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Top 12 Parenting Trends In 2021

Every time period in the history of this world has had different parenting trends that have changed over time. With the way the world has changed, it's important to stay updated on parenting trends.

There is an increasing number of parenting trends that parents are following. These trends often lead to unrealistic standards that parents must follow and can be harmful to children.  Parents should not follow every trend they see because not all of them are good for their children. Some examples of this are the baby wearing trend, the attachment parenting trend, and extreme dieting trends.

1. Telehealth for Parents and Their Kids

Health is wealth. If you want to take care of your child, you need to work on your health as well. However it’s not just about one parent but it’s also about the people who care for them and the people who rely on them. Telehealth can provide support for parents of younger children, seniors and those with chronic illnesses especially during this pandemic.

The pandemic is one of the biggest reasons that the trend of telehealth has gained so much importance over the last year. It enables doctors to consult with specialists from afar or use remote monitoring devices to keep track of a patient’s progress.

For patients at home, telehealth offers an alternative way to receive medical care for chronic conditions or during emergencies when they cannot get in touch with their doctor or go to the hospital. It can help improve lives by providing support to parents of younger children.

2. Parents Prefer Sustainable Products

As the trend of sustainability is increasing, parents are looking for products that have a lesser impact on the environment. An important factor in this trend is the mindset of people. The parents want to create a better future for their children and don't want to leave an environmental mess for them.

This is why they are opting for products that are sustainable and don't harm our natural resources. The demand has led to many companies developing sustainable products that cater to the needs of these parents. And those who are not quite there yet have started taking steps in order to become more environmentally conscious also.

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3. Dads Are Stepping Up

Another amazing trend that people are seeing since past few decades is that the dads are stepping up. They are taking an active role in taking care of the children. People have started to realize that caring for children isn’t just a mother’s job but it is something that needs to be done by both parents. Want to be a Stay At Home Dad, check out our guide here.

This is why we can see a lot of stay at home dads these days. In the old days mothers to new born babies used preferred to leave their jobs to take care of their kids however all of this is changing and the trend has seen a boost with both mothers and fathers staying and working from home during the pandemic. It has made dads share equal responsibility in taking care of the children as much as the mothers.

4. Increasing Trend of Breastfeeding

In today’s society, more and more parents are choosing to breastfeed their children instead of feeding them formula milk. With this growing trend of breastfeeding comes the need for advocacy. The benefits of breastfeeding have been documented extensively but there is still a lot of misinformation about it.

However many studies suggest that breastfeeding is healthier than formula milk. The trend of breastfeeding has been increasing for a few years now and it is expected to keep growing in 2021 as well.

5. Use of Technology for Parenting Support

Technology has helped human beings in all walks of life. It has not just made our lives easier but it has also made us more efficient. Technology is used by most parents for communication, management, and safety. It has helped to alleviate some of the stress of parenting. See our list of 10 best tutoring apps for every Singaporean student.

Technology can be used to help with the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of parenting. It can also be an educational tool for children that doesn't require a book or teacher's attention.

Despite all the benefits, there are some disadvantages to using technology in parenting. Young children can become addicted to screens, which is why it should not be used too often as a distraction from doing other activities with your kids. Fret not! We have 5 useful tips on how to prevent phone addiction for your child.

6. Monitoring Screen Time Usage

Carrying on from the last point, technology can be very beneficial for both parents and children. Kids can experience both health benefits and detriments from screen time. We should be wary of how much we are exposing our kids to technology. It is important that we introduce our children to the technology at a young age, but also monitor their usage. How do you decide at what age should you let your child go online? Read our guide here

During the lockdown, children had to take online classes which exposed them to a great amount of screen time. And with everything on lockdown, the only entertainment kids could get were video games, movies and TV shows, all of which further expose the children to screens.  Which is why it is very important for parents to monitor the Screen time usage of children and find a balance between using screens for studies and for fun & entertainment.

7. Healthier Diets

Maintaining a healthy diet has been very difficult during the pandemic. This is why many people have complained about weight gain during the pandemic. However there are also people who took the pandemic as an opportunity to care for their bodies. Parents who eat healthy can take better care of their kid’s diet as well. If the parents eat healthy, their kids eat healthy. Healthy eating trends have also seen a surge in 2021.

8. Understand Your Kids

Another amazing trend seen in the past few years and also continuing in 2021 is the trend of flexible parenting. Parents are becoming more knowledgeable and more aware of how to deal with their kids. They have started to understand their kids better.

There is still a lot of work to be done however parents are now understanding that getting help for their kids isn’t a bad thing. It is actually good for their children. They don’t scold or react negatively to their kid’s behavior. Instead they try to identify the underlying reason for their kid’s behavior and then try to get professional help for the said purpose.

In the old days parents thought that being aggressive and scolding their children can make them better however with time people have become more aware. They are now understanding that the way to deal with kids is to first understand them, understand their needs and understand why they are behaving in a certain way. Instead, you need to teach the the 10 basic life skills every child should learn from a young age.

9. Realizing the Importance of Mothers in the Work Force

Women have always been put in the position to take care of their children and other family members. And when they try to negotiate for more time at home, many organizations have a hard time understanding where this leaves them in the company. And, as a result there becomes a tension between mothers and employers.

The idea that mothers are less committed to their career because they are busy taking care of their kids is not true. In fact this notion is long gone. They want to keep their jobs and be engaged with what is going on at work but there will always be this tension between motherhood and work life.

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One way employers can help is by offering flexible hours or telecommuting opportunities to reduce the pressure on mothers at home. Employers are also understanding now that women can be as efficient and productive in the workplace as their male counterparts which is why they are trying to invest in retaining all their efficient and hardworking male and female workers.

Companies these days offer a lot of incentive to mothers who plan on sticking with their jobs even after giving birth to a baby.

These are some of the trends that you need to look out for in 2021. Along with these trends, there are also some trends that parents need to avoid at all costs. Let’s take a look at some of the parenting trends that need a solid good bye in 2021.

10. Not Getting a Crib for the Baby

There are many people who prefer to put their baby to sleep right next to them on the bed. Parents are very possessive and protective about their kids however making your babies sleep on your bed can be very risky. You may unknowingly hurt the baby when you are asleep.

Babies were usually put to sleep in their cribs however in the last few years there is a large percentage of parents who prefer to use their own bed instead of the crib. This trend has to change. In order to save the child from any sort of risk and harm, it is important for parents to get a crib for their baby. The crib can be placed near to the bed, so the baby is near the parents and has a good space to sleep without the risk of getting hurt.

11. Embarrassing Photos of Your Children

Would you like if any of your friends posted an embarrassing photo of yourself on the internet. Most of us have seen our old embarrassing photos in the Polaroid format. However times have changed.

Anything you put on the internet stays on the internet. It’s not like you can get rid of them by tearing them up and throwing them away like you could with a Polaroid photo.

So if you are going to post an embarrassing photo of your kid where he/she is naked , or where their mouth is covered with food or where they are doing something embarrassing then it is good for a few minutes laugh but its effects can stick to you kid for ages.

Your kid may even be made fun of it when he/she grows up. So it is very important to think before you post any photograph of your child on the internet. Before you post a photo of your child, think how you would feel if someone posted a photo of you which could get you bullied in the years to come.

12. Gender Reveal Parties

Getting to know the gender of your baby before it’s born can be a very exciting experience. We have all seen those gender reveal party videos online. They were fun and entertaining at first, however those parties are getting out of hand now. See some of the best examples here.

In 2020, a gender reveal party caused a wildfire in California which spread over 22744 acres of land and went on burning for 23 days. It was estimated that the wildfires caused a damage of over $12 billion and also took the lives of 33 people. This should be enough to stop the ever increasing trend of ridiculous gender reveal parties that are more dangerous than entertaining.

Even if you want to have gender reveal party, keep it simple and avoid anything that may cause damage to you, your family member or the society. Some people do not like the idea of gender reveal parties as it excludes those who cannot have children because they cannot conceive or have lost a child through miscarriage or abortion. Others think that this is a great way to be inclusive and have fun with family and friends while waiting for their baby to arrive.

Final Words

We have talked about parenting trends that all parents should know and we have also talked about the parenting trends that all parents should avoid at all costs in 2021. Not all trends are good trends and just because other people are doing it does not mean that you have to do it as well.

Your parenting should not depend on what other people are doing especially if it’s something negative. Picking up good things from other parents is great but if you are going to follow a parenting trend then it is better to first analyze if it’s going to bring any benefit to you or the children. If not, then it’s best to steer clear from it.

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