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Top 20 PSLE Crash Courses and Intensive Tuition

Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) is the first exposure to a major exam for your child in his/her academic life.

A good showing at this stage helps children develop an attitude and a perspective for what subjects they would take up at the secondary level.

PSLE exams can be straining for your child and you may need a specialist tutor or tuition centre to help him/her cope up with the tough syllabus.

We have shortlisted best tuition centres and private tutors offering PSLE intensive revision and/or crash courses:


1. 88 Tuition: If you want to help your child through online mode of learning, then you have the best pick in the form of 88 tuition. It can be the best choice for online coaching.

Some of its several benefits are:
a. The learning process consists of video-based instructions, computer-graded assignments and a dashboard which allows the student and parent to track progress.
b. A lot of time spent in travel is saved which can be used for making study more efficient or for learning other activities.
c. All the tutors are highly experienced.
d. Engaging lessons.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics, English, Science, Chinese

Programs of PSLE offered: P1 to P6, PSLE Revision

Address: 271 Bukit Timah Road, #03-08 Balmoral Plaza, Singapore - 259708
WhatsApp: +65 8811 0009
E-mail: contact@88tuition.com
Source link: https://www.88tuition.com/course


2. British Council, Singapore: If your child is struggling to score well in PSLE English, then there is no better choice than the British Council. It offers:
a. Intensive examination practice.
b. Targets crucial problem areas for Singaporean students.
c. All exam tasks are deconstructed to provide students with a greater depth of understanding of the challenges.
d. Strategies are highlighted before students complete rigorous practice activities.
e. Sharpen PSLE compositions through frequent practice and individual feedback.
f. Gain marks in comprehension assessments with regular challenging exam-style texts.
g. Regular testing and feedback.

Programs of PSLE offered: PSLE Intensive course Centres for PSLE Revision:
i. Napier Road Centre: 30, Napier Road, 258509
ii. Marsiling Centre: 1 Woodlands Street 31 #04-01 Fuchun Community Club 738581
iii. Tampines Centre: 11 Tampines Concourse #01-02/03/04 528729
iv. Toa Payoh Centre: 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #09-01 HDB Hub, East Wing 310480 Contact: +65 6807 1599; +65-6807 1588

E-mail: contact@britishcouncil.org.sg
Source link: https://www.britishcouncil.sg/english/courses-children/psle


3. Terry Chew Academy (TCA): For intensive coaching in Mathematics PSLE syllabus, TCA founded by Mr Terry Chew is one of the perfect choices for the following features:
a. Strong emphasis on Critical Thinking Skills and making connections between different topics to solve complicated problem sums.
b. Tutors at TCA are Math Olympiad specialists.
c. Equip their students with effective Math Olympiad skills that are relevant and useful when applied to the PSLE Math Curriculum - such as Excess & Shortage, Method of Assumption, Working Backwards and more.
d. Experts in Maths concept building and problem-solving strategies and tools (28 essential tools) that help their students to answer questions with accuracy and speed.
e. A structured plan to building competence and confidence in your child.
f. The coaches identify each child’s conceptual gaps and weaknesses and then create a personalised roadmap to help the child to plug the gaps by clarifying concepts.
g. A small group containing not more than 10 students per batch.
h. Constantly track each student’s progress.
i. Callback sessions to target weak topics.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics
Programs of PSLE offered: PSLE A* Mathematics Course, Intensive revision course

Address: 167A Thomson Road, Singapore 307619
Contact: 8809 5884
E-mail: hello@terrychew.com.sg
Source link: https://terrychew.com.sg/


4. The Learning Board (TLB): The tutors at TLB motivate Primary 6 (PSLE) students through a change in their mindset and guides them to the A-star level via effective strategies.
Other benefits that make TLB an outstanding tuition centre for your child are:
a. Passionate and dedicated tutors at TLB begin with recognizing each student’s traits.
b. 7 years of teaching experience.
c. Provide smart sheet and specially crafted questions.
d. Lively delivery style of the tutors.
e. Positive reassurance and character coaching.
f. Offers an exhaustive coverage to help students tackle their exams with total confidence.
g. PSLE intensive revision bundles 4 major components: Grammar and Vocabulary, Comprehension, Creative Writing and Oral.
h. Cover essential concepts and advanced answering techniques in all test areas of the PSLE English papers.
i. TLB provides a friendly and stress-free learning environment for your child.

Subjects of PSLE offered: English
Programs of PSLE offered: PSLE Absolute Program, PSLE Intensive revision workshop

i. 16, Jalan Masjid, #01-06, Kembangan Suite, Singapore 418941
ii. 804 Hougang Central, #02-118 (above My Family Clinic), Singapore 530804 Contact: (+65) 9271 0648
E-mail: info@thelearningboard.com.sg
Source link: https://www.thelearningboard.com.sg/primary-6-psle-tuition.html


5. The Learning Lab (TLL): For unique teaching and learning model for various subjects for PSLE examination, one of the best tuition centres is TLL. It has a plethora of benefits that have badged it with several accolades.

Some of the features that make it an outstanding tuition centre are:
a. Tutors at TLL give its students the right balance in effective learning and academic performance.
b. Every lesson is designed to help your child master topics from the school syllabus and achieve key learning milestones. This means that there's always room for progression, improvement and increased confidence.
c. Hands-on activities or project-based learning help students understand concepts.
d. Hone examination skills and performance.
e. Continuously updated study material.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics, English, Science, Enrichment
Programs of PSLE offered: PSLE regular classes and special holiday revision programs

Address: i. United Square: 101 Thomson Road, #03-03 Singapore 307591
ii. 87 Marine Parade Central, #02-00 Singapore 440087
iii. Tampines Mall 4 Tampines Central 5, #05-07 Singapore 529510
iv. 2 Tampines Central 5 Century Square #04-13 Singapore 529509
v. Seletar Mall 33 Sengkang West Ave #02-18 to 21 Singapore 797653
vi. Rochester Mall 35 Rochester Drive, #02-26 to 35 Singapore 138639
vii. Jem 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #04-45 to 51 Singapore 608549
viii. Choa Chu Kang Centre 309 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #05-03 Singapore 680309

Contact: (+65) 6733 8711
E-mail: enquiry@thelearninglab.com.sg
Source link: https://www.thelearninglab.com.sg/programme/upper-primary/


6. The Educationist (TE): It is the specialist for improving grades in Science and Mathematics.

Your child at the Educationist will receive:
a. Customized 1-1 coaching
b. Free trial lesson.
c. Interesting and effective teaching technique blended with motivation.
d. Experience of 16 years.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics, Science
Programs of PSLE offered: PSLE regular classes and Intensive revision course

Contact: 81888009
Source link: https://theeducationist.sg/psle-maths/


7. Bright Culture: For PSLE tuitions, our hand-picked tutor is Ms Caydient. She can help your child in improving grades even in a short span.

With her as your child’s mentor, your child can reap multiple benefits from:
a. Her wide experience as a full-time tutor for more than 10 consecutive years.
b. She has been featured on Shin Min Daily News for improving a P5 student’s English, Science and Maths grades from 59 and 50 marks to 88 and 85 marks respectively.
c. She is a very patient teacher.
d. She can help your child get crystal clear understanding of the main Science concepts that will surely come out during PSLE.
e. Intensive practice with a wide range of questions with different answering techniques.
f. Bright culture is a MOE registered tuition centre.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics, Science, English
Programs of PSLE offered: PSLE regular courses, PSLE Science Crash Course

Address: i. 183B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307628
ii. 300, #05-08 Tampines Ave 5, Tampines Junction, 529653
Contact: +65 9187 0820
Source link: https://www.bright-culture.com/primary-science-tuition-centre-psle/


8. Edufront: Another bright centre for PSLE Science tuitions is Edufront.

It offers its specialised PSLE tuition programmes at different centres. Mr Yang Iskandar, Principal of Edufront Learning Centre is a very talented and bright tutor with several qualifications mastered.

Your child will have improved grades with:
a. Most effective and highly sought-after Primary Science Tuition Programme using 3-Pronged Strategy.
b. 12 years of experience.
c. Provide a strong understanding of the concepts in every topic and the mastery of process skills and answering techniques.
d. Comprehensive and attractive science notes on the key concepts in every topic based on the latest MOE science syllabus and learning outcomes.
e. Proprietary templates with guiding questions based on the Heuristics approach to develop the scientific thinking process in solving challenging questions such as Experimental-type questions or the Application questions.
f. Comprehensive topical worksheets, developed in-house, focusing on the application of process skills and answering techniques.
g. Highly qualified NIE-trained and Science specialist tutors.
h. Small group with a maximum of 1 to 10 tutor-student ratio (or 2 tutors to 20 students in Mr Yang’s class).
i. Differentiated teaching to cater to students with different achievement levels.
j. 1 free Trial lesson.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Science
Programs of PSLE offered: PSLE Mastery Programme

i. Blk 614 Elias Road, #01-120 Singapore 510614 (Call: 6583 2616; WhatsApp: 9183 6342)
ii. Blk 217 Choa Chu Kang Central, #B1-212 Singapore 680217 (Call: 6816 2910; WhatsApp: 9382 4910)
iii. Blk 533 Serangoon North Ave 4, #B1-233 Singapore 550533 (Call: 6957 7175; WhatsApp: 9183 6349)
iv. Blk 103 Yishun Ring Road, #02-85 Yishun, Singapore 760103 (Call: 6909 8052; WhatsApp: 9382 4546)

Contact: +65 6816 5493 (HQ)
Email: principal@edufront.com
Source link: https://edufront.com/primary-science-mastery/#


9. Science Edventure (SE): If you are looking for a Science speciality tutor for your child struggling with PSLE syllabus, then SE can be opted for: a. Tutors at SE believe in building up a strong foundation through specially prepared detailed notes and challenging worksheets.
b. The unique answering technique for open-ended section.
c. Teach exclusive RECAP answering technique in which students are taught how to answer such questions specifically by applying relevant science concepts, using scientific vocabulary (keywords) and analysing information from data (graphs and/or tables) to obtain full marks.
d. Weekly concept quizzes.
e. Detailed explanations by the teacher.
f. Extra enrichment materials to extend students’ scope of knowledge.
g. Correction of common misconceptions.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Science
Programs of PSLE offered: Weekly classes and special holiday programmes.

Address: Science Edventure Tuition Centre, Blk 269 Bishan Street 24, #B1-192, Singapore 570269

Contact: +(65) 6456 3242; +(65) 9660 8689
E-mail: enquiry@scienceedventure.com
Website: http://www.scienceedventure.com/


10. Matrix Math (MM): Another specialist in Mathematics of PSLE is what MM stands out as.

If offers several outstanding features, some of which are mentioned below:
a. They have devised a unique award-winning MA+RIX™ Learning Method which gives children a deeper appreciation and affinity toward mathematics.
b. 1:6 teacher to student ratio ensures personal attention to all children.
c. Integrated approach in learning heuristic problem-solving, giving their students a solid grasp of the fundamentals, as well as helping them develop a methodical step-by-step thought process, which can turn complicated sums into simple questions.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics
Programs of PSLE offered: Online/Regular PSLE Math lessons, Holiday programme

Address: 1 Marine Parade Central, #11-04 Singapore 449408
Contact: +65 63456439
E-mail: learning@matrixmath.sg
Website: https://www.pslemath.com.sg/


11. Edufirst: If you are looking for an English tutor who can give personal attention to your child struggling with PSLE English, one of the best centres is EduFirst.
Its distinguishing features are: a. 2-time award winner of "Best Enrichment & Learning Schools".
b. Teaching is done with a systematic, scientific-based approach.
c. Teaching is done according to the latest syllabus.
d. Adopt a 2-pronged approach to build a strong foundation and provide a rich language where the focus is on: i. Listening and Viewing ii. Reading and Viewing iii. Speaking and Representing iv. Writing and Representing v. Grammar vi. Vocabulary
e. Well structured worksheets and materials are all written by NIE trained teachers.
f. Teach your child the right skills and techniques to tackle the challenging and demanding exam questions.
g. A clear explanation of grammar concepts to handle the editing section.
h. Small group size (2-6 students).
i. Target individual child’s weakness.

Subjects of PSLE offered: English
Programs of PSLE offered: Online/Regular PSLE English

Address: i. Yishun (Northpoint City) Branch: Northpoint City, South Wing, #02-164
ii. Yishun (Khatib) Branch: 848, Yishun St 81 ,#01-152/154, Khatib Central
iii. Sengkang 1 Branch (Fernvale): 405C, Fernvale Lane, #01-103, Sengkang iv. Sengkang 2 Branch (Anchorvale): 326A, Anchorvale Road #01-256

Contact: 9106 7716
E-mail: enquiry@edufirst.com.sg
Source link: https://www.edufirst.com.sg/


12. Tutor Suzanne: One of the specialist tutors in PSLE Maths and Science syllabi is Ms Suzanne Tan.

Your child can avail the benefits from:
a. Her more than 8 years of experience.
b. Break down the entire PSLE Math and Science into bite-sized pieces for your child to digest easily, and conduct a regular assessment to track their progress.
c. All-rounded support through WhatsApp.
d. Small class size of not more than 8 students per batch to ensure personalized attention to each student.
e. She has developed the SPA (Skills, Pattern recognition, Application) approach in their curriculum.
f. Consultation sessions
g. Revision packages

Subjects of PSLE offered: Science, Mathematics
Programs of PSLE offered: Regular classes, Revision packages

Address: Blk 934 Jurong West Street 91, Singapore 640934 Contact: (+65) 8448 5543

E-mail: learn@tutorsuzanne.com
Source link: https://www.tutorsuzanne.com/


13. Aspire Hub: If you aspire to have your child achieve the desired grades in PSLE, then Aspire Hub has plenty in its basket to offer.

It is leading in the domain ever since it was established in 2001. Some of its distinguishing features are:

a. Both online, as well as regular classes, are offered.
b. Every student gets a personalized learning plan.
c. Every student’s portfolio is handled by an experienced coach in a personalized manner.
d. Interesting yet impactful lessons.
e. Coaches provide high quality, focused sessions to help students gain confidence, improve self-esteem and ready to meet the academic challenges ahead.
f. A small batch of only 6 students per class.
g. Teaching style and methodology is tutorial-based which enables a smooth class going on with questions being answered and doubts cleared at the end.

Subjects of PSLE offered: English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese
Programs of PSLE offered: Regular classes, Revision packages

Source link: https://www.aspirehub.com/


14. Maths Accelerator Centre (MAC): For a PSLE specialist tutor in Mathematics, our yet another highly recommended tutor is Mr Chris Siew.

He is known for helping students improve their grades in a short span of 60 days. Other features offered by his specialist PSLE Maths tuition that can be beneficial for your child are:
a. He has developed a secret learning system which he proudly calls SCORE (Strategy Mastery, Content Mastery, Optimised Performance, Review, Evaluation)
b. He has more than 15 years of tutoring experience.
c. He employs multiple ways to ensure your child develops the needed skills for PSLE Math.
d. He helps students understand the strategies needed to solve various complex problem sums.
e. He makes a conscious effort to help students link the content with the related strategies to help them solve complex problem sums.
f. Through guided practice, students' mathematical skills are sharpened to an optimal level.
g. At the end of each major topic, he conducts a comprehensive review and communicates the students' strengths and weaknesses to parents to ensure that weak areas are fully addressed before each major exams.
h. Tutors help consolidate their learning, construct memory maps to ensure that they can retrieve what they’ve learnt easily during assessments.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics
Programs of PSLE offered: Regular classes, Revision packages

Address: 1 Marine Parade Central, #12-03 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408 Contact: 87257203

E-mail: info@pslemathcoach.com
Source link: http://www.parkwaymath.com/


15. True Learning Centre (TLC): Established in 2010, TLC has important features to offer as a tuition centre for your child.

These are: a. It has three branches which offer the option to choose from varied centres based on location priority.
b. TLC has a strong reputation for exam excellence helping students achieve exam excellence by moulding and shaping them to be confident and motivated learners.
c. Experienced and NIE-trained teachers tutors at TLC adopt an active learning approach, where students engage in critical thinking and participate in class through guided discussions and other activities.
d. Round-the-clock support.
e. Class size is capped to 10 students per batch.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics, English, Science
Programs of PSLE offered: Regular classes, Revision packages

Address: i. TLC @ JCUBE: 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCUBE, #04-02/03, Singapore- 609731 (Call: 6708 9382)
ii. TLC @ Kovan: 2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza, #01-07, Singapore 548008 (Call: 6708 9382)
iii. TLC @ Novena: 179B Thomson Road, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307626 (Call: 6708 9382)

E-mail:enquiry@truelearning.com.sg, hr@truelearning.com.sg
Source link: http://www.truelearning.com.sg/


16. Future Academy (FA): For regular primary classes for Mathematics as well as Chinese, Future Academy can be the centre of your choice for the following features:
a. Small batch size of not more than 6 students per batch.
b. Notes and worksheets are prepared for every lesson based on students' learning progress.
c. Extra practice questions/papers for self-practice.
d. All tutors are highly experienced in their respective domains.
e. Tutors at FA always monitor students' feedback and exam results and fine-tune their activities in classes.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics, Chinese
Programs of PSLE offered: Regular classes

Address: i. 175A, Bencoolen Street, #06-05, Burlington Square Office Tower, Singapore 189650
ii. 170, Upper Bukit Timah Road, #15-04, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179

Contact: +65 6884 6566
E-mail: info@fa.edu.sg
Source link: https://www.fa.edu.sg/high-quality-tuition/


17. eduKate: This can be your first choice to educate your child in a variety of PSLE subjects with a lot of advantages that make it superior to other centres.

Some of the advantages of getting your child enrolled at eduKate are:
a. Small group tuition.
b. Tutors are highly experienced full-time tutors who keep themselves regularly updated regarding the changing syllabus.
c. Conducive classrooms.
d. Tutors customise their teaching style according to every student’s needs, adapting their tuition classes according to their learning abilities and skill levels.
e. In addition to tutors, they also have student counsels who monitor students doing their work and help them in improving their techniques, as well as advising students in studying efficiently for their exams.
f. They clear all weaknesses and doubts of their students.
g. Tutors teach various methods and tricks to answer and score well in exams.
h. 24/7 assistance during exam preparations.
i. Students can ask and clear all doubts anytime during the lesson.
j. Students will learn how to score in accordance with the marking scheme.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics, Science, English
Programs of PSLE offered: Regular classes, PSLE Intensive courses

Address: i. 664 Yishun Avenue 4 #01-275, Singapore 760664 (Call: Yuet Ling +65 88231234)
ii. 10 Paterson Road, Singapore 238508 (Call: Yuet Ling +65 88231234)
iii. 83 Punggol Field, Singapore 828761 (Call: Yuet Ling +65 82226327)

Contact: +65 8823 1234
E-mail: admin@edukatesg.com
Source link: https://edukatesg.com/


18. Simply Education tuition Centre (SETC): SETC can simply be the best option for your child for the following attributes:
a. The student-centred approach to teaching.
b. Work for recognizing and building strengths and overcoming weak areas.
c. Experienced tutors who believe in delivering results.
d. Coaching classes available at three different centres.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese
Programs of PSLE offered: Regular classes, PSLE crash courses

Address: i. 201D Tampines Street 21 #03-1153 Singapore 524201
ii. 806 Hougang Central #03-154 Singapore 530806
iii. 18 Jalan Membina #04-05 Singapore 164018

Contact: 65 6784 0790 WhatsApp: +65 9832 2123
E-mail: tuition@simplyeducation.com.sg
Source link: https://www.simplyeducation.com.sg/


19. APM Tuition Centre: Founded by Mr Lewis Ng in 2000, APM is our recommendation for Mathematics and Science PSLE syllabus for the following advantages:
a. Each batch contains not more than 6 students.
b. Every student’s strengths and weaknesses are managed well.
c. Help students learn through peer encouragement.
d. Wide experience of 18 years.
e. Caring and patient tutors.
f. Provides strategy to adopt the logical approach for answering questions.
g. Mr Lewis strives to uncover the basic things that can be retained as concepts in his students throughout their life.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics, Science
Programs of PSLE offered: Regular classes, PSLE crash courses

Address: APM tuition Centre, 15A Woodlands Ave 6, Singapore - 738996
Contact: 98364183
Source link: http://apmtuition.com/


20. Edu Reach: For PSLE Maths Preparation, Edu Reach is one of the popular centres across the island. It offers several benefits like:
a. Gives insight into exam strategies, techniques and skills.
b. Tutors at Edu Reach have a positive mindset and build self-confidence in students.
c. Provide time management skills.
d. Personalised study material.
e. Logical thinking class.

Subjects of PSLE offered: Mathematics
Programs of PSLE offered: Regular classes, PSLE crash courses

Address: i. Blk 201E, #01-122 (2nd level, On top of the Red dot Furniture), Tampines Street 23. Singapore - 527201
ii. Blk 541, #B1-1215, Hougang Avenue 8, Singapore - 530541
iii. Blk 743, #B1-03, Jurong West Street 73, Singapore - 640743

Contact: 68176157
E-mail: info@edureachsg.com
Source link: https://edureachsg.com/psle_math_preparatory/

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