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Where To Give Volunteer Tuition In Singapore

Education can help everyone move forward. Most importantly, it can help many students get up on their feet to pursue what they’re passionate about. If you want to help someone, one of the best ways is to volunteer as a tutor.

Tuition is one of the many ways, people spread their knowledge about their favorite subjects. It’s one of the best paths to pursue if you want to help someone in need too.

However, many people simply volunteer to give tuition for the sake of it. Here are some of the main reasons people give volunteer tuition in Singapore. If you’re already convinced, these will help strengthen your motive to educate young minds.


The Best Of Volunteering Tuition In Singapore

There are tons of benefits to volunteering as a tutor in Singapore. Besides having the experience of teaching all kinds of people, here are a few other benefits.


You Get To Build The Society From Ground Up

One of the major parts of volunteer work is to help the underprivileged part of society. When you volunteer to provide tuition, you are driving the society towards equity. Education is a privilege to many people even though it should be a necessity. You can help towards this cause.

With tuition, many volunteers can impart their knowledge to people who do not have access to education. Even if they do, the standards often fall short of being good enough. When you volunteer tuition, you get to educate brilliant minds with potential, that could be the future of Singapore.


You Can Make A Difference In The Community

The main part that comes with volunteering as a tutor is teaching. This means teaching your subject and helping other students learn about your subject. Because of your influence, someone might just realize what their dreams are. It becomes a cycle of goodwill.

You can enable your students to give back to their community. They can help develop their areas, come up with new ideas to renovate their space. This doesn’t only help the students and the people, but also the economy and various other fields that co-exist. You will be the difference in the community – for the better.


You Can Feel The Rewarding Experience

Volunteering tuition isn’t easy work. Nor is it quick. However, volunteering as a tutor can give you peace and help you reap the rewards. Many volunteers have described this work as a rewarding experience. This is because you can feel that you are contributing to good in the society in a huge number of ways.

This feeling of contributing to something meaningful can make you feel happier. It helps you feel whole and that you have something that you can give to others. If you do it right, you might just notice an improvement in your health as well.


You Develop A Positive And Generous Attitude

Once you begin your volunteering experience as a tutor, you will begin to feel like you are part of a project. This project will be to improve situations in areas that have many problems. When you feel that you are a part of the team, you can develop a generous attitude.

This attitude can alter your behavior in many positive ways. It can lead you to become more optimistic and make better, generous choices. Not only will this give you peace, but also help spread peace. A positive attitude can go a long way towards happiness.

With all these benefits, who wouldn’t want to volunteer to give tuition in Singapore. This might lead you to question on where to give tuition in Singapore.

Here are some answers.


Where To Volunteer For Tuition In Singapore

There are a number of places that help people learn. However, in Singapore a few places can provide volunteers like you, a reasonable environment to give tuition. Here are the top 2 places you can give volunteer tuition in Singapore.

  1. CDAC

The CDAC is a self-help group in Singapore for the Chinese community. It’s run for the underprivileged people in the society and offers many programs for their assistance. They have done amazing work in the past few years and have achieved milestones in their journey. You can contribute to their journey by being a volunteer to provide tuition.

CDAC offers many volunteering programs that you can give tuition at. The top one among these is the Supervised Homework Group. The minimum age limit is 17 years and requires the volunteers to commit 3 hours per week. An A levels education is preferred and fits the primary tuition role you are looking for.

Apart from this, the Project YOUth Can Shine is also a volunteer program offered by CDAC. The requirements are the same however, the job roles might differ. In this program, volunteer tutors are required to monitor the progress of their pupils and teach them Math specifically.

The kidsREAD program caters to an audience of young children. This is why this volunteer tuition role requires you to be more active and enthusiastic. This reading program can widen everyone’s base.

If you want to provide tuition with more hands-on subject, the Family Befriending program might be the right fit for you. However, you must be above 21 years of age. You can use this program to provide workshops to the families in the community in learning the skill you know. This would also mean helping your students in their home-based sessions but that’s what makes the job more fun.

All these programs are aimed at specific people in the Chinese community of Singapore. This can be one of the best places for you to give volunteer tuitions at. It provides an amazing range of people you can help and gain experience from listening to everyone’s stories. If you need more information on any of these programs, you can simply visit their website. It will also inform you of the process to volunteer.

  1. Scholars Academy

Scholars Academy is the next best place you can give volunteer tuitions at. This academy aims to help students keep up with their studies. Many students can miss their work because of their backgrounds. But that shouldn’t be a hurdle for their education.

This is why Scholars Academy helps students attain their education without these hurdles. They offer tuitions for all the basic subjects that students need to take to complete their school. This includes language, math, science, and humanities. Other than these, the academy also offers tuitions for two specialized subjects such as economics and Principles of Accounts (POA).

Almost every student masters at least one of these subjects. Therefore, these are subjects that you too, will be skilled at. You can register yourself as a tutor on Scholars Academy to start volunteering. However, because of the amazing work they provide, their recruitment for tutors is also as tough.

If you truly have the passion to give volunteer tuition in Singapore, you might just make it. All you have to do is fill out the form they’ve provided on their website in the volunteer tuition section. It’s that simple.

You need to be at the top of your game to volunteer tuition. Besides your passion, you also need to have certain qualities that will help you tutor people.


Required Qualities Of A Volunteer Tutor

Here are some qualities that can help you give volunteer tuitions in Singapore. These are needed and preferred in every volunteer.

1. Motivation And Enthusiasm

A volunteer tutor should be motivated and interested in teaching individuals. You are going to be shaping the minds of many people. Most of these people are children or youth whose minds are still developing. If you are motivated and enthusiastic to work with them, only then volunteer tuition will work with you.

2. Patient

Most of the volunteer tuition work needs patience. It takes time for your efforts to become fruitful. Additionally, since you only give in a portion of your time to volunteering, students will take time to learn. Everyone has a different pace. Consider that.

3. Organized

You should be organized. You can’t be effective in giving tuition if you can’t plan your lessons. Being organized is a highly wanted quality. Make sure you show that when you apply to volunteer.

4. Driven

The volunteer tutors should be driven and ambitious in their career. Their ambition will teach the other students to have the same qualities. Improvement can only be made if the people are ambitious enough to learn. Bring that driven attitude when you volunteer to give tuition.


Volunteering tuition can be hard but it’s not impossible. These were the top 2 places where you can volunteer tuition. If you’re passionate, you can find many more where you will be able to help underprivileged people.

If nothing else works, start by teaching small. Make it your goal to tutor one child for the sake of volunteering. There are many alternatives to doing something good. The top choice will always remain giving volunteer tuitions in these two places. They have helped so many people. You can help many people with them.


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