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Best Piano & Music Teachers in Singapore

Learning the piano can be an emotionally fullfilling and rewarding social activity. In parties and gatherings, your family and friends can be your audience as you play lovely musicals to enchant them. Be it young children or adults, we have beginner piano lessons to give you a headstart in the world of music.

It is very important to have a qualified piano teacher to ensure every habit and knowledge gained is on the right track. He or she will be at your side, mentoring and guiding you along every grade, building and nurturing your interest at all time.

Remeber it is never too young nor too old to begin, all it takes is commitment on your part to attend the lesson and practice during your free time. After some practice, you will be belting out beautiful melodies like a seasoned pro!

If your child is enrolled in the Secondary School Music & Art (MEP) programme, it is vital that you find a qualified music teacher to guide him/her now.

How much do piano/music teachers charge?

The average lesson fee for private Piano lessons tuition ranges from $25 per lesson $100 per lesson, depending on the piano instructor's credentials, experience and level of teaching.


Per Lesson

Duration (mins)


$25 - $40 45

Grade 1

$30 - $45 45

Grade 2

$35 - $50 45

Grade 3

$40 - $55 45

Grade 4

$45 - $60 45

Grade 5

$50 - $65 60

Grade 6

$55 - $70 60

Grade 7

$60 - $75 60

Grade 8

$65 - $80 60


$80 - $100 60

Benefits Of Getting A Private Piano Teacher

  Accredited Piano teachers - get one with relevant qualifications!
  At your home or teacher's place - you decide at your convenience.
  Affordable fees - don't get fleeced!
  Flexible schedule - give us your timings and we'll arrange the rest.
  Free matching service - you pay only for the lessons!


What To Expect From Tutor City’s Music Tuition

Before you enroll your child to learn piano from our music tuition, you need to understand if we can match your expectations. That is why we have highlighted everything you can expect from our expert music teachers. Here is everything Tutor City offers to students:

- Customized music tuition for your child
- Covering the theoretical and practical aspect of learning to play an instrument
- Learning the art of playing the piano from the comfort of your home
- Learn according to your schedule and pace
- Receive individual attention to play in the best way
- Affordable pricing to learn effectively

Tutor City offers all this to its students. You can expect to have one of the most positive learning environments that will aid your child in grasping how to play the piano in no time. You will notice a significant improvement in just a few weeks.

The schedule and teaching technique will also be tailored to fit your needs. Tutors at Tutor City leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping students learn new skills.

Common Challenges A Faced By Piano Students In Singapore

Whenever you are learning something new, you will always face challenges. Our expertise has given significant insight into the challenges piano students face all over Singapore. That is why our sessions are designed to help students overcome these problems so they can play beautifully.

Here are some of the most common challenges faced by piano students that we will help them overcome in no time:

Challenges with understanding the theoretical aspect of playing piano
- Becoming carried away and playing too fast as a beginner
- Not finding the motivation to practice outside the practice session
- Not utilizing tools and accessories to become a better piano player
- Challenges with establishing appropriate hand positions
- Challenges with learning compositions
- Challenges with establishing appropriate hand posture
- Difficulty mastering the technique of playing the piano

Almost all music students face at least one or all of these problems during their journey of instrument learning. We understand this, and that is why we provide a holistic learning experience. Your child will overcome all these problems and learn to play piano in the best way possible.

Our expert tutors understand these challenges, and they are well-equipped to help students overcome them in no time. The students will learn to play piano in no time at all with our expert guidance.

Benefits Of Music / Piano Tuition By Tutor City

Now that you are familiar with the basics let’s help you understand how you or your child would benefit from music tuitions by Tutor City. Here are some of the essential advantages you can reap from our tutoring:

1. Individual Attention

Our tutors provide home tuition service. That means your child will get individual attention, and the teacher will aim to work on their weaknesses and strengths. There are many components that one needs to master to excel at playing the piano.

Our expert tutors will ensure that students work on the weakest components to excel at playing the piano. Teaching is done in this way so that the student can reach their highest potential and improve significantly. Time is usually short, so individual attention is the only way to get the best results.

Your child’s strengths and weaknesses will be identified, and the tutor will come up with a tailored plan to help them excel. Once it is followed, the student will ace playing the instrument in no time.

2. Engagement And Interest In Music

Many students don’t play the piano well because they have no interest in learning the theoretical and practical components of the piano. Such a problem is not easily solved, but it is not impossible. Over the years, our expertise and observation have allowed us to develop a detailed plan to boost students' interest in playing the piano.

Our tutors use various techniques and tricks to engage students in piano learning. They will use the musical interests of the children to motivate them to develop an interest and learn.

Students will be eager to learn, and they will want to practice themselves too, apart from the home tuition. It is a tried and tested technique that our tutors use to help students become more efficient in piano use.

3. Mentoring And Guidance

We don’t just believe in providing tutoring services; we also believe in mentoring students. Many students are confused and don’t like to share with their parents because of perfection. Over the years, many music students have tried to seek the guidance of our tutors.

Our team is well-versed with the education system in Singapore. That is why they are the perfect people to provide insightful advice to students regarding many aspects of learning and school.

We believe in providing a well-rounded service, and that is why we believe in mentoring students too. Many don’t know what to do, and our tutors can help them make the right decision for their future.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Our tutors come up with a comprehensive learning plan and study aids. All students who want to learn the piano will have access to many interesting music articles, reports, and audio learning materials. The primary aim of providing these aids is to spark their interest and motivation for learning.

Such aids also help the student become familiar with the technique of playing the piano. Our tutors come up with a comprehensive learning plan and study aids for students. Besides that, each session will consist of practice.

Students need to get used to the technique, and practice will help them get there. It will speed their learning process and master the art of playing this instrument in no time.

5. Enhanced Confidence

Did you know that piano is a challenging instrument to learn? That is because it takes time to get the technique, hand position, and hand posture right. Such techniques can intimidate the students, and their confidence can decrease.

Opting for our music tuition service will ensure that students have enough confidence to master any technique. Our tutors will focus on the weakest technique first so students can master what challenges them most first. By the end of our sessions, students will be well-versed with all techniques.

Because of this perfection in the techniques, students will have the confidence to play piano more and often. Students will notice an improvement in their playing, and this increased confidence will lead them to play even better. Mastering the piano is what our tutors are known for.

Qualities To Look For In A Music / Piano Tutor

Here are the top valuable qualities you should look for in a music tutor:

1. Qualifications

The piano is not an easy instrument to teach. That is why the tutor needs to have suitable accreditations and certifications. It shows that they have the right skills and capabilities to help students succeed.

Tutor City always highlights the qualifications and achievements of tutors so your mind can be at ease. Knowing that the right music tutor is teaching your child will help you trust their skills and judgment. It will allow the sessions to go smoothly, and you will notice the improvement in playing piano in no time.

2. Ability To Master Challenging Piano Techniques

If a tutor can’t explain a technique well, it will be challenging for the students to pay attention to the techniques. That is why tutors need to explain complex concepts in simple terms so students can quickly grasp the instrument's knowledge. It will enhance their learning and experience.

That is why tutors need to explain complex concepts in simple terms to grasp the knowledge quickly. They break down complex piano techniques into small concepts so students can grasp them quickly. That is why our students always master this skill in no time.

3. Feedback From Previous Clients

Always check what other people are saying about the tutor. The first-hand experience of people from the tutor will help you understand how they teach and if they teach well. You can check online reviews or ask people you know if they have had experience with the tutor.

At Tutor City, you can request testimonials and then judge if they are the right fit. We will provide you with all the testimonials to make an informed decision about opting for a particular tutor. Once you do, you will have the perfect tutor for your child.

4. Passion For Teaching

Passion is the drive for excellence. That is why you need a music tutor who is passionate and committed to helping students master the skill of playing the piano. To gauge their commitment, you should always have clear communications and set your expectations from the start.

If the music tutor can commit to your schedule and needs, they are the right fit. They should also understand what you expect of them and find ways to reach those expectations. After all, you want the best for your child, and they should provide it with no problems.

5. Experience

Experience is one of the most critical aspects you should look at. It tells you that the tutor has taught many students over the years, and they know how to help all students out there. After all, experience is the best teacher anyone can have.

At Tutor City, we are transparent about everything. We always state the experience of the tutor on their profiles. Doing so allows you to make an informed decision and choose the right tutor to help your child learn piano in no time.

Importance Of Getting Music Tuition

Music tuitions are one of the best things you can do for your child. It will allow them to expand their horizons and learn new things. Yes, academics are great to excel in, but you need diversity to thrive in the modern world.

Colleges don’t just look at the academic aspect of students. In today’s time, they differentiate children based on their abilities in things other than academics. Knowing how to play an instrument such as the piano will look fantastic on their college application.

Having music on their application will help them stand out among thousands of students that have also applied for the same college. Besides that, if your child masters this skill from an early age, they can even go to college on a music scholarship. There are endless possibilities and opportunities with having such a skill.

Playing the piano is an asset an individual has that helps them in their academic and personal future. If your child wants to study music as an academic subject, they will need to have this background to excel higher than other students. It will also help them get into the music college of their dreams.

That is why you should start taking music tuition from an early age. It will allow the students to expand their knowledge and master the art of playing the piano. The tuitions are an investment in your future, skill, and knowledge.

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