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Zoom Clone: 6 Significant Benefits To Lure You In Launching Your Own App

The year 2020 witnessed a global pandemic with every sector and economy shut down. At such unprecedented times, the work sector was extremely affected but the presence of some applications made life and business much better. One such application was the Zoom, the conferencing application.

 With literally every sector going online this application has set its reach in personal and professional settings. Be it schools, colleges, meetings on professional fronts, anything and everything has just added Zoom to their list. All meetings have been conducted smoothly with no distractions and the work is kept going even during these testing times. On the personal front friends and family members are using it to have regular checkups on each other as traveling to one another is not an option anymore.

 All of these factors have added to the fame of the app in recent times and this has paved way for more and more people to create applications like Zoom.

You can click here for more info about top zoom clone script here and start with the first phase of development right away. Designed to include higher numbers of people among any of web conferencing tools, Zoom has shot to fame as the most wanted and downloaded web application. 

Guidelines to think

1. Platform

 Now that you have decided to create and develop an application like Zoom, the first and foremost thought should be directed towards the selection of the platform. Should it be compatible only with phones, or on laptops? This could be made after considerable thought to the target audience, their needs, and how they prefer. This decision is the prerequisite before the planning of the budget and hence this has to be fixed to understand and limit the budget. 

2. Decision of native or web-based applications

The understanding and decision of whether to launch it in the iOS or Android platforms or the inclusion of a web-based application have to be well looked through and made an ultimatum about.

Each of these separate platforms will cost accordingly so in the preparation phase if this is made clear, it will be an easy ride through the entire development process. Each of these platforms demands a separate set of the development process and hence a precise idea is required before proceeding forward.  

Now we will look through the different features that the application offers that make it this popular among its competitors. 

1. Preview

This feature is the one that enables you to look at yourself before you join the call officially. This helps in preparing oneself beforehand.

2. Option of chat

The option to chat while the video is enabled makes some discussions easier within the members. This communication helps in getting better results throughout.  

3. Sharing files

 This feature helps in adding files and other necessary documents while the meeting is enabled making it time efficient and very practical. Click here for more info about top zoom clone script which also should be integrating such features. 

4. Conference 

Having more people join the meeting and conduct the conversations is are a very important feature to be supported with. This will attract more people to the application. More people joining and the application supports them in a smooth and streamlined way is the best feature. 

5. Desktop sharing 

This is a very important feature of the application as a whole. When in meetings, if the host needs to share and explain what they have in their desktops like a ppt in the meeting room, it gives completion to the meeting and a feeling of the office workspace as a whole.

6. The feature of recording 

Recording a meeting has multiple benefits and these are then added to the application. The storage space for these recordings has to be set aside for but this feature helps in revisiting the entire document to make further clarification and notes out. 

7. Adding icons and filters 

When you have informal meetings in the zoom there can be the addition of some icons and filters that can help in conveying fun-filled messages throughout the talk. 

8. Provision of whiteboard 

This feature is very useful in educational platforms wherein the teacher could make use of them for the betterment of the kids' understanding and better concepts. 

9. Hand raise 

The addition of this feature helps in bringing attention to that one person who has a certain opinion or fact to convey to the meeting. The virtual hand raise is hence a very important feature in all the educational and professional platforms. 

10. Muting the participants 

The ability of the initiator to mute the participants or themselves doing it is a very important feature that is added to the application. This helps in having a cordial and peaceful meeting much like the conference meeting and will have a professional outlook to it.

 These are the different features that the Zoom application upholds and could be added to the application that you are developing for yourself. Each of these is a very important element in the development process and hence has a significant role to play. Click here for more info about top zoom clone script for better understanding and help in developing the app. 

The process of development 

1. The inclusion of back end development 

The creation of a complex application like zoom requires a huge database of technologies and servers for its optimum functioning. The server that is developed should be able to help the app function smoothly and streamlined. 

2. Design 

The application and the interface have to be designed well for a better experience for the customer. The ease and comfort in navigating the application are often proportional to customer satisfaction and happiness. In today's world, the visual representation of the application is extremely important along with its functionality. So make sure you hire people accordingly who are UX designers and are the best at what they do. 

These are the different features present in the application of Zoom that has paved its way to fame and popularity. Since you are decided to develop an app like zoom be sure to add these features along with some others of your unique blend. 

The hiring of different professionals for the inclusion of these features has to be brought into the process later on. The decision to hire in-house members or just freelance ones is solely dependent on your need. This decision will positively impact our budget and hence each of these has to be very thoroughly looked through.

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