys include measuring scoops, test tubes, pipettes, and some plastic cups as well. All the materials in a science kit are completely non-toxic and hygienic. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child.

  1. Doctor Kit

Do you spot your child playing doctor often? Well, it indicates that there is a budding doctor in your house. So, if you want to keep up the interest of your child in being a doctor, you can get them a doctor’s kit. Apart from keeping up their interest in being a doctor, it will help them in learning other important things in life as well.

They will learn empathy, creativity, and imagination which are extremely crucial for your child’s development.  When your kids will experience the joy of treating someone for their illness, it will motivate them more to help others. So, if you want to develop these habits in your child, getting them a doctor’s kit is the best way to do so.

  1. Building Blocks

Want your child to think more creatively and innovatively? Then you need to get a set of building blocks for your child. There are many types of building blocks available in the market that you can get for your child. No matter what the age of your child is, you will find the right set which would fit your child’s age.

So, get a set of building blocks which is suitable for your child as it can play a crucial role in the development of your kid. If your child is young, you can get a set of simple building blocks which they can use to create shapes and design. If your child is a bit older, you can get them some advanced and complex set of building blocks as well. Buy a set of Building Blocks toy here at Pupsik Studio.

  1. A Laptop Toy

Is your child fascinated by laptops and mobile phones as well? Every kid these days is a fan of laptops and mobiles. While the excess use of these laptops and mobiles can prove to be harmful to your kid, you can use it to develop your child’s thinking capacity as well.

Want to know how? Well, you can get your child a laptop toy.

This laptop is a great way to introduce your child to the latest technology that is taking over the world by storm. Along with that, the laptop toy will help your child in learning many basic things such as spellings, identifying animals, numbers, and shapes. Playing with it will keep them busy throughout the day as well.

In future, you will of course, have to learn how to use parental control apps to monitor your child's online usage.

  1. Electric Kit

Is your child curious about household equipment such as a fridge, television, microwave, or washing machine? Then there is a high chance that there is a young engineer at your house. This is why you should keep up their interest in these appliances. The best way to do it is by getting them an electric kit.

These electric kits are equipped with all the basic electrical equipment which includes switches, wires, and speakers. Many electric kits let your child build an electric circuit as well. these kits come with all the instructions that will help your child in learning how to follow instructions as well. So, do not think much and get an electric kit for your little engineer.

  1. Remote Control Cars

While most people think that a remote car is not an educational toy, they are somewhat wrong. A remote control stunt car can help in many aspects of the development phase of your child. A remote control car can help in improving the coordination between their eyes and hands muscles. Visit Toys R Us website to see a huge list of remote control cars on sale!

When they play with these remote control cars, they imagine different scenarios in their heads. Thus, in a way, these cars also improve their imagination and creativity. Additionally, your child becomes more aware of their surrounding environment when they are playing with a remote control car. In a way, it makes them more intelligent as well.

  1. Car Construction Toys

Car construction toys are one of the best educational toys set for your little mechanics and engineers. They will be extremely excited to get their hands on this car construction toy set.

Get them a car construction toy set and they will spend hours trying to build their dream car. The car construction toy set comes with a power drill and a manual drill which makes sounds too. This will give the impression to your kids that they are actually working in a workshop.

  1. Traffic Jam Logic Game

This one is a classic educational toy for your kids and for a reason and you can buy it here. It is a logic game that requires your child to get the car out of the traffic. There are many hurdles involved which will increase the thinking capacity of your child and will make them more intelligent. This is why it is known as a classic game.


So, if you want to help your child in their development phase with ways apart from getting private tutors, you need to get them an educational toy. The importance of an educational toy in today’s age cannot be neglected.

It will increase their imagination and will also teach them how to tackle different problems in life. This is going to come in handy to them in later life.


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