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Top 10 Online Courses To Improve Your Skills And Career

Your skills set you apart when it comes to your career. The most skillful you are, the more others will take notice of you. This increases your probability of moving up the ladder in your career. 

What is a better way to upgrade your skills, and ultimately your career, than taking courses that can help you with this? Online courses are all the rage these days, and we can assure you that they come with many benefits for the improvement of your skills and career! 

Why Should You Take Online Courses?

Taking online courses can help you in ways that you didn’t think was possible. Yes, you read that right. Through these, you will be able to gain an immense amount of knowledge, all the while sitting at your home or any other remote location! Who wouldn’t want to avail of this opportunity? 

Also, one of the best things that online courses offer you is that you can easily do them for free. Well, not all of them. But most of the platforms offer you financial aid through which you can start learning for free! How great is that? 

You will be learning things beneficial for your career without having to spend too much money. Imagine all the extra learning you can do which otherwise would cost so much! 

Major Platforms Where You Can Learn Online

As you go about hoping to incorporate some online learning to improve your skills, you will need the right platforms for this. Luckily for you, we have come up with a list of the best online platforms that you can go to and get the courses of your required fields. 

These are all easily accessible, so you do not have to worry about not getting a course. All you have to do is keep a check on the dates for enrollment and the costs associated with them. 

Here’s the list of platforms you can choose for your online learning needs:

You will find plenty of more platforms on the internet! So, if you find something relevant to your needs on another website, then go ahead and try it.

Top 10 Online Courses To Improve Your Skills And Career

Now, coming to the main part- the online courses. We have made a list of 10 most-wanted online courses that you should take a look at. These are mostly from the platforms we have already mentioned, so you won’t have any trouble accessing them. 

Moreover, these online courses will surely help you gain more insight and develop your skills better for your career. So, before any further ado, let’s get started. 

1. Introduction To Computer Science

This is one for everyone interested in knowing about the basics of computer science and to have an external certification for their knowledge. It helps guide you with all the relevant basics of computer science and enables you to learn how to be more efficient at solving problems and learning algorithms. 

The course is offered by Harvard University, and you can access it through edX.

The enrollment is pretty simple and you will be able to attend free classes throughout the course. And, if you wish to avail of the certificate, then you will have to pay a fee of $90. This is a pretty great option as you’re able to get your certificate at a relatively low price.  

2. Introduction To Java Programming

Whether you have existing knowledge about programming or not, this online course will surely help add to your resume and list of skills! With a detailed understanding of all the Java Programming is, you will be able to learn how to create various software that you can apply to real-life. 

All you need to show is motivation, and you will have all the concepts clear in no time. The course is offered by Universidad on edX, and you can find the details here.

3. Introduction To JavaScript

JavaScript is used across the world when it comes to web development. How great will it be if you have a certificate in this course? You will find yourself learning all there is about the basics of JavaScript and how to move forward with them. 

By the end of the course, you will surely know how to develop more interactive websites. Avail this opportunity and grow your skills. The course is offered on Code Academy, and you can easily get it from here

Learn new things, and improve your web development skills with this course. 

4. Mobile Web Development

Next, we have Mobile Web Development that is offered on a different platform called the gymnasium. The online course is filled with details on how you can create interactive websites that work on mobiles and desktops, both. 

This is a pretty great skill to have if you’re interested in web development. Most websites require web developers who can create mobile-friendly websites. With the basics from this course, you will surely be able to move on to create better and greater websites in the future that will aid in your career.  

5. Introduction To Big Data

As the name suggests, this course will help you dive deep into understanding the basics of data science and what Big Data is. Through this, you will get to learn about the popular framework of Big Data called Hadoop. 

Get to learn the various sources of Big Data and learn about all the problems that are present about it. There’s so much more this course offers to people looking to improve their careers in data science. It is offered by the University of California San Diego and can be found here on Coursera.

6. Introduction To Data Analysis Using Excel

Whether businesses have to create financial models or keep up with their basic finances, Microsoft Excel is commonly used for these things. From small businesses to large-scale businesses, everyone relies on Excel for data analysis, so it’s no brainer that this course will help you in your career one way or another. 

Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel a great course that can help you learn a lot of things about Excel. You will find yourself immersed in the right knowledge and it will surely play a part in helping you with your career. You don’t have to be a finance person to know this only- it is a must for almost everyone working! 

7. Learn Adobe Illustrator: Fundamentals For Beginners

Let’s take a different segment now- Design. If you’re interested in working on your illustrating skills, then you must have a good knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. 

This is an essential tool for designers and must be learned effectively to make the most of it. This course is offered on SkillShare and helps you right from the basics. Learn how to set up your workspace to creating and drawing with paths, and then finally exporting. Find out more details here.

8. Introduction To Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of the business. If you’re looking to expand your portfolio and add another skill to your career, then this course will help you a lot. You will learn the concept of how consumers make decisions, and how you’re supposed to target them. 

From learning how to place strategic pricing to understanding a multitude of marketing concepts, this online course is full of learning for you. It is offered by the University of British Columbia on edX, and you can find the course over here.

9. Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics is all the rage these days. Every online business wants to ensure that they have the best engagement, traffic, and conversion rates. However, this takes a lot of hard work and the implementation of sound strategies. 

With Google Analytics Academy,  you get to learn more about our business and measure the different metrics for it. The courses for this go from beginner to advanced levels, so you can easily choose whichever one you are comfortable with and get started! These are essential to build up your skills in Google Analytics and help you work better for any business out there. 

10. Mandarin Chinese: First Steps In Chinese 

Lastly, we have a language course. Being multilingual has its perks as you get more exposure to different cultures and environments. It’s best to always learn new languages, especially if one of the largest economies of the world speaks it! This opens up your chances to improve your career drastically. 

Mandarin Chinese: First Steps in Chinese is offered by MandarinX on edX. It is a great course for beginners and will help you understand some of the basics of Mandarin Chinese

Bottom Line

Learning new things will always keep you afloat when it comes to your career. By taking charge and building up your skills, you will surely set yourself apart from others in the business. 

So, if you’re keen on upgrading your skills and careers, then take out the time and do an online course that best fits your needs. You will easily get the certification, and will be able to showcase your new and improved skill as well

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