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Things You Should Avoid Doing To Build High Credibility As A Tutor

As a tutor you must be aware of the cut-throat competition that goes around you in your domain. The only way to stand out in the crowd is by building high credibility and reputation to your tutoring career. Both are important elements of tutoring career. It is only with both of these that your students and their parents will create pleasing nature on you. A huge chunk of tutoring deals with students’ comfortability. Apart from your knowledge and skills, you must be aware of some tutoring techniques that will not only help you drive more students, but will also help you increase your reputation and gain credibility as an exceptional tutor. It’s trust, competence, dynamism and immediacy that is what takes to have teacher credibility.

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Here’s a list of things to avoid when grooming your pupils for success:

Don’t Get Too Personal and Too Physical- No matter how old they are or how much you have in common, you are not their buddy, and it’s important to draw the line. Develop a rapport with them, but avoid discussing deeply personal topics. Keep your professional relationship just that- professional. No discussion of yours should devolve into friendly banter, as then a student might try to veer off-topic repeatedly. Be careful about not getting caught off-guard by students who are great at striking friendships, but not good at accepting authority. Set boundaries from the first session, and you’ll be in a better position to lead the tutoring sessions with ease. Steer clear of developing social media relationship with your pupil since it can also blur the professional lines of your relationship.

Keep physical interaction between you and your student to a minimum, unless it is relevant to your subject matter. It’s important that certain social boundaries be in place. Sit next to your student, your physical interaction should be limited to just high fives and fist bumps.

Make Far-Reaching Promises- Every performer knows their capabilities, likewise you should know your boundaries. Don’t make far-reaching promises that your tutoring will land them As for the rest of the semester as your students may start expecting the same results in every area/subject. If he or she doesn’t succeed, your student could feel like hypothetically cheated.

Arrive Underprepared- Tutoring is a job that requires preparation, your pupil expects a teacher who has planned the session, not one who’s winging it. A tutor who arrives underprepared can create the impression that he or she is unconcerned about the job. Never offer tutoring in a subject you’re not comfortable with.

Lose Your Temper- While you may feel like hitting your head on wall in exasperation, keep calm and avoid any expressions of anger or frustration. Losing cool isn’t conducive to the learning process.

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