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The Best Secondary School Social Studies Tuition in Singapore

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The Best Secondary School Social Studies Tuition in Singapore

Social studies is highly relevant to a student’s daily life, as it makes them more aware of the environment and the people they interact with. As such, students need to take this subject seriously as doing well in Social Studies will help them navigate their daily life. Furthermore, universities will appreciate students who have good knowledge of their own country.

With Tutor City, students can receive help for their Social Studies examinations and pick up essential skills such as analytical skills and critical thinking along the way. These skills are transferable to any other subject and will serve the student well through Junior College. Tutor City will help the student find the Social Studies tutor most suitable for them!

Why do you need Secondary Social Studies Tuition?

Students may face difficulties coping with the high amount of workload they face in secondary school. As such, they may neglect the revision of certain subjects such as Social Studies, leaving studying for the subject to the last minute, which could lead to poor results. However, students may benefit from additional guidance from a Tutor City Social Studies tutor.

With additional guidance, students will feel more ready for their Social Studies examinations as having a tutor will help them clarify any misconceptions they have about the subject. Furthermore, students who face issues with time management can improve their exam answering skills with the guidance of a tutor who has intimate knowledge of the Social Studies syllabus.

The Cost of Secondary Social Studies Tuition


The average hourly fees for Secondary School Social Studies tuition ranges from $35 per hour to $100 per hour, depending on the tutor's qualifications, experience, and the level to teach.

Tuition Rates
Per Hour

tutors 1



Secondary 1

$35 - $50

$55 - $65

$70 - $100

Secondary 2

$35 - $50

$55 - $65

$70 - $100

Secondary 3

$35 - $50

$60 - $70

$75 - $100

Secondary 4/5

$35 - $50

$60 - $70

$75 - $100

1. Includes students in polytechnics, universities and graduates tutoring part-time.
2. If your child has special needs, go to our SPED page to understand the certifications and fees that SPED teachers are quoting.

Outline of Secondary Social Studies Tuition


Hurdles Faced by Secondary Social Studies Students

Difficulty answering questions with required keywords

Students taking Social Studies need to “signpost” their points so that the examiner is not confused. Students need to answer the questions posed to them with the required keywords to achieve all the possible marks within a question. Furthermore, students need to write complete sentences without rambling which present their points in a concise and coherent manner. 

Difficulty memorising content

Any subject in the Humanities will have a large amount of content for students to memorise. Students need to memorise key events, dates, important figures, and the significance of events in both a local and global context to do well in their Social Studies examinations. Students will need creative methods of memorising content for their Social Studies exams as a result.

Weak analysis skills for Source-Based questions

Social Studies requires students to analyse the source provided, draw the necessary conclusions from the source, and then form their own opinions. Students need to reflect on their experience in Singaporean society to infer conclusions from the sources and formulate their own opinions. Moreover, students need to have good reflective skills to arrive at good conclusions.

Time management issues during exams

Many Social Studies students struggle with writing the appropriate amount for each question. At times, students who are not confident that their answer has addressed all the points will tend to ramble on irrelevant tangents, which could cost them valuable time and marks in the exam. As such, students need to manage their time properly when answering exam questions.

The Importance of Engaging a Secondary Social Studies Tutor

Guidance for Social Studies Exams

Students may need guidance to prepare for their social studies exams as they may struggle with answering the different types of questions. A key aspect of exams in the Humanities is the need for students to show good critical thinking skills and demonstrate their ability to draw conclusions from the information provided and synthesise new information. Such skills require practice, and a Social Studies tutor will guide the student in acquiring such skills.

Help in memorising content for Social Studies

It is no surprise that the Social Studies subject involves memorising a large chunk of content. Some students may face difficulties in rote memorisation and may need creative methods such as mnemonics or diagrams to memorise their Social Studies content. A good Social Studies tutor will help students memorise the content they need to before the exams roll around.

Guidance in answering exam questions in a timely manner

Many students struggle with time management during exams. A common mistake of students is to spend too much time answering questions to which they do not know the answer, neglecting the other questions and losing many precious marks in the process. Engaging a Social Studies tutor can help students have a better strategy to answer their exam papers in a timed setting.

Catering to student’s learning style

Every student has a different learning style. Some students learn best if they write things out, and others learn best when practicing doing something. The tutor should observe the students and figure out how they learn best. Once the student is familiar with their own learning style, they will be able to study a large amount of Social Studies content more effectively.

Good Qualities of a Secondary Social Studies Tutor

Experience in teaching Social Studies

It is imperative that a good Social Studies tutor has experience teaching the same subject to other students of the same level. After acquiring such experience, tutors will be more aware of the common pitfalls and struggles of students in secondary school and can teach them techniques to overcome these hurdles. Moreover, tutors should be familiar with the content of the syllabus.

Imparting the relevant skills

Students who sit for the Social Studies exams will need analytical and critical thinking skills. A good tutor will have to impart the relevant skills such as inference and reading between the lines to their students so that they are able to answer exam questions without the tutor’s guidance. Students need to develop these skills by being observant and getting regular practice. 

Good essay-writing skills

Writing essays is a highly integral part of studying any Humanities subject. A good tutor will need to be proficient in writing essays as they need to convey their ideas to the examiner in a concise and coherent manner. It goes without saying that a good essay needs to have good grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Moreover, a good essay should have a clear structure and each paragraph should make one point the student wants to put forward.

Dedication and commitment

A key feature a tutor must have is to be dedicated and committed to teaching. A good tutor should show up for all the slots he has agreed to take on time. If the tutor cannot make it to the class, he should give advance notice and make up the slot so the parent can feel reassured that the student’s learning is not disrupted or compromised. It is also the tutor’s responsibility to make sure the student completes the work given before the tutoring session.

Testimonials from Secondary Social Studies Students and their Parents

“Tutor City is very prompt in their response. We are happy with their tutor recommendation. Hope to see improvement in my daughter's grades.”
- Bee Keong Ee

“Excellent and efficient service provided. Tutor provided has quickly exceeded our expectations and came with a reasonable price.”
- Forum Desai

Resources for Secondary Social Studies

Understand more of social studies with this helpful resource by NLB!

5 Tips on How to Score A1 for O Level Social Studies

Engage a Tutor City Secondary Social Studies Tutor today!

At Tutor City, our experienced and dedicated tutors will alleviate your concerns and help you prepare for your social studies exams! Social studies is a highly relevant subject in our current day and age, and as such, students should try their best to score well in the subject.

Request a Tutor City Secondary Social Studies tutor today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is social studies in secondary school?

The Social Studies syllabus comprises 3 issues: exploring citizenship and governance, living in a diverse society, and being part of a globalised world. Students will study how governments make decisions and help citizens, how diverse societies interact, and the reasons for globalisation.

Why is social studies important?

Social Studies teaches students to become good citizens. As we live in a diverse society, it is important for students to be aware that we should treat every race and religion with respect. Children will later become adults who will participate civilly in Singaporean society.

Is social studies compulsory in Singapore?

Students sitting for the O Level exams will need to take Social Studies. Students sitting for O Levels will have a compulsory humanities subject and an elective humanities subject. The compulsory humanities subject is Social Studies.

How can I do well in social studies Singapore?

A good starting point to study for Social Studies is to be well-read. Students can take note of headlines found in online or print newspapers and read through these articles to know what is going on. Students can also explore hot-button issues in Singapore and talk about them. Next, practice with Social Studies past year papers is also highly important for students.

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