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Things That Make Chinese A Difficult Language To Grasp

Although English is used as the medium of instruction in Singapore’s education system, students are expected to learn a second language starting from primary school to secondary school and junior colleges. Many students find it challenging to study Chinese languages due to the lack of practice and understanding. Chinese is not the easiest language to learn because of reasons, such as

  1. Chinese isn't a phonetic language meaning it doesn't use an alphabet, it's a pictorial language.
  2. Chinese tones are hard. One needs to listen first to comprehend the tone and adding tone to every word spoken can be a difficult process for non-native speakers.
  3. A lot of memorization goes into learning the language. You need to memorize four different things for each word.
  4. Though lack of grammar can make it easy to get started, but hard to get good, particularly in spoken conversations where characters aren't there to simplify things.
  5. Last, but not the least there are many dialects of the Chinese language family, such as Shanghainese and Ningbonese that still might be difficult to comprehend.

There are various misconceptions about learning the language to the extent that some claim that it is rather challenging, but how is that so? Research has found a list of the most common reasons to throw light on this subject, which are as follows:

Lack of proper facilities

It is a real challenge if you do not have the right people to teach and guide you. Proper tools in place can enhance the learning.

Learner Origin

Japanese and Koreans will find it easier to grasp the language due to the similarities in comparison to Europeans, Americans and the English (who will have a hard time) since the phonics, syllabication, grammar completely varies.

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Significance of learning Chinese in today's day and age:

It’s a known fact that China is the world's second-largest economy, and the exponential growth of the economy is what has necessitated the learning of Chinese in order for Singapore companies and individuals to tap the vast Chinese market. Moreover, the language is key to career opportunities in China.

More Educational And Employment Opportunities

In the face of China's emerging presence on the global scale, fluency in Chinese might add to your resume and expand your career prospects. Attending Mandarin lessons alone might not get you a job in the first place, but they can give you an edge over your competitors. More and more companies are looking to lock down employees who are proficient in multiple languages, enabling them to expand and go international.

A Stronger Mind

Researchers found that learning a new language like Chinese is similar to that of a brain exercise that strengthens your brain’s natural ability to focus, which enables your mind to be stronger and much more creative.

Higher Earnings

Being well-versed in another language not only gives you an edge over others, but gives additional bargaining power in terms of salary, allowing you to command a higher salary. With these skills under your belt (knowing a second language), you’ll stand a higher chance of landing jobs amongst a group of other candidates with similar abilities and being promoted.

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