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The 9 Benefits of an Online Writing Tutor

The rapid development of Internet technology has led to the availability of online classes.

Remote tutoring is an invention of the XXI century when communication via the Internet reached the global level and became a common phenomenon for the population. If people can pay bills, buy clothes, sign contracts, etc., online, then why shouldn't online tutoring be practiced as well?

So if you need writing help, you don't have to sign up for expensive courses or spend time driving to classes on the other side of town. It's enough just to find a teacher online. Today let's talk about the advantages of such training with a tutor.

1. Forming the Skill of Working Remotely

The ability to establish online contact and to master the necessary software and other online services for distance learning is an important skill for the modern student.

2. Independent Planning of the Study Schedule

Developing an individual studying path and determining the schedule of classes for each week is much easier than studying at a strictly assigned time and completing the missed work on your own. You could get in touch with an online tutor in the evening or early morning if only you had an hour to spare.

3. Individual Approach

Studying one topic each week is good for those who understand everything on-the-fly, and have a tutor only for backup. When tutoring students who have big gaps in their knowledge, a remote tutor needs to take into account which topics he knows better and which are worse. Sometimes, it makes sense to have an extra online lesson, to refresh a recently passed topic. Moreover, the tutor can study with you at your own pace and use the methodological techniques and tricks that work best for you.

4. Saving Time

Why waste a few hours visiting a tutor (besides the road itself, you also need to eat, dress, pack textbooks, "not have time" for business because of the small amount of time, etc.), if you can at any time turn on Skype or zoom in your room and start the lesson?

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5. No strangers in the house

Students and high school students do not live alone, they have at least their parents (or even brothers and sisters, roommates) in the house, and the living conditions do not always allow them to have a separate room. Turning to the services of an online tutor will remove the problem of the presence of an outsider, embarrassing all the other residents.

6. Saving Money

Taking into account the costs of getting to the required location, the desire to drink coffee in a cafe on the way to the tutor, you can find another advantage of classes with a tutor online. Traveling back and forth twice a week can cost a fortune, which can be saved perfectly if you study with a tutor remotely.

7. You are not limited to tutors in your hometown

Another advantage of online learning is the ability to study with a teacher from anywhere in the world and from any educational institution. This opens up new horizons and opportunities for the student.

8. Using the Latest Technologies

Remote lessons allow the use of innovative techniques that can interest people of all ages:

  • watching interesting presentations;
  • using various digital tests;
  • working with video materials and text construction tools;
  • working in complex computer programs.

9. Ability to Save Educational Materials

The ability to record a lesson in high definition, which allows you to repeat the lesson if necessary and go over it again if required, is another benefit of having classes with an online tutor. Just be responsible and respectful enough not to use these materials to earn money via selling them to other students, and you will be ok.

How can an online tutor help improve your writing?

Online tutoring can help students improve any of their writing skills, from creative writing to thesis research and even grammar. You simply share your goal with your tutor and work together to achieve it. While taking various writing courses, you will need to take all of the lessons included in the course, whether you know the material well or not. Most importantly, they can help you develop confidence in your own writing skills and focus all of their attention solely on your work, not the other students in the course.

Online writing tutors can also help you if you are learning a second language, such as Chinese. You can find a native speaker and practice your writing skills with them.

Online writing tutors can be real mentors for students. They can read your creations, suggest new ideas, and help you turn into a great writer. This is almost impossible in a classroom or course, where every student needs proper attention, and there is no opportunity to focus on a particular person fully.

Indeed, the individual online lessons with a highly-qualified writing tutor can be a bit more expensive than group courses. However, it's definitely worth it if any of the benefits are valuable for you.


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