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Top 14 Playgroups in Singapore for your child

A playground is where your children learn to interact with their peers and explore the world around them so they play a very important part in your child’s mental as well as physical development.

In addition, this is also where children learn to play next to one another without interfering with each other’s play, which is yet another crucial skill for every human being to have.

Your child also observes their peers and in many cases mimics their behavior. For all of these and many other reasons, playgroups play a vital role in your child’s life.

But the children are not the only ones who benefit from going to the playgroups, because parents get something out of it as well. This is where you can meet like-minded individuals and exchange parenting tips with them.

In this article, you will learn where you can find some of the best playgroups in Singapore.

  1. Edufarm.

Edufarm is a playgroup that incorporates western-style techniques into its curriculum. The most popular curriculum in this playgroup utilizes the same phonics system which is used in the United Kingdom and which is designed especially for toddlers.

By engaging in this program your toddler will be intellectually stimulated and will get acquainted with the British phonics system.

Children learn with the help of music and engaging games and rhymes. Your child will also learn how to tell time and take part in fun educational experiments.

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  1. My Gym.

If you have a child who is between 19 months and five years old you can sign them up for My Gym where they will learn many different useful skills. The lessons are mainly taught through free play which has been carefully developed by professionals in this field.

My Gym stimulates your child’s intellect and inspires them to continue learning. The playgroup also offers activities revolving around arts and crafts music and even science.

  1. Wee Care Singapore.

Wee Care Singapore is a playgroup that offers a structured program not only for children but also for their parents. By participating in the playgroup's activities you will bond with your little one.

Each week there is a different theme so you can rest assured your little one will never get bored. The activities incorporate art, music, and various interactive and educational games.

In addition, Wee Care Singapore organizes outdoor activities which can help your child learn better.

  1. White Lodge.

White Lodge is famous for its program designed for both children and parents. This program will strengthen the bond between you and your child by engaging both of you in interesting games.

In White Lodge, your little one will also learn such crucial skills as speed reading. And of course, there are the usual benefits of meeting all the children of the same age and learning how to interact with them and make friends.

  1. Kiddy ABC.

In Kiddie ABC students are divided into two groups according to their age. The younger group consists of toddlers ranging from 18 to 24 months. And then there are toddlers who are 24 months and above. However, the approach is pretty much the same in both of these playgroups. The children are in close proximity to one another and are encouraged to play and explore the world around them. They do this by using various toys and other educational materials.

  1. Busy Tables.

If you decide to sign up your child for this playgroup they will have a great time exploring the real world around them. Busy Tables takes toddlers outside on various educational field trips. Children visit museums, supermarkets, parks, and other places to develop valuable life skills. By doing this together as a group they are able to observe other people in real-life situations and compare themselves to their peers.

This playgroup also offers various products to facilitate sensory play and teach children numerous concepts.

To make sure that each of the sessions is interesting themes are often changed.

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  1. Musical Monkeys.

There are hundreds of millions of people all around the world who learn new concepts and ideas better with the help of music. If you notice that your child is one of those people then he or she will surely benefit from going to Musical Monkeys playgroup.

You have probably already guessed that in this playgroup children learn about the world through music. But they don’t just listen to it, they might also get to use various musical instruments which they may later incorporate into their activities.

Musical Monkeys even offers German music classes. In addition, they have a special class for pregnant parents who wish to harvest all of the benefits classical music can bring to their unborn children.

Another benefit of Musical Monkeys (especially nowadays) is that they offer online classes so you can attend these playgroups from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Gymboree.

Gymboree is yet another popular playgroup in Singapore because it incorporates modern technology, interactive play, and other up-to-date teaching techniques to give your child the best playgroup experience and inspire them to keep learning.

In this playgroup, your child can learn at their own pace and in accordance with their abilities. There are four different playgroup sessions offered to buy the Gymboree. The children are divided by their age. The first session is for infants, the second one is for babies, next there is a session for toddlers and finally, a separate session is organized for preschoolers. Different age-appropriate activities are utilized to increase the children’s cognitive ability.

  1. Tea & Tots.

This playgroup is offered by the Integrated International School. Tea & Tots accepts toddlers from eight months old to 18 months. This program has been designed by Dr. Vanessa Von Auer who is a mom of two and a child psychologist.

While parents are having a chat over some tea and cakes and exchange parenting tips toddlers get acquainted with each other in a welcoming environment.

Children learn some basic skills through various games, and the use of music in these discussions helps them get in touch with their emotional side.

  1. Mucky Pups.

Mucky Pups allows both parents and toddlers to use their imagination and creativity. This playgroup offers a wide variety of games and interactive activities which have been carefully designed to help your child develop socially as well as physically.

If your child is between six months and three years of age you can sign them up for this playgroup however keep in mind that the schedules are limited.

  1. Infant and Toddler Atelier at the Blue House.

In this playgroup, your little one can engage in tactile play as well as a variety of singing activities. And of course, no playgroup would be complete without interesting arts and crafts activities. Visit their website here.

The playgroup's space itself is very well designed; in fact, it is a curious toddler's dream come true. Your child can get carried away with the splash paint, or explore a wind tunnel. Or maybe they are more scientific-minded and they want to examine leaves against the lightbox; whatever rocks their boat this playgroup has you covered.

If your child is older than six months but younger than three years you can get them into a drop-in session, or alternatively, get a package deal.

  1. Pat’s SchoolHouse playgroups.

Pat’s SchoolHouse is renowned for offering playgroups to preschoolers. Here you can find playgroups for both infants who are 2 to 18 months old, as well as toddlers who are either two or three years old. You also have a choice between a full-day program or a half-day one.

This playgroup engages your child by using various tumbling activities, interactive play and even introducing them to the world of cooking.

All of this helps your child develop their motor skills as well as language skills. By being introduced to colors and various shapes children grasp basic mathematical concepts.

  1. Little Tykes Playgroups in Singapore.

This playgroup offers great classes for children who are between 18 months and 3.5 years of age. The classes typically start at 8:30 AM and finish at 12:30 PM however the choice of days is flexible.

There are also optional afternoon sessions which begin at 12:30 in the afternoon and finish at 3 PM. Just like in all other top-notch playgroups, toddlers learn through interactive play in meticulously design classrooms and outdoor spaces. Little Tykes playgroup has been inspired by Reggio Emilia learning and their motto is "playing matters!"

Another great thing about this playgroup is the teacher to student ratio (1:4) which ensures that the experienced teachers can devote enough attention to each of their students.

  1. EtonHouse Playgroups.

EtonHouse has launched a playgroup that involves a lot of sensorial exploration and has been developed especially for children ages between 9 to 22 months.

The learning environment is beautifully designed and extremely safe, and it offers a wide range of activities to stimulate your child intellectually as well as physically.

The program in this playgroup focuses on developing four main areas. These are social skills, physical ability, musical ability, and sensorial ability.

Children develop a strong bond with their peers as well as caregivers which enhances their learning capabilities and benefits them as they progress to the next stage of their lives.

Final thoughts...

In the end, when it comes to high-quality playgroups in Singapore parents are spoiled for choice. You might be thinking that your child is too young to be immersed in the educational environment but you would be wrong. It is never too early to start, so by picking one of these playgroups you will be setting your beloved child on the right track from the very beginning.


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