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Best Museums To Visit With Your Kid In Singapore

While Singapore is a small city, it still offers endless activities for people of all ages. That is why you will find some great museums you can visit with your kids.

All museums have a unique story and style that will take your kids through a rich journey of science, history, culture, art, music, and more.

So, if you are finding fun activities to do with your kids, you have come to the right place. Here are the best museums to visit with your kid in Singapore.

1. National Gallery Singapore

Address: 1 St. Andrew’s Road #01–01, Singapore, 178957

Business Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm

If your kids love art, there is no better place than the National Gallery. That is because it includes the world's largest public collection of Southeast Asian and Singaporean art that you can't miss. The best part is that you will find more than eight-thousand artworks from some of the top artists worldwide.

The museum also ensures to offer various activities for kids from time to time. These include kid-friendly exhibits, craft activities, storytelling sessions, art workshops, and much more. That is why you can keep a check on what is happening here so you can take your kids at the right time.

2. Red Dot Design Museum

Address: 11 Marina Boulevard S018940

Business Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 12 pm till 6 am

Weekends: 9 am to 6 pm

Are you looking to instil some innovation in your kids? If you are, then the Red Dot Design Museum is the ideal place to inspire this innovation as it includes award-winning ideas, prototypes, and much more. While the museum is in a small area, it still has more than two hundred works on display.

You will find some of the top innovative ideas from various areas, such as communication, art, research, and more. There are also design shops in the museum where you will find some great design products by local and international designers. Of course, if you get tired of all this viewing, you can always go to the café inside the museum to satisfy your hunger cravings.

3. Asian Civilizations Museum

Address: 1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555

Business Hours: 10 am to 7 pm. Except for Fridays, when it closes at 9 pm

As the name suggests, this museum is all about the ancient history of Asian civilization. It has more than 13,000 artefacts that are shown across eleven galleries. The best part is that these artefacts and displays reflect the heritage and endless cultures that exist within Asia.

The location of this museum is one of its excellent perks as it is located on the Singapore River banks. You will find calligraphy, pottery, sculptures, and much more here that will enlighten your child about Asian history. It will also enable you to teach your kid about Asia and its relations with the rest of the world.

So, it will be a fun yet educational trip that will help your child learn about more than five thousand years of recorded history. It is the ideal place for all kids that love history and culture.

4. Peranakan Museum

Address: 39 Armenian St, Singapore 179941

Business Hours: Saturday to Thursday: 10 am to 7 pm

Fridays: 10 am to 9 pm

It is always important to teach your children about different cultures and communities that exist within a place. The Peranakan Museum explores the Peranakan communities and their cultures. That is why you will find an extensive collection of Peranakan artefacts and objects here.

These objects and artefacts include utensils, jewellery, tiles, furniture, slippers, and more. If your kid gets bored here, there are also multimedia and interactive displays to capture their attention and excite them further. You can seize this opportunity to teach your kids about the Peranakan culture.

Remember that general admission is free for permanent residents and Singaporeans. So, take advantage of this and make a day of this adventure.

5. ArtScience Museum In Singapore

Address: Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore

Business Hours: 10 am to 7 pm daily

If you don't visit this museum at least once in your life with your children, you are not taking in everything Singapore has to offer. That is because it includes many exhibits that combine science, art, and technology to offer kids an interactive and immersive experience they will remember. The exhibits also keep on changing, and many of them are relevant to the world we live in today.

There are also kid-friendly programs happening here, such as arts and craft activities that your children can take part in. The best part is that you can also opt for ArtScience at Home. This program offers access to virtual tours, performances, and much more.

You can check their calendar before you visit because it constantly keeps on changing. From the building to the interactive exhibits inside, everything is worth a visit at this museum.

6. National Museum Of Singapore

Address: 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897

Business Hours: 10 am to 7 pm daily

The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum in the city, as its history goes back to the 19th century. There are many exhibits that also display the development of the city over the years, which is why it is the perfect place to introduce your children to the history and story of Singapore. The museum offers multimedia exhibits, live performances, and much more.

The museum is an architectural and cultural landmark of Singapore that includes many exhibitions within. You will understand the history of Singapore from a small fishing village to gaining independence and finally becoming a metropolis. You must take your kids at least once in your life here.

After all, we should know the history of the place we live in. It helps us understand our culture, people, and everything that makes us who we are in a much better light.

7. Indian Heritage Centre In Singapore

Address: 5 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209924

Business Hours: Opening times vary, and it is closed on Mondays. Be sure to call for timings before going

The Southeast Asian region has many cultures and communities, and India is one of them. That is why if you want your children to broaden their horizons and learn about Southeast Asian and Indian communities, then this is the ideal museum. The centre is in a four-story modern yet sustainable building.

Everything is influenced by South Asia and India, from the design to the architecture and exhibits. The excellent part about this museum is also the location. That is because the location is also a perfect starting point for you to begin exploring Little India with your kids.

Once you are done exploring the museum, you can head off to Little India and have an immersive experience of Indian culture. So, carve out a few hours before you come here so you can give your children an authentic Indian experience.

8. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Address: National University of Singapore, 2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377

Business Hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm

Lee Kong Chian is one of the most famous natural history museums in Singapore that is popular among people of all ages. The museum includes ten zones that showcase everything from dinosaur fossils to fungi, plants, sea creatures, and much more. Besides that, the huge garden surrounding the museum also showcases the evolution of various plants and their habitats.

The best part about this museum is that it tries to engage all your senses. Apart from the visual exhibits and displays, you will also find soundscapes where you can hear the frogs chirping or the birds singing. On the other hand, if you love dinosaurs, you will love the Biodiversity Gallery as it includes big dinosaur fossils.

So, if you want your child to fall in love with natural history, it doesn’t get better than this museum. On the other hand, if they already love dinosaurs, sea creatures, plants, and more, they will have the most fun visiting this museum.

9. Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

Address: 12 Tai Gin Road, Singapore 327874

Business Hours: Timings may vary

Many people don't know this, but Singapore played one of the most important roles in the 1911 revolution. During this revolution, the Qing dynasty was overthrown, which led to the birth of modern China. If you want to learn about all this and teach your kids, you will love coming to the Sun Yat-Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall.

It used to be the headquarters of the Tong Meng Hui or the Chinese Revolutionary Alliance back in the day. The primary aim of the museum is also to educate kids and families about the revolutionary activities undertaken by Dr Sun. That is why if you want to opt for an educational museum trip, then this is the perfect place.

Once you leave the museum, you will have learned more about Singapore and Southeast Asia. So, be sure to include a day here with your kids so they can also learn about all of this.

10. Vintage Camera Museum

Address: 8C & 8D Jalan Kledek, Singapore 199263

Business Hours: 10:30 am to 7:30 pm daily

Nothing beats the uniqueness of the Vintage Camera Museum, which your children will love. That is because the museum is shaped like a camera, and the door is the lens of the camera through which you enter the museum. When you enter this museum, you will find more than a thousand cameras that go back to the early 19th century.

You will find novelty cameras here, such as spy cameras and a big six-meter camera. That is, if you or your children love cameras and taking pictures, you will fall in love with this museum in no time. You will also find historically important pictures in the museum, such as the moon landing and more.

Finally, you can also pick a few vintage cameras you like and try them out. There are also guided tours if you want to immerse yourself in a brilliant experience.

11. Singapore Sports Museum

Address: 6 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397698

Opening Hours: `10 am to 8 pm

Weekends: 10 am to 9 pm

Of course, we had to include something for the sports lovers in our list. The sports museum is divided into various galleries where you can go across time and learn more about the sporting history of Singapore. That is why if your kids love sports, coming to this museum will be a dream come true for them.

There are many immersive and interactive exhibits that include a huge collection of artefacts. Besides that, over time, many fans and athletes have donated memorabilia to this museum. You can look at these objects and paint a scene of the sport's history in Singapore yourself.

There are also many free sports-themes activities for kids to take part in. However, sometimes these activities can be suspended due to various reasons. That is why it is best that you contact the museum ahead and learn what they are offering so you can plan the perfect museum trip with your kids and family.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the best museums to visit with your kid in Singapore. Each museum offers something unique and caters to different families that are interested in different things. You can make a trip to many of these museums to open up your child to different perspectives and broaden their horizons as they learn.

Remember that some museums are free to visit for permanent residents and Singaporeans, while some will charge you a small fee to enter. That is why you must check out their pricing before deciding to go. The price varies with time.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pick the best museums you and your family will love from this list and visit them soon. Once you do, you will have an enjoyable family day and come out with many endless memories.

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