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Best Online Resources For Homeschooling Children

Homeschooling is gaining a lot of popularity these days because it allows children to learn freely instead of cramming them with all the information at once. This is why it is becoming popular in Singapore as well. It allows parents to choose a curriculum suited for their children instead of rote learning. You can choose a curriculum that fits your child’s learning capabilities and interests.

Want to know what the best part about homeschooling is? You can even mix the whole curriculum up according to the needs of your children. All children are different from each other. They have different learning abilities and intelligence. For this reason, this customized and tailored-made curriculum can help them learn at their own pace.

So, if you are considering teaching your child at homeschooling, there are thousands of online resources in Singapore that you can read from. These online resources can help you and your child a great deal in learning a lot of things that are taught at schools. Want to know more about these resources? Keep reading then.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan academy is one of the best online learning sources that you will ever find for homeschooling your children. No matter whether your child wants to learn math, physics, chemistry, history, or finance; they can do it all through Khan Academy without the need of going to a school. This is why it is considered one of the best websites available for homeschooling. The best part about this website is that they even have short clips about various concepts that your child can learn from. Apart from this, there are many interactive games that children can practice what they learned.

  1. Duolingo

If you think Duolingo is for adults only who want to learn a second language, then you are mistaken. It can be used for homeschooling as well. What makes this website a perfect online resource for homeschooling is that some many quick-hit lessons and games reward children for learning. With the help of this website, your child can learn in a fun-filled environment at their own pace. Want to know what the best part about this website is? It is completely free. Now, this is quite incredible as the website has more than forty languages to teach to the children. So, if you want to teach a second language to your child, you should definitely consider Duolingo. 

  1. Starfall

If your child is young, then you should try homeschooling them with Starfall because they will love this website. The website has many interactive games that will help your children learn phonics. Apart from this, there are many short videos available on the website. These short videos will inspire your children in learning letters and sounds. They will also be able to read short storybooks with the help of this website. Thus, your child can learn at their own pace without the need to follow up with others. This is why it is considered one of the best homeschooling websites for young children.

  1. BrainPOP

BrainPOP is one of the most fun-filled online resources for learning that you will find for your children. There is a wide range of subjects available on the website that you can choose for your child to learn. Some of the subjects available are math, science, and history. The individual topics are given a separate page. Each page has a video with cartoonish graphics that will keep up the interest of your children. Apart from this, different topics have their own written information, games, and quizzes. Your child can even make their own videos by combining images, animations, and other information.

  1. Academic Earth

Academic Earth has been recognized as one of the top 50 websites for homeschooling by Times Magazine. There is no denying the fact that this website is one of the best websites for the children that want to learn from home as there are high-level lectures available on a variety of subjects. The best part about this website is you can signup for absolutely free. So, if you want to teach your children some of the complex topics that require deep understanding, you should pick up Academic Earth as their homeschooling tutor. You will find all the information that your child requires from here.

  1. Tutor City

Want to pick an online tutor for your child? You can now do it from Tutor City. The website allows you to pick from more than 20,000 online tutors that are registered with them. You can pick an ideal tutor of your choice that will conduct one-to-one online tuition classes with your child. This will help your child a lot in learning as all the attention will be focused on them which is not possible in schools. These online tuition classes are extremely personalized and effective which will increase the knowledge and skills of your children.

  1. Time4Learning

Does your child love play video games? If yes, then you can sign them up for Time4Learnnig. The subscription rates of this website are extremely affordable. This is why it is considered one of the best websites for online schooling. With the help of this website, your child will be able to learn a lot of subjects such as math, science, and history just by playing games. The games available on the website are incredibly interesting that your child can play for longer hours too. The more games your child will play the more they will learn. So, it’s a win-win for all.

  1. iMath

iMath is one of the best online math communities in Singapore that has been offering online tuition to Primary and Secondary level students. Whether your child is weak in math or wants to improve their learning skills, they can easily do it with the help of this online community. There is an online tutor on the website that is available 24/7 and can be reached anytime. Using the website is extremely easy too. All you need to do is download the app or you can even use it from the web as well. Just book a tutor for your child that will cater to all their math-related problems.

  1. Home Campus

Home Campus was created with a goal to provide the best homeschooling services to the children that want to learn from home. The main focus of this homeschooling program is on math. So, if you want your child to have assistance in math that will help them in building a strong foundation, you should definitely take the help of this website. The website offers math courses and learning materials for primary level students. The courses are divided per chapter with topics. The division of topics makes learning a lot easier for the children as you can choose which topic to teach to teach your children.

  1. Easy Peasy All-in-one Homeschool

As the name suggests, learning from this website is extremely easy. This is why it comes in the list of top websites for homeschooling. If you are a Christian, then you should definitely take the assistance of this website for your child as it offers a free online Christian homeschool curriculum. You can also take the help of this website if you are not a Christian as it offers a wide range of subjects that you can teach your children such as History, Math, Art, Reading, Science, etc. The lectures and learning techniques are quite easy that anyone will be able to catch within minutes.

  1. Wolsey Hall Oxford

Wolsey Hall is one of the oldest homeschooling websites for children. The website provides a wide range of courses for all the primary, secondary, and A-Level students. This is why this website is used in more than a hundred countries and is known as one of the best homeschooling websites for children. so, no matter whether you want your child to appear in A-Levels or IGCSE, you can teach your child through this website. Your child will surely pass with flying colors with the help of the courses available to them.

  1. Facebook Communities

Social media nowadays plays an important role in the learning of the children as well. There are many educational groups available on Facebook that your child can join and learn from them.  These social media communities help the homeschoolers to meet new students in Singapore that are doing the same thing. Some of the famous Facebook communities that you can join if you are homeschooling are Simple Home Scool, The Home School Lounge, Home School Post, and a lot more. These communities host a variety of discussions on different subjects that your child can learn from. In short, these Facebook Communities are like an online classroom.

Final Words

With the development of technology, the concept of homeschooling has been gaining a lot of popularity as well. The best part about this learning technique is that it can be customized to the needs of your child as well. So, if you want to homeschool your child, you can choose any of the online resources mentioned above as they are one of the best in Singapore.

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