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Homeschooling Guide: All You Need to Know About Homeschooling Your Child

Homeschooling is a teaching and learning activity that is done mainly from home.

There are many reasons why parents opt for their children to participate in homeschooling, such as due to busy activities, health problems, and parents who often change cities due to work. Though many still think this is not a preferred education system, actually this education system is legal in most countries.

Homeschooling is reported as one of the most effective ways to educate children nowadays. The homeschooling movement itself began in the 1980s by Catholic families who wanted to emphasize religious education to their children - but now it has become a mainstream way of educating children around the world. 

Along with the growth of digital technology, parents who use the homeschooling method - now have wider access to online education sources, there are also lots of extracurricular activities outside school that the children can enroll in.

Do you still need more reasons why homeschooling is worth considering?

Here are the key benefits why homeschooling can be a great option for your children!

1. Personalized Learning

The basic principle of homeschooling is to provide personal learning methods at the speed, style, and method that is most suitable for each child. This method is also called "personalized learning" which is a favorite for well-known people such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg because it focuses on technology as the best way to learn for children.

With your help or if you’re planning to hire a tutor, your children can get personalized learning that is arranged according to their needs.

2. Socialize Through Social Media 

The perception that homeschooling children will grow up without a social life is not entirely true nowadays. With the advancement of technology today, homeschooling children have the same social opportunity to interact and make friends through social media or another socializing platform.

3. Free from Social Pressure or Bullying

It's no secret that bullying can cause depression, anxiety, academic setbacks, and even fear of being in school. Especially if your children have experienced this kind of pressure before, they might feel deep trauma to continue being in school - thus choosing to homeschool your children can be the best option.

4. Long Term Achievement

In the long term, homeschooling children are also proven to have a higher level of success in standard evaluation, be better able to survive in the college environment, and be more successful in high school academically. This is due to more personalized learning, and being able to study based on their interest.


What Are the Secrets to a Homeschooling Success?

By running a homeschooling education system, parents can organize a learning curriculum that suits children's needs. In addition, the learning process is also not focused on books, but children can explore more learning from the surrounding environment.  For homeschooling to run optimally, here are some successful tips that can be done.

1. Make a Learning Routine and Schedule Every day

Another tip to make homeschooling successful is to make a daily learning schedule. Not only time to study, but you should also provide a schedule for children to rest and do physical activity.

2. Know Your Children's Interest

One of the positive things about homeschooling is the curriculum that can be tailored to the interests and talents of the child. As a parent, it is good for you to know what your children's interests and talents are so that their learning can be tailored fit to their needs and wants. This will make them feel much more motivated to learn and study every day.

3. Make Goals with Your Children

The purpose is an important part of any process, including the learning process. Make sure you and your children have the same learning process. Communicate this goal also to your children's teacher or mentor, so that the process can go hand in hand well.

4. Choose the Right Mentor

Parents also need to make sure the teacher or homeschooling mentor understands about their children's condition. What their interests are, their preferred learning method, and other important aspects of learning. That way, the teaching and learning process will be more enjoyable for everyone

5. Take Advantage of Technology

Harness the power of technology by facilitating tech-based learning at home.

By curating online resources, children can actively explore new knowledge daily. However, ensure that either you or the mentors consistently guide and accompany children during the learning process involving technology.

6. Engage in Fun Activities with the Children

Optimize the surroundings and engage in enjoyable activities with children regularly. For example, you can encourage your children to visit the library and seek out captivating books relevant to the day's learning plan. Additionally, involve children in activities at museums, zoos, or specific sports venues. The aim is to enhance and complement the ongoing academic journey of children.

7. Set Up a Special Study Room

As homeschooling means that the learning process is done at home, as a parent you should prepare a special study room that can help your children to be fully focused when learning. Make sure that the children's study rooms are comfortable and safe from noise or distractions that can affect children's focus while learning. 


Also keep the room clean, tidy, and clutter-free at all times. A cleaner study room will not only help to maintain children's health better, but it can also eliminate any distractions thus helping to improve your children's productivity and learning focus.

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