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How A Personality Test Can Help You Choose A Job

There is an abundance of jobs and careers that you can choose from. There are so many of them that sometimes it can get confusing to pick only one. Everyone emphasizes on choosing a career that you’re passionate about. However, you can be passionate about more than one career paths, but not compatible enough for half of them.

How do you determine what career will be compatible for you?

Personality tests can help with professional decision making in this regard. The first step towards knowing what your ideal career choice should be, is to assess your own self. An assessment of your personality can reveal a lot about what kind of person you are.

Plus, it would also answer where you would fit best. Here are some points on how a personality test can help you choose a job.

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They Can Help You Understand Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Each job requires certain skills that the candidate must be proficient in. Therefore, a personality test can help you identify those skills. Even if you don’t possess those skills, it can determine your tendency for those skills. A personality test begins by asking you relevant questions on how you would likely react under certain situations. If not, your inclination towards particular character traits is also measured.

By the end of the test, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you understand your comfort zone and when you can be at your best performance. When you are aware of your strengths, you can look for jobs that require those strengths. Job descriptions become clearer to you.

In the instance where you are an extrovert, you may find your strength to be socializing. This can be a great skill to possess when applying to customer representative positions. Similar options could be corporate relations or PR management. You can also consider teaching in schools or private tuition jobs. All these career options include opportunities to socialize and work best when people are comfortable with networking extensively with ease.

In an alternative scenario, if you’re an introvert you may find that socializing is not your strong suit. This can be a potential weakness. When you’re looking at job descriptions, points that would require you to be in public cases would mean incompatibility. There are always exceptions, but it will help you realize where your strength lies.

If you have an imaginative personality, an artistic career would fit better. If you tend to be logical, positions for accountancy or engineering will be perfect. If you’re curious, fields that require research and exploration would be your go-to.

Your strengths and weaknesses can lead you to finding a job that you’ll be good at. This would allow you to make exponential progress in your career.


They Can Determine Your Values And Principles

Apart from choosing a job that fits your strengths, there are other factors of a job that you should consider. Work environment can deeply affect how you perform and feel at your job. In case of a toxic corporate culture, your mental health can also be deeply impacted along with your performance. A personality test can determine your values and principles. This can help you when making a choice for your job.

If you value honesty, you will find it difficult to be at a job that often has a culture of telling white lies. This can be a great setback for you and may cause guilt to build up. Similarly, if you value modesty, a job where people boast about their achievements might not be for you. It will require you to do the same for your achievements in order to get promoted. That will not be an ideal situation for you.

Therefore, taking a personality test can help you identify what your values are. When looking for jobs or career paths, you can start by looking who values the same things you value. While every value might not align with some companies, you will find a compatible match. It helps you do your job with a guilt-free conscience.

Check out some popular job portals like Jobstreet and Jobscentral to view job listings in Singapore


They Can Help You Identify How You Will Work Best

Other than identifying your strengths and weaknesses, a personality test can also assess how you work best. There are certain situations that can act as a stimulator for a lot of people. These stimulators can motivate you to put out your best work. There are some people who work better under pressure, while there are others who need relaxed deadlines. Some people might require a distraction free zone, while others won’t mind chit-chatting in between work.

An understanding of your own self can help you decide your best job. An analysis of the kind of work environment found for certain jobs will help you better judge your own opportunities. A stock trader or a broker is required to make quick decisions. They have to be strategic. Therefore, if you can work under deadlines that last for seconds, jobs similar to these would work.

If you require creative space to plan out your next move, a marketing team would be better to join. It’s filled with ideas and motivators. Personality tests can enlighten you on figuring out the most important parts of your personality that work best for careers. If you use this analysis to your advantage, it can help improve your job choice.


When To Take A Personality Test For A Job

There is no right time to take a personality test. Every time is the right time to get to know yourself better. However, there are some life-altering moments were such an assessment could help you.

One of the best times to take a personality test is early on, when you graduate from secondary school. It will help you pick out co-curriculars in Junior College, polytechnics or university that will help in a career choice later on. It is also the best time to try out new things without significant consequences.

Later, you can take your personality tests when you are ready to enter the job market. This will help you assess all your skills and achievements. It will help you pick out and apply to jobs that value you and need you. Picking a job should benefit the company and you. There is no choice between the two. It will get you started on a career path from the beginning where you can navigate your way up the ladder.

However, most people find well into their jobs that they do not fit where they are. If you have undergone a life-altering incident, you might have major shifts in your personality. A job switch might be what you need.

If you’re looking for a career change, a personality test will get you back on track. You will be able to understand your identity and your values better. This can make the career switch easier. Additionally, it is a great way to prepare for basic interview questions as well. Skillsfuture has a Mid-Career Support Package to help locals remain employable and access good jobs.

Now that you know the advantages of taking a personality test to choose a job, you must pick a test. Not all personality tests are accurate, and some of them are mere scams. There are a few legit personality tests that are backed by credible research. There are only a few of those, however there is one test that outruns the rest.


The Best Personality Test That Will Help You To Choose A Job

The best personality test that will help you pick out a job is the MBTI personality tests. MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This is backed by research done by Carl Jung who was greatly influenced by Sigmund Freud. However, the test was actually designed by Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Myers who were motivated by Jung’s theory.

This test divides people into 16 major types according to the results of their test. The test results are based on 4 characteristics on extreme scales. Once you answer the test questions, you will be categorized into one of the extreme choices for the 4 traits. The combination of these will determine your personality. The traits are as follows:

  1. Extraversion or Introversion – The questions will determine if you’re an extrovert or an introvert. These traits can help you discover the kind of social situations you can thrive in.
  2. Intuitive or Sensing – People who are intuitive tend to go with their gut a lot of times. Therefore, if a job does not require strategic thinking, you are good to go. In case of a sensing personality, jobs which require observation and analysis would be the best fit for you.
  3. Thinking or Feeling – This determines if you make decisions based on how you feel or how you think. This is a great factor in choosing between a job.
  4. Judging or Perceiving – Judging would indicate how rarely you can take other perspectives, while perceiving can be linked to a more curious nature.


These personality traits can best decide how you can fit into a job. Job descriptions often outline what they look for in a candidate and what their job entails. A personality test can determine if you fit and help you make the right choice.


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