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Tips For Tutors In Singapore To Stay Motivated

It's fair to say that being teacher in today's day and age is an enormous challenge. It takes a lot of patience, resilience and commitment since today's students bring a lot more than just textbooks, behavioral or family issues, learning disabilities often accompany them, which can be too much to deal with sometimes and might take you to your breaking point. Besides working in isolation, the pressure of overanxious parents who keep questioning your teaching style- can be overwhelming. Tutors are supposed to be a positive, guiding light for students, but such instances as mentioned above can take a toll on their minds which can make them feel down and uninspired. But, as tuition professionals it's crucial to stay motivated and continue to work hard in order to provide students with hope and the tools that will lead them on the path of success.

As home tutors, you need to have something to draw inspiration from. Here are a few things that you can do as a private tutor to stay motivated to keep at it.

Be A Learner- Not only should you learn about your students, but also from them. Make a point each day of letting down your authoritative guard, humbling yourself to get to know your students better. Engage your students in a casual conversation like you would a good friend whereby you and your students are actively exchanging ideas. It will create a strong rapport. Moreover, in your bid to fulfil your role as a mentor you'll be able to learn something from them. You can ask them how their day was in school, which will give you an insight into how lessons are done for certain subjects, accordingly you can mould your teaching style (if you want to) to make your time well spent with the student.

“If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns”.

Developing a strong bond with your student can help give you new inspiration and perspectives to draw from.

Attend Workshops- If you feel yourself slipping into a rut, teaching the same thing every day- attending a workshop can break that monotony. You can try out from the various online and offline workshops available, which can give a new lease of life to your teaching style. Workshops can be a great platform for you as a tutor to teach others what you learn from your experience. The best part is that there are platforms you can leverage and perhaps get paid for holding one-on-one and group workshops and courses online. Workshops offer the opportunity for tutors to learn and create new ways to teach and help students.

Sign Up For New Courses- A private tuition Singapore professional should always be looking to learn new things. The best way to increase your knowledge base is by signing up for new courses, or even take a qualification to show that you have expertise in the chosen subject. Strike a balance between doing tutoring part-time and studying at the same time to avoid burnout.

Bring Change into Your Routine- Boredom at work can have severe consequences, and demotivation is an early symptom of bore-out. If you feel like the routine is too repetitious, why not shift it up a bit? There are endless possibilities to explore- change the way you can challenge your students, change the learning environment for your student, add a dash of fun by adding games to your lessons, and more. Go ahead and experiment to break the monotony in order to give your 100 percent.

Explore Different Teaching Styles- Your teaching method might be losing its steam- a big factor to lose your motivation. You can easily correct this by experimenting different teaching styles. Research new teaching methods. You can also look at what your student’s learning style is like and tailor your lessons to suit them. Make learning more enjoyable by adding interactive games and educational videos.

It is okay to feel low once in a while. However, you should not give up. These tips will assist you in overcoming that phase. If you are having a good time, chances are your students will too. So, make an effort to be fresh, try new things and enjoy the moment.

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