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Where To Study In Singapore: Best 15 Study Spots With Free Wi-Fi

It is hard for many students to study at home after school or university. This is because the environment may not be suitable. You may have a large family of young kids that make too much noise during the day.

So you may not be able to study properly due to the various distractions. That is why knowing the best study spots with free Wi-Fi in Singapore will allow you to catch up on your pending work.

Here are the top 15 options you should consider when deciding where to study in Singapore.


  1. Blossom Youth Centre

Many students who want to study abroad choose Singapore because of its excellent institutes. Students near Bukit Timah prefer to use the Blossom Youth Centre for studying. The place has proper study tables and stable Wi-Fi to ensure no student will have any problems while studying.

Another great thing is that you can also get snacks at this place, so you will not have to worry about leaving the Blossom Youth Centre to get food. They also have various recreational areas for students who like to play games during breaks before returning to their studies.

For example, you can play video games, read fictional books, or play board games. Large halls for meetings and group discussions are also available with whiteboards.


  1. Lowercase Café

Lowercase Café has excellent architecture that allows plenty of sunlight to enter the café. This is why students can enjoy a peaceful environment when preparing for tests and exams. Free Wi-Fi is available for those who use online resources for studying.

Charging plugs are also offered to students so that they can use their devices uninterruptedly. The best thing is you can get coffee and other brunch items at the café to energize yourself after hours of studying.

However, you must plan to visit the café in the morning and afternoon. Live musical performances happen on specific days during late evening or night, which can be distracting. So always check the café's schedule before visiting.


  1. The Book Café

The Book Café is an excellent coffee shop that many students visit for studying. You will find people who are mainly interested in reading at this café. Some of them may also be students with an English or Literature major.

One of the top things about this coffee shop is that it allows students to use their printers for free. If you have specific assignments with a few pages to print, you can ask an employee of the shop to let you use the printer. The place also has plugs for charging devices such as phones, iPads, and laptops.

A comfy lounge with soft cushions and low tables also allows you to study comfortably. You can also grab a book from the shelves for recreational reading while sipping on your coffee.


  1. Library @Esplanade

Library @Esplanade is one of the top places that is dedicated to performing arts in Singapore. The main feature of this library is that it is never too crowded because not many schools lie within its vicinity. Most people you will come across here will be regular library goers or members.

The place has fast internet that rarely lags, so you can use it for watching lectures uninterruptedly. Comfy seating also ensures you don't suffer much back pain after hours of sitting. Another great thing about this study spot is that it is open all seven days of the week.

This facility is also air-conditioned, so you will not face distractions due to the environment being too hot.


  1. National University Of Singapore

The National University of Singapore ranks 2nd on the Best Asian Universities list. This institute got the title due to many reasons, such as an excellent curriculum and many offerings to help students study. The place has various study spots throughout the campus that people who are not enrolled in the university can also use.

All the spots have stable Wi-Fi and power sources for charging devices. Various food stalls are also located near the study spots to help students get proper meals and snacks with ease. The only drawback is that not every study spot at this university has air conditioning.

This is why you will have to look thoroughly to find a spot with air-conditioning and enjoy studying in a cool room.


  1. Group Therapy Coffee

Group Therapy Coffee is a unique café with a comfortable and low-noise environment. The sturdy tables and comfy chairs allow you to study for hours without any issues. You can also enjoy free internet at the coffee shop and use it for watching lectures or other online resources.

The café also has an extensive menu with several breakfast and main dishes, making it suitable to visit at any time of the day. Free charging sockets are also offered to students. Tables with high chairs are also available for large groups.

An excellent thing about this study spot is that it is open throughout the week till 6 pm. So you will have plenty of time to reach home before curfew when using this study spot.


  1. Our Tampines Hub

Our Tampines Hub is a community space with various offerings, such as swimming pools, sports fields, and study areas. You can use the spots for studying in a silent environment and focus on your tasks better. Free Wi-Fi is also available at the facility for online studying.

The best thing is that study spots are best for students living on the eastern side. Tables are available throughout the six floors of the building in the various study zones. You should head there early to grab a seat without any trouble.

24/7 availability also makes it easy for you to study on the weekend and prepare for tests. Besides studying zones, the place also has a huge library if you want to catch up on your reading material in a quiet space.


  1. Serangoon Public Library

Serangoon Public Library is an excellent option for students who cannot afford expensive memberships at private study spots. Most people in the northeast part of Singapore prefer to visit this library. The place is fully air-conditioned and offers many tables to accommodate a large number of students.

Free Wi-Fi and power sockets also make it easier for students to study in this library. Another thing that offers Serangoon an edge is that food is offered within the library to help you study without losing your energy. Huge shelves with various books can also help you get studying material on the spot.

This means you will not have to carry many books with you when visiting this library.


  1. Yale-NUS Library

You may believe that the Yale-NUS Library is only for students enrolled at this institute, but that is not true. Students from other universities can also visit this library to study in a quiet environment. Comfy chairs and lighting ensure that you can study without straining your eyes and muscles.

Air-conditioning of the library also works perfectly to offer a soothing environment for students. The best thing is you can reach the place easily by taking the Circle Line or different buses. You can visit the library throughout the week, but remember the place closes early on the weekend.


  1. The National Library

The National Library, Singapore, is an excellent study spot if you want to isolate yourself during studying. It is a spacious library with multiple seats, so students can focus on their tasks without getting distracted by other people. You can also enjoy free, stable Wi-Fi in all parts of the library.

What's so great about this library is that it has many study lounges that offer you privacy and keep you separate from regular library visitors. The place also has sky gardens to help you relax and take a break from studying.

This is also one of the largest study spots in Singapore, so you can do your tasks without feeling congested.


  1. Mosanco

Mosanco Enchanted Café is open 24/7 and offers an excellent space to students. Free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and caffeinated drinks are available at the place to help people study without feeling energy-drained. The minimalist interior of the shop also makes sure you will not be distracted by the place's theme.

You can also enjoy deals on weekdays that will help you save money while studying and sipping on your favorite beverages. The environment of the café is also under the low-noise category. This means you don't have to be worried about getting disturbed often.

It is also easy to reach the café using various public transport in Singapore.


  1. JCube Study Area

JCube Study Area is a minimal studying spot for students who don't want to visit crowded libraries or pay to use the place. You will benefit from the reliable air-conditioned and free Wi-Fi from the JCube Mall. The best thing is that the desks and seats in the study spot are also comfy.

The best thing is that various vending machines are present near the study area. So you can grab snacks quickly when feeling devoid of energy. Power sockets are also present at the spot for charging your devices.

You can also visit this place on the weekend to study in a peaceful environment.


  1. Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Polytechnic is a reputable institute in the country with various study halls for its students. These spots offer a quiet environment to the students with free Wi-Fi. The best thing is that the study halls can be used by external students too.

The comfy environment will support your academic performance and help you achieve good grades after studying thoroughly. Most halls also have food stalls that allow you to grab snacks or meals to recharge yourself before studying again.

These study spots are also spacious, so you will never feel too crowded when studying at Singapore Polytechnic.


  1. Smart Void Deck

Smart Void Deck is a public place that caters to different audiences. It has convertible furniture that can be arranged in various ways to suit the user’s needs. You can use it for studying or hanging out with friends without facing issues.

The place also has transformable lighting to suit the mood of the event. Free Wi-Fi and sockets are also available for using your devices easily. The place is open throughout the day, so you can visit it anytime.

However, it is ideal to visit this smart place during the morning and afternoon for studying. The spot may be filled with recreational users at night, so the environment may not be as quiet.


  1. Mox

Mox may be an informal place for studying, but it has an excellent environment that will support your performance. The place offers a student plan to help you study with ease. You will get access to free Wi-Fi, power outlets, pantry, and postage services in the package.

Comfy sofas, cushions, and seats with tables are available to cater to different students. You can use the co-working space during exam season to make the most of your time. It is also a good private option if you require a study spot less frequently, such as when guests are at your home.

The place is only open on weekdays, so you must schedule your study time accordingly.


Final Words

These are the top 15 study spots in Singapore with free Wi-Fi and other services. You can visit public libraries or café's if you don't want to spend money when choosing a safe space. Meanwhile, private spaces such as Mox may charge you for the seating, but you will get access to different services for free.

It is always best to consider your needs before choosing a specific study spot. You should also check whether it is easy to reach the place or not. Choosing a space that is too far is not a good idea because you will waste a lot of time during your commute.


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