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Top 10 TED Talks To Enhance Your Tutoring Lessons

We live in the age of technology and information. Everything you ever need to know is now available at your fingertips. However, it is up to you to take advantage of this and expand your knowledge.

One way to do this is by listening to TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks. It is the latest platform where industry experts and influential personalities share their knowledge of a certain topic.

As a tutor, you should be utilizing this great resource to enhance your knowledge and pass it on to your students. Of course, there are so many TED Talks to choose from so it can be difficult to choose just one.

This is why we have made this guide of the top 10 TED Talks that will take your tutoring lessons to the next level.


#1. Let’s Use Video To Reinvent Education

The education industry needs to adapt to changing times by introducing more engaging learning. This was the aim of Khan Academy and in this TED Talk, Salman Khan shares how he established it to help students all around the world.

Khan Academy is a great resource that many students all over the world use. It is perhaps one of the most trusted platforms when it comes to learning about a certain educational topic.

It features videos, lectures, and other exercises that students can use to learn more about a subject. In this talk, Salman Khan shows the value of this resource for students and how even tutors can learn from this platform.

He emphasizes the importance of it and shares his story of establishing this platform for tutors and students everywhere. It is an inspiring talk that should be on the top of your list as a tutor.


#2. 100,000 Students

As a tutor, you also need to adapt to the rapidly changing times. If you are not making use of online learning and online platforms then you are not utilizing your potential completely.

So, if you want to integrate online learning in your teaching then you also need to know how to maximize its benefit. This TED Talk will show you how.

Peter Norvig talks about how to maximize the benefits of online learning. He talks about how this process should work. Apart from that, he also talks about how it should feel for the students.

So, if you want to enhance your tutoring lessons through the aid of online learning then you need to know what the speaker has to say. It will completely change the way you have been teaching till now and you can incorporate this into your teaching strategy.


#3. Bring On The Learning Revolution!

Sir Ken Robinson already did a talk in 2006 and this was a follow-up talk after that. In this talk, he stresses the importance of personalized learning. The problem that exists today is that everything is too standardized.

This suppresses the natural talents of children as they are made to be in a system that works a certain way. However, as a tutor, you should be offering personalized learning to your students.

This way their natural skills can show and they can flourish what they already have. Tutors have to create an environment where the natural skills and talents of a student can thrive.

So, if you want your students to thrive and excel in academics and beyond then this TED Talk is a gold mine. It will give you insights and techniques on how you can create the perfect conditions for personalized learning. You can then apply these to your lessons.


#4. School Cloud

Tutoring is not just about aiding the student all the time. They also need to develop the ability to learn without a teacher. This is an important step that most tutors miss as they spoon-feed children and this suppresses their intelligence.

The speaker of this talk, Sugata Mitra, won a TED Prize in 2013 for his ideal called Build a School in the Cloud. Essentially, he attached a computer in a wall in some extremely poor areas of India.

Through this, he proved that children can easily learn on their own without the guidance of a teacher. He also proved that students only needed some positive reinforcement and encouragement so they can learn on their own.

You can also learn these positive reinforcement and encouragement techniques to help your students learn outside the classroom as well. This will help them be even better at academics.


#5. Teacher Feedback

This TED Talk is given by Bill Gates and he talks about the importance of feedback from students. He emphasizes that it is important for teachers to receive feedback from their students.

If you are giving your feedback to the students so they can improve then you need to get feedback as well so you can also improve. This way you can improve your skills and be a better teacher for your students.

You will learn your strengths and weaknesses and you can take action to improve yourself as a tutor. After all, everyone has room for improvement so always tune into what your students have to say.

Apart from that, he also talks about how technology can aid teachers with their lessons. It is a tool that can be utilized for effective teaching and tutoring.

So, if you want to improve yourself as a tutor then give this a listen!


#6. A Powerful Idea About Ideas

This TED Talk is given by Alan Kay and in this, he shares his idea about the notion of ideas. According to him, many techniques can be used to educate children about how to illustrate their experiences through the use of computers.

He also talks about simple ways that can be utilized to teach children. Right now, many models of teaching children rely on complex ideas. This can become difficult and complex.

Teachers should take both simple and complex models to create a technique that is adaptable for the students to learn. If you want learning to be simple and intuitive for your students then this is a great TED Talk to listen to.

It will give you valuable insights into what you need to do to improve the learning of children.


#7. What We’re Learning From Online Education

This TED Talk is led by Daphne Koller and she is encouraging the topmost universities in the world to put their courses on digital platforms without a charge. 

According to her, this is a great way to research how students all over the world learn. This research can then be used to improve the education industry and help students learn through the use of this data.

She stresses how many free online educational platforms such as Coursera can build a huge pool of data as students do assignments, engage in discussions, and take quizzes.

This will build a pool of data on the behavior of students all over the world. This data can be turned into information. It can be used to get valuable insights and then modify education systems according to the needs of the children.


#8. Play Is More Than Just Fun

The speaker for this TED Talk is Stuart Brown and he emphasizes how play is an important aspect of learning. This is because involving play helps both children and adults to stay happy and healthy.

So, you can utilize this TED Talk to make your classes more interactive for your students by involving some play as well to mentally stimulate your students.

Stuart Brown also goes one step further and shares how play can change the behavior of people in the long-term. It is one of the most important aspects of life.

So, learn from this TED Talk and apply some play into your teaching lessons so your students can benefit.


#9. Tales Of Creativity And Play

Again another talk on play that analyses how creative thinking and play can be combined to create an effective learning strategy. This talk is given by Tim Brown who shows examples of how the interplay of these two things can help in learning.

Apart from that, combining these two elements can also spark creativity even in the dullest situations. So, if you want to inspire your students then incorporate these two elements into your teaching technique.


#10. How To Escape Education’s Death Valley

This is another great TED Talk by Ken Robinson who explores how 3 principles are essential to enhance the human mind. The education culture that we have now works against these principles.

This is why it is now more important than ever to incorporate these principles so that the human mind can flourish and learn. This is the only way to nurture the younger generation so they can have more opportunities.


Final Words

Information is power. Use these TED Talks to add to your knowledge and information so that you can help your students to perform better academically and in life.

After all, tutors are also mentors that can shape and change the behavior of children. So make sure you are preparing your students for the future and to think for themselves!


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