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The 11 Best Tennis Coaches In Singapore

Sports not only allow you to remain fit but can help you establish a career too. Are you a keen learner interested in playing tennis? Well, then you are in the correct place.

Here is a list of the best tennis coaches to help you cultivate your skills. All of them are experienced in their jobs with numerous positive feedbacks from their clients.


  1. OnCourt Advantage

Website: https://oncourtadvantage.com

Address: 10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211

Contact: +65 9830 2678

OnCourt Advantage is run by the professional coach, Jay Davern. If you are looking to refine your skills from an experienced tutor, he is the right fit. With an experience of 30 years, he trains people of all genders and ages.

He formulates a different lesson plan for each student to cater to their needs in the best way possible. A range of options of classes for kids, adults, and friends are available. You can either enjoy an individual experience or join a group session to socialize while learning.

To save your time, Jay has also provided online booking of classes. So, what are you waiting for? Head to his site now to learn more about his mission.


  1. Play! Tennis

Website: https://www.playtennis.sg/

Address: 1 Rutland Rd, Singapore 218252

Contact: +65 8228 4334

Play! Tennis is a renowned name in the world of tennis. By offering a diverse range of classes, their services are the best in town.  With a team of some of the best instructors in Singapore, you will be able to master the game of tennis in no time.

You can either learn through one-on-one sessions with an experienced trained or opt for a semi-private lesson with a companion. They also have an indoor mini court to train kids enthusiastic about playing tennis on a national level.

The organization has been tested, and there is no doubt that it is the best establishment for learning tennis.


  1. Banana Tennis Academy

Website: https://www.tennissg.com

Address: 537 Serangoon North Avenue 4, #04-139, Singapore 550537

Contact: +65 9831 5983

Operating all days of the week until nighttime, Banana Tennis Academy ensures the best experience. Granting lessons to people who have never played tennis, they are famous for turning beginners into excellent players.

Many of the students have commended the expertise of the coaches and their cordial behavior.  The lessons are accessible to a range of people due to the reasonable prices. To register yourself, give them a call or head to their page.


  1. Shazam Tennis Academy

Website: https://www.tenniscoach.sg/

Address: 8 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore 397804

Contact: +65 8793 9404

Are you looking for cost-effective yet reliable tennis lessons? If you are, then Shazam is the best fit for you. The instructors offer various classes to not only improve your stance but also develop new techniques.

From teaching kids to adults, they have managed to register over 7000 players. The instructors take an active part in keeping the activity fun and engaging. Moreover, they organize many events for their players to maintain their competitive spirits.


  1. David Kristof Lessons

Website: https://davidkristof.com

Address: 190 Orchard Blvd, Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

Contact: +65 8118 7768

If you are a beginner, then David is the most acceptable option for you. He encourages the students to take part in regular practices. Apart from that, he keeps the sessions at a leisurely pace and gradually increases the level of training to improve your prowess.

David's ten-class program is one of the best in Singapore. He enhances several techniques such as volleys and firsthand/ backhand strokes. Besides that, he keeps a balance between single and doubles games.

He holds his sessions at various locations and also provides his services at your residence. Thus, he is an ideal instructor for those who hate commuting or prefer their own space.


  1. SITA Tennis Centre

Website: https://www.sitatennis.com

Address: 130E Harding Road, Singapore 249543

Contact: +65 8129 5381

SITA Academy is a widely known institution in Singapore. With top-notch facilities, they are giving rise to fierce players. Also, if you are aiming to play tennis on an international scale, then there is no better place than SITA Tennis Academy.

By inspiring their players through a program of fundamental strategies, the instructors are helping them achieve their ambitions. Most of their coaches have traveled from different continents, so you will surely gain diverse training. In fact, many high-ranking players collaborate with the coaches to supervise students.

Many people put their trust in them and were delighted with their services. So, for more knowledge, give them a call right away.


  1. Junboytennis

Website: https://www.junboytennis.com

Address: 430 Hougang Avenue 6, Singapore 530430

Contact: +65 8804 2994

If you are a tennis fan in Singapore, then surely you've heard the name Jun. If not, then let's get you familiarised with him. Jun is a former tennis player who played competitively for many years and made a swift transition to coaching tennis.

The mission of Junboytennis is to help new tennis players achieve their dreams, just like Jun did years ago. Their team includes eight trusted coaches with the expertise of several years. One of the coaches consists of a female trainer to give a comfortable experience to the ladies.

The instructors start with helping you improve footwork by teaching different techniques. Besides that, they implement a rigorous training program to ensure that you master the sport.

You can surf through their website to check what they offer and see if they can match your schedule.


  1. Ignite Tennis Academy

Website: https://www.ignitetennis.com.sg

Address: 356 Tanglin Rd, The Salvation Army Family Hub, Singapore 247674

Contact: +65 9820 1000

Run by a father-daughter duo, Ignite Academy is one of the prestigious names in Singapore. The co-founder and head coach, Jaime Wong, is an experienced tennis player who partook in the Federal Cup. She has also played in the US.

Meanwhile, her father is a UPSTA certified coach with experience of 30 years. The training fees are very reasonable, and all the coaches provide professional training to the learners. Another reason to join them is that they actively organize events to help underprivileged people.

Ignite Academy also offers you a trial to assess whether they are the best fit for you or not. If you are interested, sign up for a trial now without wasting any time. You can be rest assured that their services will not disappoint.


  1. TAG International Tennis Academy

Website: https://tagtennis.org

Address: 12A Winchester Rd, Singapore 117786

Contact: Call or WhatsApp +65 9029 8400

TAG Academy is the perfect choice for those of you looking for well-experienced instructors. For the past 20 years, TAG offers excellent customized lessons to the youth and adults. All their coaches are world-class tennis players.

Having more than ten training locations, they are accessible throughout Singapore.  The sessions take place in indoor courts to ensure comfort at all times. You will also be enlightened by the fact that many top players have completed their training from here.

Give them a call to find the center nearest to you and join them for a lesson best suited for you.


  1. Singapore Tennis Association

Website: 100 Tyrwhitt Road, #04-02, Singapore 207542

Address: https://www.singtennis.org.sg

Contact: +65 6295 2283

STA has committed to improving the tennis community in Singapore. To help Singapore compete at top international competitions, they have set up competitive lessons for the students. Their junior development program is the best and most extensive in the country.

Initial junior classes focus on keeping the game fun and engaging. With time the training is accelerated to increase competition. The coaches instill confidence in their players while teaching them to maintain their integrity and calm.

Adults are offered weekly group sessions and given beginner instructions of three unique levels. STA promises you the finest coaches and paves the pathway for you to become a professional tennis athlete.


  1. Tanglin Academy

Website: http://tanglinacademy.com.sg

Address: 220 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 288001

Contact: +65 9108 6516

Are you a parent who wants to place your child into a tennis academy? Well known for training juniors, Tanglin Academy is the best match for your kiddo. Children aged three and above are taught tennis through fun activities.

The team has set up small courts with slower ball speeds to develop the skills of the kids effectively. Enthusiastic tennis camps are also held for the juniors to take pleasure from the sport.

Adults are also taught at the Academy if you desire to play with your child in the future. The management will turn you and your kid into a tennis expert in a short period.


Final Thoughts

That was your complete guide to the top tennis instructors. There is a diverse range of programs for everyone. You have to make an effort and choose the one catering to your needs in the best way.

Whether you want to play professionally or just for fun, one of these places will meet your desires. So please give our list a peek. All the instructors are reliable and trustworthy with years of expertise.

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