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Tips And Solutions To Learn Chinese Properly In Less Time

Chinese is probably the most challenging subject many students face in Singapore due to lack of practice and understanding. English is used as the medium of instruction in Singapore's education system, so students mostly use English instead of Chinese to converse with their friends and teachers. No wonder why so many students in Singapore are weak in the language.

Chinese language is increasingly essential in today's context in view of the growing influence of China in the global market. Make yourself a very attractive hire with fluent Chinese speaking skills since employees proficient in the language are more attractive to employers in the job market, and this can of course mean very lucrative wages.

Chinese has developed a misconstrued reputation for difficulty. The truth is learning Mandarin is easier that you think since the language is free from complicated honorific grammar. There are no verbs, no tenses, no plurals, no subject-verb agreement, and no conjugations.

In fact, Chinese could be regarded as a more logical language because out of over 80,000 Chinese characters, generally only 3,500 are used in conversation. Also, studies have shown Mandarin speakers use both sides of their brains, which will certainly keep brains motoring.

Most parents opt for primary/secondary Chinese tuition to improve their child's proficiency in the language. The language is becoming more widespread than ever before and outstanding Chinese speaking skills can open more opportunities for people in the world.

Additionally, high exam scores can give your child more benefits when choosing a secondary school and junior college. Last, but not the least having a well-experienced Chinese tutor can form a solid foundation for your child. He/she can reignite your child's interest in the language, making learning the language a joy rather than a mundane task.

Here are some activities you can use to make learning Chinese easier for the kids:

Provide Them With Chinese Resources

If you are keen for your child to learn Mandarin in a way that he/she perceives to be a bit easier, get your child some good books on language learning including an English-Chinese dictionary, a Chinese vocabulary book and a Chinese grammar book, etc. An effective way for learning Chinese is to get them learning digitally. Download an app according to your child's level.

Apps like DuoLingo is a free and very popular language learning app dominating the market. Give unlimited access to Chinese audiovisual resources such as YouTube channels, Chinese movies with famous actors, etc. Then there are Chinese board games, video games to make learning fun.

Private Chinese Tutors

A good tutor can make a huge difference in the learning process. Extra academic support is sometimes necessary for helping children achieve their best.

The private tutor will act as a guide and will be able to offer additional insight into the country's culture rather than simply teaching them in a conventional manner. The biggest advantage with private tutoring is you're usually the only student and thus get all of the focus.

Set Realistic Goals- Expecting to be perfect in a week or two will not help, set realistic goals- both short-term and long-term objectives, and outline the steps to attain those objectives.

To make teaching your child Chinese easier, follow these tips and consider getting some help from one of the many great Chinese tutors on Tutor City that will strengthen and accelerate your child’s learning process.

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