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Study Techniques To Achieve Good Exam Results In Physics

Physics has a tough reputation, but the truth is physics is one fascinating natural science that assists people in understanding the world that is around them and has also helped in advancing the world in a technological manner. Physics can be a fun subject as it is such a wide field involving the study of motion, gravity, energy, fluids, and areas like thermodynamics and quantum physics. The fear of Physics among students can be attributed to the number of mathematical problems the subject has, and requires critical thinking to link concepts into a unified vision.

It is in the Secondary, Junior College or IB levels that Physics is introduced, either as pure Physics or combined Physics-Chemistry, and students are taught from the very basic and general form and its progress, as the difficulty rises with introduction of specializations. Private physics tuition in Singapore can help your child ace the exam.

Let’s glance through a few tips below to help you gain an understanding of Physics and score well in the exam:

Master the fundamental Concepts- Avoid memorizing problems, better you understand the basic concepts and theories along with their principles, and work out problems. It’s of no use memorizing complex problems since it is very likely that the problems you’ll have to solve in the exam will be based on core concepts (central theories) or with a slight variation of these.

When you sign up for Physics tuition in Singapore, you’ll get to learn many topics, such as mechanics, radioactivity, electricity, x-rays, universe, properties of matter, light, etc.

Catch Up On Math- Good math skills are a prerequisite for success in Physics since there are a number of mathematical parameters that are utilized in physics. If you have the capability to handle and solve many problems and formulas, then mastering Physics will be a cakewalk for you. You should at least have a good grasp of algebra, trigonometry and calculus.

Analyze Problems- Try to simplify the problem as much as possible. Solving problems in physics might seem tough on the surface, but begin to analyze it and in no time will you realize it to be easier than you thought.

Utilize Drawings- Drawings can play a big role in understanding the concepts and detailed parts of physics. It is advisable to always present any concept with a help of drawing, so whenever possible, perform a drawing to illustrate a concept as it would help you score more and understand better.

Keep Up With Reading and Studying- Physics is more interlinked than most disciplines, which is why you should keep up with assigned readings, practice problems, and homework since missing a few lessons, and you might be lost for the rest of the course.

As a subject, physics requires uninterrupted study. It’s essential that you work out a routine for staying in the zone since you’ll need a clear and open mind (and an environment conducive to learning) to excel in the subject.

Other tips on how you can be better at Physics:

  1. Memorize basic equations
  2. Study derivations (learning how each equation works is essential)
  3. Make use of correct units to score high
  4. Examine the course
  5. Active participation in the class (review and read through the taught lesson once class is over)
  6. Solve practice problems
  7. Use apps (they teach the subject with theory, formulas, and principles)
  8. Podcasts
  9. Use experiments
  10. Private tuition

To get one step ahead, the student shouldn’t just stick to school syllabus, they should start solving problems which aren’t assigned and not in the syllabus, and private tuition ensures that.

If you are looking for top Physics tutors in Singapore, then you’ve found the right tuition agency. Tutor City offers top Physics tutors for all levels from Secondary (O level physics tuition Singapore) and JC physics tuition (H1/H2/H3 Physics tuition) to IB Physics Tuition and undergraduate level Physics.

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