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Types Of Student Care Centers In Singapore

Are you a working parent worried about where to leave your child during office hours? We understand that this is the major concern for most of the working parents all around the world and in Singapore as well. Those who can afford can hire caretakers or nannies to watch over their children.

But, what about the ones who cannot afford to hire nannies or caretakers to watch over their children while they are working in the office?

This is where student care centers come in.

Student care centers have been gaining quite a popularity these days all over the world. Singapore is no different in this regard.

So, what exactly is a student care center and how does it operate?

Why is it gaining so much popularity these days? How does it assist working parents in carrying out their daily jobs without worrying about their children?

Keep reading to find out everything that you need to know below.


Why Are Student Care Centers Important For Parents In Singapore?

For those of you who do not know, Student Care Centers or SCC are child care centers. Parents can use these child care centers for their children aged between seven to fourteen years old.

They are just like childcare centers for younger children. They offer a friendly environment for the children where they can rest and learn new things after school is over.

This is why they are the best option for working parents to enroll their studying children in student center care. Although some parents that cannot afford a nanny or caretaker do leave their children with their grandparents, a student care center is a much better option to leave your children if you cannot keep an eye on them.

Your child will not only learn new things at a student care center, they will also be able to socialize with other children present at the SCC. This will boost their confidence as well.

So, if you are a working parent in Singapore, you must consider enrolling your child in a student care center. No matter what your schedule is, these centers will take care of your child in the best possible way. This is why they are gaining so much popularity these days.

A Student Care Center not only takes care of your child while you are working, there are various programs offered by SCC as well. These programs include helping your child complete their homework, training them physically, or organizing various events as well. Some of them are even open during the holidays as well. They offer trips and summer camps for your child. Thus, these Student Care Centers have made the lives of working parents much easier than before.


Types Of Student Care Centers In Singapore

Considering the various services offered by the Student Care Centers in Singapore, it seems a great option to enroll your children in these centers, doesn’t it?

But, before you proceed further, you need to know the types of Student Care Centers available in Singapore. Knowing the different types of centers available will help you in making the best choice for them.

So, what are the different types of Student Care Centers available here? Let’s check them out below.

  1. School-Based Student Care Centers

There are many school-based student care centers available in Singapore that you can pick for your children. These school-based student care centers offer programs for the students that follow their school curriculums.

So, if you want a student care center that matches with the curriculum of your child’s school, you must get them enrolled in a school-based student care centers. But, you need to make this decision fast as it can get very hard to get into a school-based student care center because of their popularity.

  1. Community-Based Student Care Centers

The other type of student care centers available in Singapore is community-based student care centers. These student care centers can either be located on community centers or HDB decks. Their location is what makes them easily accessible to the working parents.

Getting your child enrolled in these community-based student care centers is easier as well. This is why many working parents prefer this student care center over school-based student care centers. So if you are looking for a student care center that is easily accessible and is located in a nearby location, then this option is the best for you.

Use the MSF website to search for one near you.

  1. Religious-Groups-Based Student Care Centers

Some student care centers in Singapore are run by religious groups as well. Getting admission in them is quite easier and simpler as compared to other student care centers. They will take the best care of your children in these student care centers.

  1. Charity-Based Student Care Centers

If you cannot afford the fees of other student care centers available in Singapore, you can even enroll your child in a charity-based student care center. Getting enrolled in these student care centers is a bit difficult due to high demand but the fee is incredibly reasonable. So, if you cannot afford other student care centers, this would work perfectly fine for you.

  1. Private-Groups-Based Student Care Centers

If you want to provide all the high-end facilities to your children at the student care center, you can enroll them in a private-group-based student care center. Although the fee would be a bit high as compared to other student care centers, the facilities provided would be of top-class. You will be easily able to get your child enrolled in these student care centers due to less demand and competition.

  1. Special Student Care Centers

There are many special student care centers for children with disabilities as well. They take special care of your children so that you would not have to worry about them while you are working in your office. They even provide SPED classes and support to the special children enrolled with them. So, if your child has some disability, enrolling your child in these special student care centers will be the best decision for both your child and you as well. Not only will your child learn new things here, but you will also be able to work in your office without worrying about them as well.


Tips For Choosing The Best Student Care Center For Your Child

Now that you know the various types of student care centers available in Singapore for your children, how to pick the best student care center for them? Well, you do not need to worry as we have jotted down a few important tips for you. These tips will help you in picking the best student care center for your children. Let’s take a look at them below.

  1. Consider All The Options

The first and the most important tip for you to select the best student care center for your children is to consider all the options that you have. You should perform a thorough search on the different types of student care centers available in Singapore. Check out the different facilities and services offered by them. Once you have considered all your options in detail, then only you should make a decision.

  1. Pick One That Is Close To Your Home

The next important thing to consider is the location of the student care center that you wish to enroll your child in. The location of the student care center should be convenient for both you and your child to travel. Otherwise, half of your time would be wasted on traveling only. This is why you should pick a student care center that is close to your home. It will be convenient for both you and your child as well.

  1. Make Sure That The Student Care Center Meets All Your Requirements

Picking a student care center that is only close to your home is not enough. You should make sure that the center meets all the requirements that you are looking for in a student care center. For example, it should operate during the same hours that you will be working.

The fee of different student care centers varies too. You need to pick the one that you can easily afford. So, consider all your requirements before picking a student care center for your child. Otherwise, there will be no use to get your child admitted to a student care center.

  1. Check Out The Extra Perks

Every student care center has some extra perks to offer to their students and parents. So, you should check out what perks the student care center of your interest is offering. Some offer special classes like arts and crafts while some offer outdoor activities. So, you need to pick the student care center which offers the extra perks that meet the interest of your child.

  1. Ask For Recommendations

Still not sure about which student care center to pick for your child? Well, you can even ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives as well. They will certainly give you the best advice based on their experience.


A student care center no doubt plays an important role in the development of your child as they will be spending the major part of their day there. This is why you must consider all the important factors before picking the best student care center for them.

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